WoD: Vorschau auf einige Quests

WoD: Vorschau auf einige Quests
WoD: Vorschau auf einige Quests
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Mit der kommenden Erweiterung „Warlords of Draenor“ werden die Entwickler ihr laufenden MMORPG um den kompletten Kontinet Draenor erweitern, der selbstverständlich auch wieder unzählige Quests für den Weg auf die neue maximale Stufe beinhalten wird. Unsere Kollegen von mmo-champion haben sich diese neuen Aufgaben einmal etwas genauer angeschaut und anhand einiger aus der Alpha stammenden Daten eine kleine Vorschau auf die in WoD vorhandenen Quests erstellt.

Dazu gehört neben einigen Quests für die Garnison und ein paar recht interessant aussehenden Aufgaben auch die Intro Questreihe zu Warlords of Draenor, die bereits vor dem Betreten von Draenor starten wird und Spielern bei dem Einstieg in die neue Erweiterung helfen soll. Neben den normalen Quests werden die kommenden Zonen auch sehr viele Rare Mobs und versteckte Geheimnisse beinhalten, welche von den Spielern erst einmal gefunden werden müssen. Beispielsweise können Spieler im Frostfeuergrat (Startgebiet der Horde) ingesamt 33 seltene Gegner und ganze 41 verborgene Schätze entdecken.



Assault on the Dark Portal:

Front of the Portal

  • Gul’dan will ask you for freedom, which you ignore. (The Dark Portal)
  • You plant your mana bomb but it doesn’t work. (Onslaught’s End)
  • Khadgar concedes and you kill felbreakers to free Gul’dan. (Gul’dan’s Prison)
  • A noble NPC leads the distraction sacrifice troops while you and Khadgar escape ‚round back. (The Cost of War)


Into the Jungle


The Altar


Training Grounds

  • After crossing the bridge, one of your friends blows up the bridge on a suicide mission. (The Chase is On)
  • Prisoners are being slaughtered in the pit, and Drek’Thar and Ga’nar are forced to listen. (The Gladiator Warlord)
  • The player causes trouble, which makes Kargath come out, and you leave. (To Even the Odds)


Prison Bunker

  • Once inside the cave, the door/cave closes behind you. (Into the Cave)
  • You kill guards here, and free prisoners.
  • Ner’zhul is here, and he chases you out of the cave.


Quarry and Forge

  • Prisoners are being forced to work here. Blackhand and Ner’zhul are here.
  • You gather materials for an explosive, and continue freeing prisoners.
  • Big battle where prisoners buy you time so you can set the bomb at the dam. (Hot Dam!)
  • The bomb explodes and the whole place floods.


The Battlefield

  • You see the remains of the army that bought your escape: they’re all dead.
  • Orcs begin to charge, so you hop into a siege weapon and use it to mow down orcs in a shooting gallery.
  • You eventually use the weapon to blow up the portal.
  • Grommash himself starts to chase you.


The Chase

  • Grom and his army are chasing you.
  • Everything is exploding.


The Escape



Quests der Garnison:

Garrison Support

  • Garrison Invasion!: Your garrison is under attack! Use this magic device to get back there and defend it!
  • Thunderlord Invasion: Our scouts have spotted Thunderlord amassing outside your garrison. We believe they mean to invade!
  • Looking for Help: Quests to get blueprints for the mine, garden, and fishing shack.
  • You bring a ring, slippers, hat, and staff to Chromie to help someone that was time traveling and got stuck.
  • You help Anchorite Dolruu look for his father, a powerful Anchorite. Along the way you discover his mother was Revaan, an eredar.


Garrison Campaign

  • Seismic Matters: You are sent to your garrison to investigate shaking of the earth. You find that the Iron Horde is using Dark Iron technology and use a Prototype Mole Machine to go and see Thaelin Darkanvil, who was kidnapped by the Iron Horde. Thaelin has you help him send his Mole Machines back to his workshop in Gorgrond, sabotage the tanks he was forced to build for the Iron Horde, and recover his notebook before leaving.
  • Independent Contractor: You are sent to Gazlowe to investigate a noise in Thunder Pass. Upon arrival, you find that it is a large drill, so you assist Gazlowe in sabotaging it. Gazlowe notices that most of the technology is basic, except for one piece of the drill. You protect him as he investigates and learn that Thaelin Darkanvil is behind the technology. After helping him escape, you help Gazlowe take out Overlord Blackhammer to collect the SI:7 bounty on his head, and then use some rocket chickens to return to your garrison.
  • The Totems That Bind: You are sent to kill Borgal Doomfist – Chieftain of the Bloodmaul
  • A Threat We Can’t Ignore: You are sent to destroy a Supply Depot and some battleships that are docked in the Gorgrond harbor, as the Iron Horde here are a threat to Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Final Preparations: You plant some bombs and destroy the battleship and damage the fortress and towers.
  • Crows In The Field: Thisalee Crow has spotted an Iron Horde caravan carrying weapons and research equipment leaving the harbor in Gorgrond. You are sent to ambush them and gather their supplies. The caravan also was carrying Blackhand’s orders to retrieve whatever was in the Belcher Cauldron and bring it to Blackrock Foundry.
  • The Descent: You are sent to investigate the Belcher Cauldron in Gorgrond, as the Iron Horde are interested in whatever is in it. It is possible that the Saberon are there as well. You make a narrow escape and return the heart to your Garrison in Frostfire Ridge.



(Weitere neue Quests findet ihr hier)

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