Patch 7.1.5: Eine neue Liste mit bekannten Fehlern

Patch 7.1.5: Eine neue Liste mit bekannten Fehlern
Patch 7.1.5: Eine neue Liste mit bekannten Fehlern
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Der im Kundensupport von Blizzard Entertainment tätige Blueposter Arvaanas hat die in den Battle.Net Foren von World of Warcraft vorhandene Liste mit den bereits bekannten Fehlern und Problemen vor einigen Tagen freundlicherweise noch einmal aktualisiert und diese nützliche Übersicht dadurch dann auf den Stand von Patch 7.1.5 gebracht. Wer nun also gerne erfahren möchte, welche Bugs mit den aktuell in diesem Titel vorhandenen Inhalten auftreten könnten, der sollte sich folgende bisher leider nur auf Englisch vorhandene Übersicht unbedingt durchlesen. Wichtig dabei ist allerdings, dass diese Liste nicht wirklich alle den Entwicklern bekannten Fehler aufführt, sondern nur die Probleme auflistet, deren Auswirkungen sehr negative Folgen für die Spieler von World of Warcraft haben könnten. Aus diesem Grund können Spieler selbstverständlich auch weiterhin auf Bugs in diesem Spiel stoßen, die zwar nicht in dieser Liste auftauchen, aber den Mitarbeitern von Blizzard bereits bekannt sind.



(Hinweis: Da die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard bereits an Lösungen für einen Großteil der dieser Übersicht vorhandenen Bugs arbeiten, müssen betroffene Spieler das Auftreten dieser Fehler nun nicht mehr unbedingt melden.)



7.1.5 Known Issues List – 1/10/17:


  • Warbrave Oro paths through terrain during “Keepers of the Hammer” in Highmountain.
  • Casting Charge on a Pinerock Hunter that is already in combat will have no effect during the World Quest „Primal Payback“.
  • The POI for Inquisitor Tivos does not direct players to the portal during the world quest „WANTED: Inquisitor Tivos“.
  • Ala’Washte stops attacking whenever another player obtains the World Quest „DANGER: Ala’Washte“.
  • The Charge vehicle button ability has no tooltip for the Rockhorn Stag during the World Quest „Primal Payback“.
  • Credit for killing a Pinerock Hunter does not trigger until you walk forward during the World Quest „Primal Payback“.
  • The turn-in POIs for the breadcrumb quests disappear before the Timewalking vendors despawn.
  • Warlock: You cannot get credit for the objective of „Ritual of Doom“ while in a raid group, but are still able to cast „Ritual of Doom“ or assist another players in doing so.
  • Warlock: Turning in „Ritual of Doom“ also flags the daily loot quest „Ritual of Doom“ even if you have not killed or looted a summoned demon that day.
  • Order Hall Campaign – Rogue: Players sometimes cannot turn in the quest “Under cover of Darkness”.
  • Paladin: Once a player has accepted and abandoned „Allies of the Light“, they will no longer see a quest bang at Felblaze Ingress in Azsuna to guide them back to it.
  • Healers can’t get loot or completion credit for healing world bosses in a raid.
  • The reputation tokens from the „The Kirin Tor of Dalaran“ wrapper quests are not reliably showing up for all players.
  • Multiple versions of the electric wall will spawn when multiple players fail the „Like the Wind“ Kirin Tor world quests.
  • Suramar: The world quest „Stirring the Swarm“ lacks a world map POI.



Spells, Talents, and Abilities

  • Priest – Void Corruption does not increase damage done by Mind Flay from Mind Sear.
  • Priest – Forbidden Flame does not increase the value of absorption effects.
  • Priest – Spells which are cast immediately after Schism do not gain the 30% damage bonus.
  • Priest – Using Surrender to Madness before joining a PvP instance causes the player to die after zoning in.
  • Priest – Successfully dispelling an immune enemy target with Mass Dispel does not proc Sephuz’s Secret.
  • Warlock – Command Demon loses track of your active demon for a short time when you zone.
  • Warlock – Doom is not correctly calculating tick times.
  • Warlock – Glyph of the Inquisitor’s Eye disappears after relogging.
  • Warlock – Soul Flame, Wrath of Consumption, and Reap Souls do not proc.
  • Druid – Malorne’s Swiftness does not increase Travel Form movement speed while inside a Battlegrond or Arena, and does not make Travel Form to always have 100% movement speed.
  • Druid – Shooting Stars proc will stand a player up while eating or drinking.
  • Druid – The Balance Honor Talent Cyclone is flagged differently than the Restoration Honor Talent Cyclone.
  • Demon Hunter – The Tier 19 2-piece bonus does not increase fury generation from chaos strike fury refund by 10%.
  • Demon Hunter – Fel Rush damage can be sent in a different direction than the dash.
  • Demon Hunter – Unending Hatred fails to be triggered from every cast of some area of effect spells.
  • Death Knight – Decomposing Aura does not stack correctly on stealthed targets.
  • Death Knight – Glacial Spike is copied by Dark Simulacrum but cannot be used by the Death Knight.
  • Death Knight – The pets from Summon Gargoyle and Dark Arbiter play a death animation instead of a flight animation when their duration expires.
  • Monk – The spirits summoned by Storm, Earth, and Fire continue to attack immune targets.
  • Monk – The spirits summoned by Storm, Earth, and Fire do not mirror Effuse.
  • Monk – Spirits summoned by Storm, Earth and Fire sometimes do not mirror an ability after jumping to a new target.
  • Monk – Diffuse Magic doesn’t reduce damage of backlash type effects.
  • Monk – The spirits summoned by Storm, Earth, and Fire do not mirror the last tick of Fists of Fury.
  • Monk – Eerie Fermentation is not reducing magical damage or increasing player speed in conjunction with the different levels of Stagger.
  • Warrior: Execute from Sweeping Strikes is not triggered on additional targets if Execute is cast from above melee range and the casting
  • Warrior charges the main target with the Death Sentence honor talent.
  • Warrior – Dragon Charge does not ignore active snares when cast.
  • Hunter – Aimed Shot does not deal an additional 100% damage when the Artifact Trait Legacy of the Windrunners activates due to its Aimed Shot hitting first.
  • Hunter – Pet pathing over doodads may cause the pet to lag behind excessively or despawn all together.
  • Hunter – Netherwinds is the same as Ancient Hysteria which is an Exotic Beast ability.
  • Hunter – Harpoon can go on cooldown but fail to fire when cast on flying creatures.
  • Rogue – Shadow Dance will not always be refreshed to its maximum duration when cast during Shadow Dance.
  • Shaman – Casting Glacial Spike on a target protected by the Honor Talent Grounding Totem causes the Glacial Spike to hit both the target and the Grounding Totem.
  • Paladin – Consecration from Consecration won’t apply to a Protection Paladin if a Holy Paladin also casts Consecration on top of the Protection Paladin’s Consecration.
  • Paladin – You cannot hex someone out of Divine Steed.
  • Adaptation triggers from base duration of a crowd control effect instead of its actual duration.




  • Trial of Valor – There are multiple issues with leaving the instance as the instance progresses.
  • People in instance groups may get kicked out while inside an instance during a Daily Reset.
  • Star Augur Etraeus: On Mythic difficulty, Ice Crystals will persist into Stage Three (Fel) if there are any active Shatter debuffs on players when Nether Traversal occurs.
  • Star Augur Etraeus: Fel Embers do not clean up after the encounter resets on Mythic difficulty.
  • Gul’dan: The spell visual for Scattering Field sticks on players when queued slightly before your global cooldown refreshes.
  • The Maw of Souls: Players are able to leave the the Barnacled Cages and fall through the floor of the Naglfar after porting to the boat following the Ymiron, the Fallen King encounter.
  • Cenarius – Nightmare Blast buffs Spear of Nightmares damage.
  • Vault of the Wardens – Cordana Felsong: The Avatar of Shadow doesn’t spawn to steal Elune’s Light if the player holding the light throws it as she begins to Shadowstep.
  • Players face the wrong direction when starting a Mythic Keystone dungeon.
  • Challenge Mode 2.0: Mythic Dungeons tab „you have a chest waiting“ icon doesn’t appear.




  • Artifact Knowledge: Artifact Research Notes may disappear if the player logs out too quickly after retrieving them from a work order.
  • Druid – Fiery Red Maimers do not work with Enraged Maim in world PVP.




  • Great Sea Ray falls to the bottom of the water when it dies.
  • Pet Battles: The Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky pets will use the wrong model in the Pet Journal when they are first added to the Journal.
  • Players are unable to invite members directly to a public party even in a premade group.
  • Proving Grounds: Some spells are not cast by some of the NPCs during the Endless Healer trial.
  • Logging out while the second consumable WoW Token confirmation is loading will cause you to see a veteran reactivation prompt when you get to the character select screen.
  • If a WoW Token is left in the mail for more than 30 days, it will become hidden to the player for 2 weeks before it appears back in their bags.




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