Overwatch: Eine Liste mit bekannten Fehlern und Problemen

Overwatch: Eine Liste mit bekannten Fehlern und Problemen
Overwatch: Eine Liste mit bekannten Fehlern und Problemen
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Der im Kundensupport von Blizzard Entertainment tätige Blueposter Sammidge hat die in den offiziellen Battle.Net Foren von Overwatch vorhandene Liste mit den bereits bekannten Fehlern und Problemen vor Kurzem noch einmal ein wenig aktualisiert und auf den Stand der derzeitigen Spielversion dieses Titels gebracht. Dabei entfernte dieser Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment dann alle in den vergangenen Wochen und Monaten von den Entwicklern behobenen Fehler und fügte zusätzlich dazu dann auch noch eine Reihe von neuen Bugs hinzu, die erst vor Kurzem auf den Liveservern dieses Hero Shooters ausfindig gemacht wurden. Wer nun also gerne erfahren möchte, welche Fehler und Probleme aktuell beim Spielen von Overwatch auftreten könnten, der sollte sich folgende Liste auf jeden Fall durchlesen.


(Hinweis: Da die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard bereits an Lösungen für einen Großteil der dieser Übersicht vorhandenen Bugs arbeiten, müssen betroffene Spieler das Auftreten dieser Fehler nun nicht mehr unbedingt melden.)



Die bekannten Fehler und Probleme:

Letzte Aktualisierung: 13. Dezember 2016


Known Bugs


  • The Mouse 4 button has been bound to menu navigation and can cause conflicts with other features bound to it. (A number of users are finding they cannot push to talk while on a menu, as menu navigating is taking priority)
  • Assist Toasts are listing the names of the enemy instead of the assisted ally
  • In rare situations players may be prevented from respawning while in a match



  • Players who win a match where a teammate left will incorectly have a loss displayed on their career profile page(This is only a display issue and is not actually counted against the player)



  • Ana: Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities
  • Ana: When thrown straight up in the air, Biotic Grenade may despawn before making it back down to the ground
  • Ana: The injection sound effect for successfully hitting an ally with your rifle is not playing
  • D.Va: Eject effects can display after D.va has already exited her mech
  • Mei: Cryo-Freeze does not clear the debuff from Ana’s Biotic Grenade
  • Reaper: The sound effect from Hellfire shotguns may place twice in some situations
  • Roadhog is able to pull moving Heroes to the side him in some situations
  • If Sombra uses Translocator just as her Thermoptic Camo timer expires, the beacon may not be tossed out
  • The Golden skin for Sombra’s Machine Pistol is missing sparkle effects when viewed in the Hero Gallery
  • Symmetra’s primary fire can inadvertently target Mei’s Ice Wall
  • If Symmetra cancels her Shield Generator placement, when reactivating the Ultimate it will default to the Teleporter
  • Symmetra’s Photon Barrier does not always play a destruction sound effect when hitting collision
  • Torbjorn’s „Toast“ Victory pose may clip into other heroes he is standing by
  • Zarya: Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their death
  • Players killed by Zarya’s Graviton Surge may have their Kill Cam move erratically



  • Bots can take a bit of time before leaving the Spawn room on Control maps



Common Problems

  • „I can only hear sound one one side of my headphones…“
    • Dolby Atmos is designed for use stereo headphones, but some modern headsets attempt to simulate surround using their own software which can result in various conflicting behaviors. Try disabling supplementary audio software utilities, and if that does not resolve the issue create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines.


  • „Mei’s left click causes a crash in-game and in kill cams…“
    • The particle effect emitted can cause issues on certain graphics cards if they are not using the most up-to-date drivers. Try updating your drivers the the latest version, and if the issue persists start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines.


  • „Upon trying to connect to a match, I get stuck loading for a long period of time and I am sent back the the lobby before I get in to the match…“
    • Substantially slow load times can prevent you from successfully entering a game. Try closing back ground applications, ensuring that your anti-virus software is up-to-date, and that there are no issues with your hard drive. If the problem persists, start a new thread on the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines.


  • „I am experiencing unnaturally high amounts of latency…“
    • This can be caused for a number of different reasons, some of which have already been documented on the Tech Support Forum. Please be sure to read the stickied posts in the Tech Support Forum for possible workarounds. If none of the proposed solutions work for you, create a new thread in the Tech Support forum by following the Tech Support guidelines.


  • „When I start a match sometimes people and weapons are invisible.“
    • It is possible for a player to load into the game before some assets have been fully loaded.




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