Patch 8.3: Eine Übersicht zu den neuen Haustieren:

Patch 8.3: Eine Übersicht zu den neuen Haustieren:
Patch 8.3: Eine Übersicht zu den neuen Haustieren:
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Mit dem in der vergangenen Nacht auf den öffentlichen Testserver von Patch 8.3: Visions of N’zoth aufgespielten Build 32218 haben die Entwickler von Blizzard Entertainment unter anderem eine Vielzahl von neuen Haustieren in diese kommende Spielversion implementiert, die in vielen Fällen sogar mit brandneuen Modellen ausgestattet wurden. Diese neuen Haustiere werden vermutlich als mögliche Belohnungen für die ebenfalls in Patch 8.3 enthaltenen Übergriffe in Uldum und dem Tal der Ewigen Blüten, den Visionen und Orgrimmar und Sturmwind und dem Schlachtzug in Ny’alotha fungieren. Wer schon jetzt sehen möchte, welche Haustiere in Patch 8.3 enthalten sind, der findet folgend sowohl Bilder zu diesen kommenden Pets als auch Informationen zu ihrem wahrscheinlichsten Fundort.



Haustiere aus den neuen Übergriffen:

Die folgenden Haustiere können Spieler vermutlich durch die Invasionen in Uldum und dem Tal der Ewigen Blüten erhalten.


It is very unclear whether this slime started with all of those eyes inside of it, or if those are „leftovers“.


His tentacles give you the best hug your brain has ever felt.




Haustiere aus den Horrific Visions:

Spieler können die folgenden Haustiere vermutlich in den Horrific Visions in SW und OG finden.


This ooze leaves behind a slimy trail as it walks that has a stench that would rival a beast rotting in the dunes of Uldum for a thousand years.


Aqir Tunneler:

These Aqir Scarabs are masters at tunneling through any terrain.



It is always C’Thuffer. Always.


Corrupted Tentacle:

Where did it come from, where does it go? Where did you come from, creepy tentacle?


Cursed Dune Watcher:

This little guy was exiled and cursed by other watchers of Uldum to spend the rest of its time as a tiny insignificant being.


Jade Defender:

Several adventurous miners have gone after the jade quilen in search of riches, but none have ever been heard from again.


Pygmy Camel:

These Pygmy Camels are often mistaken for Mysterious Camel Figurines.



This little guy grows an additional eye somewhere on its body every year.



Dragonbreath Chili is nothing compared to the stench coming from the mouth of this thing.


Void-Scarred Beetle:

The shell on these beetles is quite brittle from the void interference, but it also has a strangely fast regeneration rate.


Void-Scarred Cat:

This cat eats anything from random scraps of food to strange glowing cubes of immense power. Be careful in front of its mouth.


Void-Scarred Hare:

Only a being of immense power could scar such an adorable creature, unless this hare was already approaching the darkness…


Void-Scarred Rat:

A recent debate has risen up about whether Void-Scarred rats are better or worse than plagued rats.


Wicked Lurker:

Three legs, two arms, three eyeballs, the extras are for emergency situations only.


Windfeather Chick:

Despite what the young pandaren may tell you, the windfeather cranes do not actually have feathers made out of wind.



Haustiere aus Ny’alotha:

Die folgenden Haustiere droppen vermutlich bei den Bossen im neuen Raid.

Aqir Hivespawn:

The aqir hive has countless numbers of beings in it, all of which are supportive of the ever-present Hivemind.


Eye of Corruption:

This creepy eye is looking at everyone, always, and only has to blink once every 10,000 years.



The thirst for mana is insatiable, luckily this little one doesn’t consume a whole lot.



The winged aqir are very fast and agile, and their wings provide a nice breeze on a warm afternoon.


Void-Scarred Anubisath:

N’Zoth’s corruption spread across many beings, including this little Anubisath.




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