WoW Legion: Ein Video zu den „Hallen der Tapferkeit“ aus der Alpha

WoW Legion: Ein Video zu den „Hallen der Tapferkeit“ aus der Alpha
WoW Legion: Ein Video zu den „Hallen der Tapferkeit“ aus der Alpha
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In der aktuell laufenden Alpha zu World of Warcrafts kommender Erweiterung „Legion“ können die Spieler neben den Zonen „Der Hochberg“ und „Sturmheim“ auch noch den neuen 5 Spieler Dungeon „Hallen der Tapferkeit“ ausprobieren. Diese Instanz stellt dabei dann im Grunde das „Valhalla“ für die Vrykul dar und beinhaltet neben dem Titanenwächter Odyn und dem Wolf „Fenryr“ hauptsächlich Vertreter dieses Volkes als Trash Mobs oder Bosse.

Um allen bisher nicht in die Alpha eingeladenen Spielern die „Hallen der Tapferkeit“ etwas näher zu bringen, haben die Mitarbeiter des YouTube Kanals „FatbossTV“ vor Kurzem nun ein recht umfangreiches Video zu diesem Dungeon veröffentlicht, welches die Fähigkeiten und Eigenschaften der wichtigsten Trash Mobs und der einzelnen Bosse darstellt.




Die Bosse:

Boss 1: Hymdall

Having proved himself in honorable battle, Odyn tasked Hymdall to guard the entrance to the Halls of Valor. Hymdall has stood, never erring, in this watch protecting these halls from all dangers.

  • Overview – Hymdall will use his Horn of Valor to call in Storm Drakes to breathe lightning on the platform. As the fight progresses the number of drakes called by the Horn of Valor increases.
  • Hymdall
    • Horn of Valor – Hymdall blasts his horn inflicting 156,000 Physical damage to all enemies and summoning Storm Drakes to breathe lightning on his enemies.
      • Storm Drake
        • Static Field – The Storm Drake breathes lightning creating a Static Field that inflicts 487,000 Nature damage every 2 sec while within the zone.
          • Ball Lightning – Static Field creates a series of lightning orbs that radiate out from the field. Touching an orb inflicts 225,000 Nature damage to all players within 10 yards of the orb.
    • Bloodletting Sweep – Hymdall swipes at all enemies in a cone in front of him inflicting 650,000 Physical damage and reducing all healing received by 75%. In addition, the wounds bleed for an additional 65,000 Physical damage every 2 sec for 4 sec.
    • Dancing Blade – Hymdall throws an enchanted blade towards a random player. Upon landing the blade begins to whirl inflicting 227,000 Physical damage every 2 sec to all enemies within the zone.



Boss 2: Hyrja

In life Hyrja was a warrior without equal, defending the Valkira from all threats. Her valor and courage drew the attention of Eyir, a titan watcher. Upon her death and ascension to the Halls of Valor Eyir has awarded Hyrja with her greatest honor, transformation into a Val’kyr.

  • Overview – Hyrja becomes empowered by Olmar the Enlightened and Solsten depending upon which mystic she is closest to. As she becomes empowered she is granted particular abilities that grow in power over time. Moving Hyrja out of range of a mystic slowly reduces that mystic’s empowerment.
  • Hyrja
    • Expel Light – Hyrja enchants a player to radiate a burst of light after 6 sec, inflicting 357,500 Holy damage to all players within 8 yards.
    • Shield of Light – Hyrja charges her shield with light, launching a burst of energy towards her current target inflicting 585,000 Holy damage to all enemies in a line and knocking them back.
    • Mystic Empowerment: Holy – While in range of Olmyr the Enlightened, Hyrja is empowered with holy light enabling her to cast Sanctify. Every 5 sec Olmyr further empowers Hyrja increasing the damage of Sanctify by 25%.
      • Sanctify – The caster creates orbs of holy light that radiate out in all directions. Touching the zone inflicts 150,000 Holy damage.
    • Mystic Empowerment: Thunder – While in range of Solsten, Hyrja is empowered with thunderous power enabling her to cast Eye of the Storm. Every 5 sec Solsten further empowers Hyrja increasing the damage of Eye of the Storm by 25%.
      • Eye of the Storm – The caster creates a lightning storm that inflicts 97,500 Nature damage every 1.5 sec for 9 sec. Standing within the eye of the storm reduces Nature damage taken by 50%



Boss 3: Fenryr

[PH]Fenryr, has eluded even the best hunters of the Halls of Valor.

  • Overview – Fenryr leaps and shreds his enemies, eventually retreating to his den after becoming wounded.
  • Fenryr
    • Claw Frenzy – Fenryr lashes out inflicting 845,000 Physical damage split between all enemies within 12 yards.
      This attack will always hit and ignores all armor.
    • Unnerving Howl – Fenryr lets loose an unearthly howl interrupting all casting for 3 sec.
      • Ebonclaw Worg
        • Strength of the Pack – Increases damage done by 25% for each nearby pack member.
        • Leap for the Throat – Leaps towards a target inflicting 97,500 Physical damage to all enemies within 3 yards.
        • Ferocious Bite – Bites the current target inflicting 292,500 Physical damage.
    • Ravenous Leap – Fenryr leaps towards random players inflicting 130,000 Physical damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the impact.
      In addition, all targets bleed for 57,750 Physical damage every 0 sec.
    • Scent of Blood – Fenryr catches the scent of blood in the air and fixates on a random target for 8 sec.
      Every 2 sec of the chase, Fenryr’s melee attack damage is increased by 50%.



Boss 4: God-King Skovald

Gul’dan approached Skovald with a proposition, have his vrykul join the Legion or see his people be destroyed. With the promise of 1,000’s of worlds to conquer Skovald has taken up the Legion’s offer. Before being allowed to fully enter the ranks of the Burning Legion he must first secure the Aegis of Aggramar from Odyn’s realm of the Halls of Valor only then can his endless conquest begin.

  • Overview – One player will pick up the Aegis of Aggramar and use it to reflect God-King Skovald’s attacks back at him for a short period. The Aegis then overpowers and the player must relinquish control. Skovald then takes control of the Aegis and unleashes its power upon the players.
  • Aegis of Aggramar – The bearer of the Aegis of Aggramar creates a shield for allies that absorbs all damage taken from the front for 12 sec.
  • God-King Skovald
    • Ragnarok – Inflicts 351,000 Fire damage to all enemies every 1.5 sec for 9 sec. Each cast increases the damage of Ragnarok by 351,000%.
    • Felblaze Rush – Charges toward a random player inflicting 52,000 Fire damage to all enemies within 10 yds.
    • Savage Blade – Skovald lashes out at his current target inflicting 487,500 Physical damage and applies Ragged Slash if the target is not using active mitigation.
      • Ragged Slash – Inflicts 45,500 Physical damage every 2 sec for 20 sec.
    • Flame of Woe – Skovald creates a Flame of Woe near a random player. The flame spreads from that point inflicting 27,300 Fire damage every 2 sec for 12 sec to players within the fire.
      This effect stacks.



Boss 5: Odyn

Odyn, a titan keeper, forged the Halls of Valor to house the souls of the greatest vrykul warriors. These warriors have been forged into a new army, the valarjar, in order protect Azeroth from all threats. However, cursed by Helya, Odyn and his army are now trapped within these halls.

  • Overview – Odyn challenges players to honorable combat. When a player would die, they are instead removed from the fight by Odyn’s val’kyr. During the encounter Odyn will occasionally mark each player with a Runic Brand. The player must find the matching rune on the floor in order to dispel the effect. Upon being reduced to 80% of his life, Odyn ends the fight.
  • Odyn
    • Runic Brand – Odyn creates a brand on each player that lasts for 12 sec. The brand inflicts 32,500 Holy damage every 2 sec. Entering the corresponding rune on the ground cleanses the effect and applies Branded.
      • Branded – Upon cleansing a rune Odyn blesses the player increasing damage and healing done by 50% and increasing movement speed by 25%. In addition, the player is restored to full health.
    • Spear of Light – Odyn creates a spear of light at a player’s location inflicting 455,000 Holy damage to all players within 8 yards and 125,000 Holy damage to all other players.
      In addition, each spear inflicts 97,500 Holy damage every 2 sec to all nearby players.
    • Shatter Spears – Odyn causes all Spears of Light to burst into 4 Glowing Fragments.
      • Glowing Fragment – Touching a fragment causes it to erupt stunning the target for 3 sec and inflicting 65,000 Holy damage to all players.
    • Radiant Tempest – Odyn emits a pulse of energy inflicting 973,000 Holy damage and knocks back all players within 30 yards.
    • Summon Stormforged Obliterator – Odyn summons forth a Stormforged Obliterator to assist him.
      • Stormforged Obliterator
        • Surge – The caster erupts in a torrent of electrical energy inflicting 150,000 Nature damage to all enemies.
          In addtiion, each successful cast reduces the cast time of the next Surge by 100%. This effect stacks.




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