Sylvanas and Jaina: Zwei Interviews mit Cosplayern

Sylvanas and Jaina: Zwei Interviews mit Cosplayern
Sylvanas and Jaina: Zwei Interviews mit Cosplayern
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Als Teil der Werbekampagne für die heute Nacht um 00:00 Uhr zeitgleich auf der gesamten Welt erscheinenden Erweiterung „Battle for Azeroth“ wurden am vergangenen Wochenende zwei äußerst interessante neue Videos auf dem russischen YouTube Kanal dieses MMORPGs veröffentlicht, die jeweils kurze Interviews mit den recht bekannten Cosplayern Natalia „Narga“ Kochetkova (Jaina Prachtmeer) und Elena Himera (Sylvanas Windläufer) beinhalteten. In diesen bisher leider nur auf Russisch verfügbaren Werbevideos erklären diese beiden Cosplayerinen unter anderem, wie ihre Kostüme von diesen im nächsten Addon äußerst wichtig werdenden Damen eigentlich entstanden sind, warum sie sich gerade für diese Charaktere entschieden haben und wofür sie ihre Inspiration für diese Projekte nahmen.

Damit sich nun auch nicht russisch sprechenden Teile der Community an diesen Videos erfreuen kann, veröffentlichte die Seite wowhead gestern Abend praktischerweise eine von dem Spieler FunkyJam erstellte Übersetzung dieser informativen Interviews. Weiter unten in diesem Artikel könnt ihr aus diesem Grund nun sowohl einen Blick auf diese beiden Werbevideos als auch auf die englischen Übersetzungen der entsprechenden Interviews werfen.


Natalia „Narga“ Kochetkova als Jaina Prachtmeer:

There is no secret that World of Warcraft’s community includes many talented individuals, who takes inspiration from our beloved game. One of them is a cosplayer Natalia Kochetkova, better known as Narga. In this video you’ll learn how Narga has created her Jaina costume from upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion



Übersetzung des Interviews:

My name is Natasha Kochetkova, but among cosplayers I’m using the nickname „Narga“. I’ve been cosplaying almost 10 years, and I’m huge fan of World of Warcraft. Early I choosed protagonists, who I wished I could be more like, but then it changed. Now my emotional reaction towards a character is a more-impactful reason. Now it doesn’t matter if I love them or hate them. If they’re inspiring me to create a costume then I’ll craft it. At the current moment I’ve created four Jaina costumes. After the release of Battle for Azeroth’s trailer with the triumphant return of Jaina the decision was made. I was meant to do this. Now she is a part of me.

Generally speaking, this costume was especially hard for me to craft because this costume, unlike any other, had less armor but more details which I had to sew. I love to explore something new in every cosplay and this costume wasn’t an exception. It was my first time when I worked with genuine leather and I really liked it. I tried to make the bags functional, so they could be used during events–for example, place there smartphone, powder or some „first aid“ items. This is my favorite part of the costume.

I especially like the style and design of World of Warcraft’s costumes because they’re glorified with fantasy elements, but at the same time very detailed. Such costumes are incredibly interesting to make. Announcing Battle for Azeroth did the trick and I’m becoming more recognizable as the character than with all previous Jaina costumes. I am really satisfied with the result: the costume fits organically, I did it well and I’m very happy.

I’m very excited by dividing the zones for leveling for Alliance and Horde. Especially I’ve wanted to see Kul Tiras, I really want to see Kul Tirass story, know what awaits us on those lands. I really like the idea that Kul Tirans will become an Allied Race, they have wondeful new druid forms. Most atmospheric zone, in my opinion, is Drustvar – gloomy land, shrouded in mysteries, but it still remains as my favorite zone. I went there on beta. I’ll send all my characters to Drustvar because we need to address the questions there.

Also, I’ve liked the Horde’s scenario, but only because scenario reflected my favorite characters like Jaina or Genn very well. Kul’Tirans and Void Elves are my favorite Allied Races.

In Battle for Azeroth two factions go back to their roots, to a conflict. Despite the fact that my inner peacekeeper is resisting I’m ready to take a stand to defend the honor of my faction and prove superiority of the Alliance. Horde, beware of me!

See you next time in Battle for Azeroth! Don’t forget to make the right choice.



Elena Himera als Sylvanas Windläufer:

There is no secret that World of Warcraft’s community includes many talented individuals, who takes inspiration from our beloved game. One of them is a cosplayer Elena Himera. In this video you’ll learn how Elena Himera has created her Sylvanas Windrunner – Warchief of the Horde costume.



Übersetzung des Interviews:

My name is Elena. You may find me on the social networks under the nickname „Himera“. I’m from Rostov-on-Don. My hobby is cosplay and I’m cosplaying since 2002. It’s important to me to like both as a visual appearance of the character and understanding what kind of personality the character has. During the work on World of Warcraft themed costumes, especially during the work on this costume, I’ve noticed that they have unique style and I can say that not every game has such beautiful colors. This style is easily recognizable and visible, and I really like it.

I really like that WoW’s world includes a lot of characters, which have multi-dimensional personalities. Even villains have their own motives, which drive them. During my work on cosplay I’ve fallen in love with the character of Sylvanas and she became one of my favorite avatars. I’ve started to get more information about her, watching trailers, I’ve become more familiar with her story and eventually she gained my respect. In the upcoming expansion I’m waiting for more details on Sylvanas‘ character because in World of Warcraft there’s not absolute good or absolute evil.

At the current moment Blizzard presents Sylvanas to us as aggressor, almost an incarnation of evil who starts the Battle for Azeroth and as such I don’t trust young Anduin–he is being all nice and so on, but I think he has his own skeletons in a closet. Sylvanas just ase her own vision and motives, but I think that she’s doing everything on behalf of her people. Developers promise that Battle for Azeroth is the expansion where factions will go back to their roots. As I recall World of Warcraft was always built on confrontation between the Alliance and Horde. However, in most cases, this confrontation moved to the background due to some events like Legion Invasions, Illidan, Dearthwing and so on. Now finally all of those problems are solved and this confrontation become the main theme.

Many of the key events await us in Battle for Azeroth both for Alliance and Horde. I’m very excited to see and participate on those events. I just can’t wait. From the new Allied Races I’d pick Nightborne because I’m fascinated by Suramar and the history of Nightborne during the Legion and I’d like to feel myself in the shoes of Nightborne. I heard a lot about Island Expeditions. Developers promise us advanced AI of enemies, I’m very excited to take a look upon it. I can say that I love Horde’s zones more than Alliance ones because Zuldazar is a very rich and beatiful city, which follows the Mayan style–there’s a lot of gold, interesting architectural ideas, and dinosaurus.

It was my 2nd costume where I used more-modern materials, ordered specifically for that costume. My work has started from the breastplate. For some reason working on all of my costumers started from those elements. This breastplate was very close to my Alexstrasza one–at the moment I didn’t know yet that I’ll be working on Sylvanas‘ costume.

Also, during my work on Sylvanas‘ costume, I’ve crafted additional elements like the bow. Bow was very big–I’ve never worked with giant weapon. In this costume I’ve used illumination for the first time. Every gem lights up through batteries. It was one of my most-wanted achievements, I’ve always wanted to make a costume with lights and I was very happy that I’ve managed to reach my long-cherished dream.

I already played on beta and can say that developers had put a lot of interesting content into the game, but I’ll not speak about it with you. Why would I spoil the impression? Play and you’ll discover everything by the first-hand.

See you next time in Battle for Azeroth! Don’t forget to make the right choice.




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