Method: Ein Interview zu dem Progress dieser Gilde im Grabmal des Sargeras

Method: Ein Interview zu dem Progress dieser Gilde im Grabmal des Sargeras
Method: Ein Interview zu dem Progress dieser Gilde im Grabmal des Sargeras
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Die europäische Top-Gilde „Method“ konnte sich vor einigen Tagen den World First Kill bei Kil’jaeden im mythischen Grabmal des Sargeras sichern, was sie im Grunde zu den Siegern des Progress-Rennens im T20 Content von Legion machte. Da solch eine Leistung selbstverständlich einiges an Aufmerksamkeit erregt und häufig zu den unterschiedlichsten Fragen innerhalb der Community von World of Warcraft führt, veröffentlichten einige der Mitglieder von „Method“ am vergangenen Wochenende netterweise ein äußerst interessantes Interview zu ihrem Progress im mythischen Grabmal des Sargeras auf ihrer offiziellen Internetseite. In diesem informativen Interview äußern sich die Spieler dieser Top-Gilde unter anderem dazu, wie sie die Schwierigkeit dieses Schlachtzugs beurteilen würden, wie viele Versuche sie bei den Encountern benötigten, wie sie sich auf diesen Content vorbereiteten, aus was für Spielern sich ihre Gruppe zusammensetzte und wie ihre Meinungen zu Kil’jaeden und den restlichen Bossen ausfallen.

Wer kein Interesse daran hat, sich das komplette Interview mit Deepshades (Destro Warlock), Justwait (Guardian Druid), Kuriisu (Holy Pala), Lorgok (Balance Druid) und Scripe (Raid Leader und Shadow Priest) durchzulesen, der findet weiter unten in diesem Artikel eine Auswahl der interessantesten Antworten dieser europäischen Top-Spieler.


(Hier findet ihr das komplette Interview.)


Die Übersicht der interessantesten Antworten:

Congratulations on your big win! We’ll get into more detail on this later on, but let’s just get a quick gut answer: Kil’jaeden – too hard?

Deepshades: I would say that the boss was not too hard after the applied nerfs. You definitely had to push both DPS and HPS while playing the mechanics properly but this is how a real challenge should be.

Kuriisu: At first it was, but after a butt load of nerfs it became manageable. It’s a very challenging fight, maybe the hardest one I’ve done in my 11 years of raiding.

Lorgok: KJ is indeed very hard but the reason why it took so many attempts is because the initial state of the boss was broken and overtuned (insane timers/too many hps on adds/too much damage from Armageddon just to mention a few). There were more than 10 changes compared to the initial release. Overall I consider it as the hardest boss ever done (in terms of mechanics).

The first 6 bosses seemed to go down at the usual pace for a Mythic raid, anything special on any of them?

Deepshades: The only boss that stood out was Mistress Sassz’ine. I don’t think Blizzard wanted us to play four tanks there (two default tanks + two additional Blood Deathknight tanks). They immediately adjusted the Hydra Shot after the kill so that our tactic wouldn’t work anymore. She would’ve been better if she was released with the Hydra Shot changes that got applied in the second week in first place. Then she would’ve required better teamplay and that would have led into us needing more tries.

What was your schedule like throughout progress? Also, for how long would you have been able to go at it as hard as you did in week 3?

Deepshades: To be honest there was no real difference between the first two weeks and the third week. We started Wednesdays as early as possible (around server start) and tried to have around 9 hours of sleep each day. We would’ve needed to take a bit more of a casual approach the Monday after our kill.

Moving on to the first really big hurdle of the raid, Fallen Avatar (453 wipes, 5 days 7 hours). First off, were the any stealth fixes and changes to the fight before you’d killed it?

Kuriisu: The first change was 5% hp nerf, absolutely needed as we were nowhere near the kill when that one was implemented.
The 2nd and most important nerf was Sear damage per stack reduction (30% -> 20%) and, more importantly, the rate at which the boss gets stacks while standing in fire was reduced (it went from 1 stack every 1.8 seconds to every 2.5 seconds). This was huge because before the nerf while moving the boss to a new platform he would very often get 3 stacks, rarely 2 and after the nerf he would get 2 stacks and in very rare cases only 1.

The funny thing is, when all those mathematical impossibility memes were happening we also all felt that way, but then we had a god pull which could have resulted in a kill if we played a bit better. Shortly after that the Sear nerf happened, and we knew we could easily kill the boss even on a non godlike pull. The fight had a disgusting amount of RNG before all the nerfs, if marks targeted non immunity classes or targeted people that already used immunities, it’d result in a fast wipe. If 2+ healers got a mark it was an instant wipe (all 3 healers having it also happened quite a few times). After they nerfed it for the 3rd time, reducing the damage of mark by 25% and making it not able to target healers, p2 basically turned into a joke.

Also, took us about 80 pulls to go from 0,5% wipe to a kill. And honestly even though our kill looks super clean that’s just because it was a super good pull, dps doing crazy numbers, RNG being kind with marks and so forth – we still could have improved a lot, which proved to be true on the re-kill the next week.

Let’s get to the big (red) topic then. 654 wipes, a little under 12 days spent on him and it took 7 days for the next guild to down him. First off: was he in any way possible before the most recent hotfixes?

Deepshades: I don’t think we had any chance to kill the boss before the hotfixes. Even with 950 equipped Item Level we probably would struggle to down him pre-nerf.

Justwait: Possible? Maybe. It would take weeks of gearing if we’d want to be able to do it before any of the fixes were applied. Not really the way bosses should be designed in today’s raiding scene.

Do you think this is a good way to handle boss longevity/difficulty? Keeping him basically impossible for 2 weeks and either hard gating him behind a 3rd reset’s worth of gear or hotfixes/nerfs?

Deepshades: I don’t think it is a good way and I am pretty sure Blizzard didn’t intend it in first place. I think Blizzard wanted to make sure you don’t cut healers again like guilds did in Nighthold and gave all abilities a lot of incoming damage. They just went a bit overboard with that and needed to adjust it eventually. If the last boss dies at the end of the second mythic week it’s perfect in my opinion.

Where would you place Kil’jaeden in the pantheon of endbosses in WoW?

Justwait: In terms of difficulty progressing I’d list him after Lei Shen and Ragnaros. While those two bosses pushed your dps to the limit in addition to executing the strat correctly, Kil’jeaden is more of an execution check and you need to play 14 minutes without failing a single Armageddon or falling off. There are dps checks in place (killing adds on time, pushing phase 1 before the bad timings) but they weren’t as hard to hit as other dps checks in the past.

Kuriisu: Probably the hardest one yet, for all the wrong reasons though.

Lorgok: For me it was the hardest boss ever, probably not my favourite for its mechanics (the frustration it gave me when it was broken might be one of the reasons) but overall it was a very great fight.




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