Patch 7.2.5: Die Dialoge aus der Questreihe rund um Chromie

Patch 7.2.5: Die Dialoge aus der Questreihe rund um Chromie
Patch 7.2.5: Die Dialoge aus der Questreihe rund um Chromie
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Wie man durch die vor einigen Tagen von den Entwicklern veröffentlichten vorläufigen PTR-Patchnotes zu dem kommenden Patch 7.2.5 erfahren kann, wird dieses vermutlich irgendwann in den nächsten Wochen erscheinende Update unter anderem eine epische Questreihe rund um dem bronzenen Drachen Chromie mit sich bringen. Auch wenn diese Aufgaben zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider noch nicht auf dem öffentlichen Testserver von World of Warcraft zum Testen freigeschaltet wurden, so konnten die Data Miner der Seite „“ an diesem Wochenende allerdings bereits einen Großteil der Dialoge für die in dieser Questreihe auftauchenden NPCs in den Spieldaten von Patch 7.2.5 ausfindig machen. Diese sehr interessanten Texte beschreiben jeweils recht ausführlich, was bisher in dieser Questreihe passiert, welche NPC auftauchen und warum Chromie in diesem kommenden Update eigentlich erneut auf die Hilfe der Spielercharaktere angewiesen ist. Wer also nicht auf die Freischaltung dieser Aufgaben auf dem PTR warten möchte, der kann durch die folgenden Dialoge bereits jetzt den ungefähren Ablauf dieser möglicherweise noch nicht kompletten Questreihe erfahren.


(Hinweis+Spoilerwarnung: Folgende Informationen stammen vom PTR und müssen nicht der fertigen Version dieses Contents entsprechen. Es wäre möglich, dass die aufgeführten Punkte sich im Laufe der Testphase noch einmal verändern oder nicht die komplette Questreihe darstellen.)



Die Dialoge der Questreihe:

Die Einleitung:

Das Treffen mit Chromie:

Spieler treffen sich am Anfang scheinbar mit der Chromie der Gegenwart und einer anderen Version dieses Charakters.

Hold onto your helmet… we’re traveling through TIME!
Alright… let’s see here. I think we’re at the right time, give or take a minute. Am I dead yet?
Oh, good. There I am over there. Hi, me!
Oh, hi! What are you doing here?
Here we go… again!
I bought us a few more seconds this time, but we have to move quickly.
Hey! Chromie!
Oh, hi! What are you doing here?
Follow me! We don’t have much time!
Oh! Well, alright. You’ve never steered me wrong in the past. Or in the future.
So, where are we going? Why are we leaving Wyrmrest?
Somebody is trying to kill you. In fact, it should happen any second now…


Die Teleportation:

Alright, I’m chronoporting us to a point four hours before the attack happens. That’ll give us PLENTY of time to untangle this mess.
Huh! That’s weird. Something’s blocking me from accessing that particular moment.
No worries! Four hours was probably too early anyways. Let’s try one hour.
Now I’m starting to get worried, $n. Whoever orchestrated this attack really did their homework. They’ve found a way to block my chronoports!
Let’s give this one last try…
There, that did it!
We are now at a time 15 minutes before my death.
That probably won’t be enough time to save me, but it’s the best I can do for now.



Die Chronoshards:

In diesem Abschnitt der Questreihe müssen die Spieler und Chromie erst einmal mit einigen bekannten NPCs sprechen und danach dann vier verschiedene Chronoshards einsammeln:  Frozen Chronoshard,  Gleaming Chronoshard,  Fel-Touched Chronoshard,  Smoldering Chronoshard. Diese vier Objekte befinden sich in vier der fünf verschiedenen Drachenscheine in der Drachenöde von und werden scheinbar jeweils von thematisch passenden Elite Mobs bewacht.


Die Hinweise:

Die NPCs im Wyrmruhtempel versorgen die Spieler mit nützlichen Informationen.

Let’s ask around and see if we can figure out where those shadowy bolts were coming from.

Alexstrazsa: The undead walk again. The Ruby Dragonshrine has a history of conflict with the undead. Most of that struggle has subsided since the fall of the Lich King, but lately, we’ve been having more problems than usual.
Undead attacks at the Ruby Dragonshrine? We’ll take a look. Thanks, Allie.

Strange? Let me think… Oh! I did see that black dragon earlier today. What was his name? Deathwing? No, no, not him… the other one. The one with the hat.
Pretty sure he was headed to the Obsidian Dragonshrine.
We’ll check it out. Thanks!

Lord Ithraius: Actually, yes. The Garden Keeper at the Emerald Dragonshrine has been struggling to keep the dreamers asleep. Several of the ancients have unexpectedly awoken from the Dream, and we haven’t yet been able to find out why.
Thank you, Lord Itharius. We’ll take a look, and will let you know if we find anything.

Kalecgos: Not particularly. The ley lines have been acting up again, but that’s normal in this part of the world.
Ley line disturbances? Pshh… typical blue dragon problems.
Sounds like we’ve got some dragonshrines to investigate. Let’s go, uh… investigate some dragonshrines!


Der Rubindrachenschrein:

Come on, $n. Let’s go clear out the undead leaders. Maybe they’ll know something about the upcoming attack.
A lich! I figured as much… though it’s odd that I couldn’t see this in any future timeline.
He’s inside the tree, right? Let’s go get him then. His time has come!
We can go straight for that lich, $n. If he’s really orchestrating this attack, then killing him should scatter their forces.
That’s one threat taken care of in a timely manner!
Huh? What’s this? Some kind of chronoshard? I’ll have to bring it back to Wyrmrest to investigate.


Der Obsidiandrachenschrein:

He makes a fair point. Let’s poke around that spooky cavern for clues.
A dreadlord? And a bronze dragon… Wait, is he talking about me?
And it sounds like he gave away his position. Let’s go to the entrance of the Obsidian Dragonshrine and snuff him out!
Luckily for us, we already know about the dreadlord mastermind pulling the strings. Let’s kill him before he can kill me!
I wonder what the Legion wants with me.
Hmm… a chronoshard. Let’s bring this back to Wyrmrest. I wonder when and where it goes.


Der Smaragddrachenschrein:

We can help with that, right?
We can help with that!
The dreamers gave us three clues… great nightmare, by the water, dragon’s palm. We just need to figure out what they mean.
Let’s go!
Remember, the satyr is down in that bone claw by the water. Let’s take him out!
Odd. I don’t remember getting on the satyrs‘ bad side, either now OR in the future.
Look at this! A chronoshard. We should bring it back to Wyrmrest with us.


Der Azurdrachenschrein:

Let’s get down there and look for clues. Maybe the disturbances are coming from whoever wants to kill me.
Let’s skip the ley lines and go straight to that void lord. Time is of the essence!
I never expected to be on the bad side of a VOID LORD, of all things.
And look at this… it was carrying a chronoshard. I need to bring this to Wyrmrest to find out where it goes.


Die Schlussfolgerung von Chromie:

I have a sneaking suspicion that the enemy is planning a cross-synchronous attack. Why else would they be using chronoshards, right?
I can tell you’re a little foggy on what that means. Basically, they’re attacking me at multiple points in time simultaneously.
These guys really know what they’re doing! I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a bronze dragon on their side.



Die Angriffe auf Chromie:

Nachdem Chromie erkannt hat, dass die Angriffe gleichzeitig zu verschiedenen Zeitpunkten ihrer eigenen Zeitlinie stattfinden werden, reist sie gemeinsam mit dem Spieler zurück zu diesen entsprechenden Punkten und verteidigt ihr vergangenes Ich.



Interesting… a portal to Andorhal. That’s one of my favorite places of any when! Let’s see if I’m in trouble.
Aha! A portal to Mount Hyjal. I’ve been there a time or tree. THREE. I meant to say three.
I see… a portal to Stratholme, back in the days of the Third War.
Wow… an old one! This portal points to the Well of Eternity.


Westliche Pestländer Alliance Peace Treaty

Andorhal, a few months after the Cataclysm. We’re in the middle of a battle between the Horde and the Alliance.
There it is! You have your orders, slay the dragon!
See, this is one of the problems with being a gnome. Sometimes Horde soldiers get the urge to KICK you.
Soldiers of the Alliance! Hold your ground! She can’t hide forever.
The ALLIANCE wants me too? What’s going on right now?
I can hold my own here, but I can’t fly away with that cannon pointed at the skies. Break down those barricades and take it out!
The cannon is down. Can you make it out?
I think so. See you next time!


Stratholme Old Stratholme Key

Stratholme, during the Third War. I remember this day. Not exactly Prince Arthas‘ finest moment.
Chromie! Thank the sands you’ve arrived.
I couldn’t fight them off. They’ve taken you into the city!
I guess we’re headed into Stratholme! Let’s get a move on, we don’t have much time!
Yikes! That’s one nasty-looking creature. Well, there’s no getting past her. Looks like we’re going to have to take her on.
Thank you so much for saving me.
Any time!


Berg Hyjal Brimstone Beacon

Let’s see… we’re in Mount Hyjal, shortly after the time of the Cataclysm.
I remember this! I should be just up ahead.
I sure don’t recall there being so many fire elementals around here…
There I am!
I’m wounded! I can heal this… I just need a little bit more time.
Don’t worry. We’ll protect you!
Feeling better?
I’ll be fine, I think. Thanks for the help!


Brunnen der Ewigkeit Tyrande’s Moonstone

The Well of Eternity, just prior to the First War. About ten thousand years before your time, $n. Give or take.
Oh no! There I am!
These fel wounds are bad. We need to get me back to Wyrmrest.
There should be a time portal up on the other side of the Well. I know the way. Follow me!
There’s the portal! Let’s move!
Whew! I should be safe now.



Nach der Rettung:

Everything seems… back to normal. The timelines are clearer. I don’t see myself dying anymore.
That’s good!
There ARE a few things still bothering me, though…
A whole lot of people seemed very intent on killing me. Demons, elementals, undead, void lords… even the Horde and Alliance!
Why’s everybody so mad at me? I think we should probably figure that out, eventually.
But that’s a problem for future us! Well, future you and past me. Aw, don’t worry about it. Time is complicated.
See you next time, $n!


 Old Stratholme Key

Is that a Stratholme gate key? This must be our lucky day!
Keep that handy for the next time we visit Stratholme.


 Brimstone Beacon

A Brimstone Beacon… fascinating!
I think we can use this to rile up the fire elementals in Mount Hyjal.


Tyrande’s Moonstone

Tyrande’s Moonstone? How did you find THIS?
It’s not much use to us here, but maybe in the Well of Eternity.


 Alliance Peace Treaty

Interesting… these documents mark the bearer as some sort of higher-up in the Cenarion Circle.
Maybe we can use them to grease some wheels in Andorhal.



Bei einem Fehlschlag:

Umm… sorry about this.
Alright… now I attack THIS one…
Time to take matters into my own hands!
The timestream won’t repair itself!
Here we go!
I’m more powerful than I appear, you know…
Ooh! Your time just ran out!
Sorry, but… that’s how it goes!
Oh, wonderful! Everything worked out!
Yay! I did it!
No… it’s not supposed to happen this way…
Maybe next time…
Looks like it’s my time… to…
This isn’t what happens…
Time heals all wounds… except for… the fatal ones..


Bei einer Wiederholung:

I’m ready.
You ready? There’s no time like the present… trust me.
Let’s try that again, but this time, we’ll give ourselves a BIT more time before my murder. You ready?




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