Patch 7.3.5: Einige weitere Dialoge vom PTR

Patch 7.3.5: Einige weitere Dialoge vom PTR
Patch 7.3.5: Einige weitere Dialoge vom PTR
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Die Data Miner der äußerst nützlichen Internetseite „wowhead“ konnten in den Spieldaten der in den vergangenen Wochen auf dem öffentlichen Testserver von Patch 7.3.5 aufgespielten Builds unter anderem eine Reihe von neuen Dialogen für unterschiedliche NPCs ausfindig machen, die beinahe alle eine Verbindung zu den mit diesen Update erscheinenden Neuerungen besitzen und die Spielwelt etwas lebendiger erscheinen lassen sollen. Diese neuen Dialoge beschäftigen sich beispielsweise mit der wahrscheinlich bald anstehende Veröffentlichung der verbündeten Völker, den mit Patch 7.3.5 in einigen Hauptstädten auftauchenden Botschaften, der neuen Version von Silithus und der Brodelnden Küste. Wer sich diese Aussagen bestimmter NPCs jetzt gerne selbst durchlesen möchte, der findet folgend eine Liste mit allen in den vergangenen Tagen von Data Minern gefundenen Dialogen.



Leerenelfen in Telogrus:

Bei Telogrus handelt es sich im Grunde um das Einstiegsgebiet für neu erstellte Leerenelfen. Die folgenden Dialoge sind für diese Zone bestimmt.

Remember, control demands sacrifice. Power never comes without a price. You risk losing those closest to you in order to save them.
This is the bargain we have made.
<Alleria looks away.>

Locus-Walker is an intriguing fellow.
Alleria seems to trust him… to a point.
I think we can learn much from him, so long as we remain wary of his true intentions.

Studying this rift has value, but we cannot neglect our duty.
Azeroth must be defended. Our place is out there, fighting for our world.
The power that flows through us is a weapon. And weapons must be wielded.

The voices never stop. They push, they bully, they plead. They will not relent, not even for a moment.
But you are stronger than the voices. You can glean their secrets and draw upon their strength.

I sensed that change was destined to find Alleria Windrunner, but I did not anticipate that her kin would undergo a similar transformation.
The implications are many. These events have given me much to ponder.

Be wary of unstable void rifts and their spawn. This place is not entirely safe

The last people who ventured beyond this space were consumed by the shadows.

The void energy released when the ethereals attacked left the other islands unstable. No one is allowed beyond this point.

The Voidstorm is growing. It might even consume the big island entirely.
Maintain your focus.
You have learned basic control. Mastery, however, can only be attained through practical application.
Thankfully, this place is well suited for–
How convenient! I could not have timed this better myself.
Although broken and scattered, this rift holds many secrets. It will teach us much about the nature of the shadows.
Remain in control of your thoughts. The void cannot sway that which is immutable.
Excellent work, $n! You might be ready for something more challenging… Speak with me if you’re interested!

What do you know of Telogrus?
This is a very old place. Broken by rage, yet sculpted by the threads of fate.
There is much to be learned here. I believe I might linger a while.



Die Kathedrale des Lichts:

Scheinbar reagieren die NPC in der Kathedrale des Lichts darauf, wenn sich ihnen ein lichtgeschmiedeter Draenei oder ein Leerenelf nähert.


Greetings, Lightforged! Know that you are always welcome here in the Cathedral of Light.


Void Elf:

Oh! Hello there… fellow member of the Alliance. I mean no disrespect, but… I’m just not entirely sure the cathedral is the most… appropriate place for… for… For someone who indulges such… unique proclivities.
The Light does not treat with the Void, elf. You should leave this place.
This place is not meant for you.
I can sense the shadow in you. Though it is diminished in the presence of the Light.
Thank you, but I do not require your aid.
Have you come to supplicate yourself before the Light? If you are here to speak with Archbishop Benedictus, I am sorry to inform you that he has left on a mission.
I will help in whatever way I can, but I suggest you do not linger too long here.
I commend your dedication. However, I fear you walk a dangerous path. You would best serve the Alliance away from the cathedral.
Tread carefully, $c. Lady Alleria’s name will only carry you so far.
Perhaps is it as Alleria Windrunner says, and the whispers of shadow can be controlled.
Be on your guard, friend, and may the Ligh– Hrm. Well… May fortune favor you.

I’ve spent enough time with clumsy fingers here that I’ve picked up a thing or two about treating injuries. Perhaps I can offer you some training?
I will admit, it took some time to grow accustomed to our transformation. At first, my usual dexterity felt… impeded. However, I can guarantee the techniques themselves have in no way been affected.



Ein Botschafter der Verlassenen:

Diese Dialoge drehen sich um einen in OG positionierten Botschafter der Verlassenen mit dem Namen „Ambassador Blackguard„.

We have a forsaken ambassador, which makes sense given our Warchief, of course.But I can’t help asking myself, what has it cost us? If you have a moment, can you please tell me of your experience with Ambassador Blackguard?

Thank you for taking my survey, $n.
I shall present the petition after I have enough signatures.
Good day to you, $r.

Survey Options:
He was rude and blatantly offensive.
His appearance was off-putting.
He should be replaced immediately!




<Recall the events following Argus>
<Recall the fallout of the wound in Silithus>

I’ve never seen anythin‘ like this in all my years! What can it be?
I’ve been staring up at that sword all day. Still can’t believe it’s real.
The world’s bleeding out. Can you stop it, hero?
No way we’re survivin‘ this.
Maybe this is the end of days.
The doomsayers were right. Azeroth is dying.
I should be at home with my family…
Sure hope you can do something to save us, hero.
Where are all the other heroes who are supposed to protect us?
Been staring up at that sword all day. Still can’t believe it’s real.
The world’s bleedin‘ out. Hope you can stop it, hero.
Even the Dark Lady can’t save us now…
Sure hope the boss knows what he’s doin‘.
Ain’t easy ta meet my quota with that giant sword loomin‘ overhead!
You’re in the world savin‘ business, ain’t ya? Maybe you should get ta work!
Should be earnin‘ hazard pay for this!

This drink is green! Why is it green?
There are no heroes in oblivion!
None shall oppose the Twilight’s Hammer!
We are the harbingers of destruction!
Cry for help… none shall answer you!
The twilight is upon you!
None shall withstand the power of our master!
I am your destruction!
You will kneel before our master!


Die Brodelnde Küste:

„This island is ripe with thermal activity. After a geyser plumes, azerite is sure to spill out of the fissures. This has got to be worth a fortune!“
The Alliance has gathered over 1200 Azerite and is near victory!
The Horde has gathered over 1200 Azerite and is near victory!



Tanzparty im Auktionshaus:

Die zu dieser Tanzparty gehörenden NPCs feiern die Spieler beim Tanzen an. Mit einem der letzten Builds für den PTR wurden Anfeuerungsrufe für die verbündeten Völker hinzugefügt.

They may come from Highmountain, but they sure can get low. It’s the Highmountain tauren!
The moose is loose! Highmountain tauren, GO!
Adventurers by day, dancers by night… borne. It’s time to cheer for the nightborne!
An illusion!? Nope… it’s just the dancing nightborne!
Just because you’re an avatar of darkness doesn’t mean you can’t get funky. Hit it, void elves!
Get down with your bad self, void elf!
Turn off the disco ball and these lightforged draenei will still light up the stage!
The lightforged draenei came here to dance and kill demons. And we’re all out of demons!



Nathanos Pestrufer:

Die mit Patch 7.3.5 in Orgrimmar stehende Version von Nathanos besitzt einen neuen Dialog.

Well, well… the illustrious $name. Still basking in the glory of your victory over the Legion, no doubt.

<Nathanos rolls his eyes.>

The Dark Lady has entrusted you with securing new allies for the Horde. For your sake, let us hope her faith has not been misplaced.



Ein Gespräch zwischen Goblins:

I really hated this tophat at first. What does a guy have to do for a good tricorne? But I must say… this fits real nicely on my skull.
I used to be a famous pirate! They dig me up, hand me this tophat, then tell me I have to greet all of you newcomers with a smile on my face…
Do you have any idea how much it hurts to try to crack a smile? This is ridiculous.
Psst… Yeah, you, $r. Hey, can you put in a bad word for me with the Warchief? I need to get fired. Being a jerk to everyone isn’t working!
What do I have to do to get myself out of this job? I try to leave, some orc picks me up and plops me right back down here.
My position has been eliminated… feels like early retirement.
I used to have a cushy office job in Orgrimmar.
„We’re here as part of a „workforce adjustment.“
I’ve been downwardly promoted.
Boss Mida says I’m bein‘ discharged. The only things that oughta be discharged are guns and explosives!
Downsized? I’m already about as downsized as you can get!




Die folgenden Dialoge sind für die Nachtgeborenen in Suramar bestimmt.

I stood by and watched as Elisande led us astray. I was wrong… about everything.
I suppose I should thank you.$B$B<Anarys dips his head slightly at you.>
The Legion nearly took everything from us… while I blindly trusted Elisande. I am relieved that Suramar is back in our hands.




Non-magical devices are for mana-starved whelps, they said. Non-magical devices serve no purpose, they said. Orgrimmar practically runs on such creations! Time for me to show those palanquin-addled wretches back home the perfection of machinery!
These machines are fantastic! How could they operate with no anomalies or chance of failure? Oh, excuse me. Did you need something?
We have learned much from our fight against the Legion. In truth, these warframes are the culmination of many years of research. If you wish, I can train you to craft similar devices.



In die Tiefe stürzen:

Come to gloat, have you?
Oh, goodness me! Did you slip?
Best be careful close to the edge, $n.
Did you fall, or was that a graceful jump designed to look like a clumsy fall?
Watch your step! I can’t do this all day! Actually, I suppose I can.
Are you conducting some kind of dangerous experiment? I like it!
If you’re going to fall to your death, do it somewhere else.
Mind the gap.




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