Overwatch League: Ein Turnier rund um die Balanceänderungen aus dem Testlabor

Overwatch League: Ein Turnier rund um die Balanceänderungen aus dem Testlabor
Overwatch League: Ein Turnier rund um die Balanceänderungen aus dem Testlabor
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Die hinter der Overwatch Legue steckenden Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment versammelten vor Kurzem wohl eine Gruppe von ausgewählten Mitgliedern der Liga und bekannten Mitgliedern der Community und sprachen zusammen mit diesen Personen über mögliche Änderungen an den Helden von Overwatch. Zusammen mit diesen Spielern erarbeiteten die Verantwortlichen insgesamt 45 unterschiedliche Spielbalanceänderungen für Overwatch, die einen Großteil der Helden des Spiels betreffen und erfahrenen Spielern eine neue Spielerfahrung bieten sollten. Diese 45 Anpassungen möchte das Team vom 22. bis zum 29. März 2021 in das Testlabor einbauen, sodass alle daran interessierten Personen ausprobieren können, wie sich das Spiel mit diesen Veränderungen anfühlen würde.

Zusätzlich dazu haben die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment auch noch das neue Flash Ops Experimental Card Tournament rund um diese Balanceänderungen entworfen. Dieses Turnier soll vom 26. bis zum 28. März 2021 online stattfinden, einen Preispool von $40,000 besitzen und sowohl Profis als auch Neulingen offen stehen. Wer ein Turnier mit diesen Balanceänderungen austragen möchte, der kann sich hier mit seinem Team anmelden. Ansonsten werden einige Runden aus diesem Turnier direkt live auf dem Overwatch League YouTube Channel ausgestrahlt, weshalb selbst die nicht an der Teilnahme interessierten Personen einen recht guten Blick auf die Auswirkungen der Balanceänderungen und den Ablauf des Turniers werfen können.

Folgend findet ihr weitere Informationen zu den Anpassungen an den Helden, dem Turnier und den Livestreams.


Experimental Card Tournament: Hero Changes, How to Play, and Where to Watch

We gathered an experienced (and opinionated!) group of pro players and influencers—Seoul Dynasty damage-dealer Jong-Ryeol „Saebyeolbe“ Park, Chinese Overwatch League caster Alan Gai, Korean content creator Jaewon Kim, Toronto Defiant streamer Francine „Fran“ Vo, Boston Uprising damage-dealer Terence „Soon“ Tarlier, and Los Angeles Gladiators tank Indy “Space” Halpern—to discuss which hero changes they’d like to see in Overwatch.

But this wasn’t just a fun get-together; the assembled panel was also figuring out hero tweaks for all of us to play and enjoy.

After hours of spit-balling and deliberation and some additional back-and-forth after the panel to confirm a few final specifics, the team has settled on a collection of more than 45 hero balance changes that will be implemented in an Experimental Card for everyone to play in-game from March 22-29. This set of experimental balance changes will also be used for a special public Flash Ops Experimental Card Tournament from March 26-28.


Here’s the official list of the hero changes coming to the Experimental Card game mode and the Flash Ops Tournament:


  • Max ammo increased from 12 to 14
  • Nano Boost can be used on Ana by hitting the interact key (default F)



  • Dynamite damage reduced from 100 to 90



  • Regenerative Burst healing reduced from 75 to 65
  • Immortality Field no longer protects teammates to a minimum of 20% health—minimum changed to 1 health



  • Self-Repair increases movement speed by 25% while in use



  • Inspire healing to teammates removed when Brigitte is eliminated



  • Boosters duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds



  • No changes



  • Duplicate: when ultimate ends, Echo will be healed to half health instead of full




  • Alternate fire spread reduced from 9 to 8 meters
  • Dragon Blade: when Genji gets a kill during his ultimate, the duration is increased by 1 second



  • Dragon Strike:
    • Movement speed increased by 20%
    • Damage increased by 20%
    • Distance before the dragon forms from the arrow shot lowered from 10 to 5 meters



  • Concussion Mine minimum damage increased from 30 to 35



  • Soundwave cooldown increased from 4 to 6 seconds
  • Crossfade:
    • Radius increased by 50%
    • Effectiveness is increased by 20% at close range, falling off to -50% at maximum range



  • No changes



  • Maximum ammo increased from 120 to 140




  • Killing blows reset Guardian Angel cooldown



  • No changes



  • Protective Barrier:
    • Health increased from 600 to 700
    • Cooldown increased from 10 to 11



  • New Passive: Damage taken while airborne decreases by 5% and damage taken while grounded increases by 10%



  • Shadowstep voice line removed




  • Earthshatter: stuns closer targets for up to 3 seconds; maximum range targets stunned for the normal 2.5 seconds



  • No changes



  • No changes


Soldier: 76

  • Helix Rockets:
    • Can hold 2 charges
    • Damage reduced from 40 impact + 80 explosive to 30 impact + 50 explosive
    • Self-damage scalar reduced from 50% to 40%.



  • Hack:
    • Activation time increased from 0.65 to 1.15 seconds
    • Duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds
  • Translocator cooldown triggered when used or destroyed (as it used to) and is reduced from 6 to 5 seconds



  • Turret travel speed increased from 15 to 20 meters per second



  • Turrets
    • Can hold 2 turrets
    • Damage and health of turrets reduced by 40%




  • Health increased from 150 to 175
  • Recall cooldown increased from 12 to 14 seconds



  • Venom Mine:
    • Damage increased from 75 to 120
    • Duration changed from 5 to 6 seconds
    • Trigger radius increased from 3 to 4 meters



  • Armor increased by 15 and health reduced by 15 (total pool is the same)


Wrecking Ball

  • Size reduced by 15%
  • Ammo reduced from 80 to 70
  • Grappling Claw cooldown increased from 5 to 7 seconds
  • Adaptive Shield no longer prevents enemies from generating ultimate charge



  • Projected Barrier range increased from 30 to 34 meters



  • Transcendence speed multiplier increased from 2x to 2.3x



The best part of the Experimental Card Tournament is that it’s open to the public, free to enter, and you might get to take on some Overwatch League pros! All 20 OWL teams will have at least three current players competing in the tournament across the four different regions: North America, Europe, China, and Korea.

You can sign up from March 15-24 on GameBattles—NA, EU, KR—for your shot at glory and a chance to win some cash. There’s US $40,000 prize pool at stake, spread evenly across the four different regional tournaments.

For official rules and regional requirements, go here.



You’ll be able to watch three live Experimental Card Tournament matches each day on March 27 and 28. Broadcasts for both days begin at noon PT and will be anchored by our desk team of Soe Gschwind, Matt “MrX” Morello, and Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson. The six featured matches will be live and on demand on the Overwatch League YouTube channel.

We’ll soon be announcing new ways to enjoy viewership rewards during the 2021 Overwatch League season that are scheduled to be in place for the Experimental Card Tournament, so keep an eye on overwatchleague.com for more details.

For more Overwatch League updates follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.




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