Heroes: Die Entwickler über die aktuelle Situation von Yrel

Heroes: Die Entwickler über die aktuelle Situation von Yrel
Heroes: Die Entwickler über die aktuelle Situation von Yrel
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Auch wenn der vor Kurzem auf die Liveserver von Heroes of the Storm aufgespielte neue Krieger Yrel auf den ersten Blick einen recht interessanten und vielversprechenden Charakter darstellt, so machen sich beim eigentlichen Verwenden dieses Charakters aber relativ schnell einige nervige Probleme bemerkbar, die sowohl die Nützlichkeit dieses Kriegers als auch die Spielfreude ein wenig einschränken. Diese Probleme bildeten in den vergangenen Tagen leider die Grundlage für eine Reihe von Beschwerden in den offiziellen Battle.Net Foren dieses Titels, die unter anderem die Mechaniken, die Spielstärke und die Rolle von Yrel kritisierten.

Aufgrund dieser Beschwerden hat sich der für die Entwicklung dieses Helden verantwortliche Lead Hero Designer MattVi in den vergangenen Tagen gleich mehrmals in den Foren zu Wort gemeldet und dort dann netterweise eine Reihe von Bluepost zu der aktuellen Situation von Yrel veröffentlicht. Die wichtigste Antwort dieses Entwicklers lief dabei dann darauf hinaus, dass alle beteiligten Partien dieses Kriegers als zu schwach einstufen und die Entwickler in den nächsten Wochen höchstwahrscheinlich mehrere Anpassungen auf die Liveserver aufspielen werden. Wer sich für die restlichen Beiträge von MattVi interessiert, der findet folgend sowohl eine Zusammenfassung der Blueposts als auch eine Übersicht mit den ursprünglichen englischen Nachrichten.


Zusammenfassung der Blueposts:

  • Die Entwickler sind sich noch nicht sicher, ob die von Yrel erzeugte Heilung ebenfalls in der Anzeigetafel auftauchen sollte.
  • In den vergangenen Tagen beschwerten sich mehrere Spieler darüber, dass der Linksklick beim Aufladen einer Fähigkeit keine Bewegungsbefehle mehr ausführt. Auch wenn diese Situation konsistent mit ähnlichen Angriffen ist, möchten die Entwickler dieses Problem in der Zukunft beheben.
  • Das Aufladen von Fähigkeiten ist nicht einfach nur ein Gimmick, sondern ein wichtiger Bestandteil von Yrels Kit und der Fantasy hinter diesem Helden.
  • Es wäre möglich, dass die Entwickler beim Aufladen einer Fähigkeit in Zukunft bestimmte Schaltflächen wie beispielsweise das Menü für Talente deaktivieren. Einige Spieler scheinen versehentlich auf diese Schlachtflächen zu drücken und dadurch das Aufladen ihrer Fähigkeiten abzubrechen.
  • Die Entwickler sehen die derzeitige Version von Yrel ebenfalls als zu schwach an. Sie möchten erst einmal weitere Daten zu diesem Helden sammeln und dann in ungefähr zwei Wochen einige Anpassungen an Yrel durchführen.



Yrel is a fun warrior. She can sling people around and is so hard to kill. However, she also can heal allies… a lot. Uther gets a damage taken number and Medivh gets a healing number, so I think Yrel needs a healing number too.

We’ve heard some feedback to this effect and are currently discussing it.

On the one hand, we want to make sure the information we’re offering on the scoreboard is actually meaningful, but on the other we realize we’re not entirely consistent here and whether or not Yrel should show healing is part of that conversation we’re having.


She’s a solo lane bruiser who can’t waveclear.

To be honest, we’ve had a lot of discussions around where she fits in a team role-wise. Setting tuning aside for a moment, at her core she has the tools to be a tank or a bruiser, and we’re actually really interested to see where players end up using her most often.

I think the claim that she „does no damage“ and „can’t waveclear“ is largely hyperbole, and that numbers-wise she’s not nearly as far off as people seem to think she is. She’s got a lot of staying power and uses it to do damage over time, very similarly to someone like Blaze.


What is happening with LEFT MOUSE click? Right now it castes all her abilities and there is no way to turn it off!

This is consistent with other abilities that can be charged like on Cho’gall, Gazlowe, etc. The reason is that while charging an ability you’re in „targeting mode“, and left-click in our game executes abilities that are being targeted.

We have seen reports from some people who use left-click to move that they run into issues here, and that’s something we’re looking into.


Have you guys considered showing numbers in a more detailed after game screen? 
On topic, I don’t really see why all hero’s don’t get the baseline numbers we have now- damage taken, and healing done shouldn’t be limited to warrior/support roles. Everyone does damage and it’s shown, everyone takes damage but it’s only shown for warriors….

Showing more detailed stats after the game is over is a cool idea and something we’d like to explore, once we take care of some more pressing updates.

As for why we don’t show every stat for every hero, there are two main reasons-

  • First, a lot of those stats aren’t super meaningful for most heroes, and while small there is a downside to showing unnecessary stats. The more stats we shove into that screen the more it looks like an excel sheet than a scoreboard, and becomes harder to parse at a glance in the middle of a game.
  • Second, showing info that’s not relevant to your role could potentially drive toxicity. Suppose we show damage taken for all heroes, and get „oh look Nova took more damage than Arthas“, or show healing and get „oh look Yrel’s outhealing Lucio“.

Neither of these things constitute a hard line where we’d simply refuse to show more stats, but it does give us pause to at least think about it and try to be somewhat picky. There are also things we could do to mitigate it, like re-designing the score screen to display more information in a format that’s easier to read. All that to say we’re reading your feedback and having discussions around it, and we’ll update once we have more info to share ?


As others have said before, her „charge“ gimmick feels like it was incorporated just to be a gimmick <…> But that’s just my opinion. Maybe that playstyle somehow appeals to others.

I can definitely appreciate your perspective there, but to offer some insight we actually did the charge mechanic not just as a gimmick to be different, but as part of a very specific goal for how we wanted the player to „feel“ when playing her.

We looked at this big 2-handed hammer, and how we wanted her to use it, and saw immediate parallels with 2-handed weapon specs in WoW. The feel that goes with those specs is very slow – weapon swing timers are in the 3+ second range, more focus on timing and CD management. It’s really rhythmic and deliberate and that’s what we wanted to capture with Yrel, and I think we did so pretty successfully.

Now of course, that style’s not going to appeal to everyone. There will definitely be people who aren’t into that and that’s OK, but for the people who do like it it’s a breath of fresh air and offers something they weren’t able to get in our game previously.

One piece of advice I’ll throw out there is that Yrel is a hero you have to play a few games to really get a handle on, as you need to have a feel for which abilities you can get away with using when, and how your Trait factors into all that. Trait management & skill ordering is really critical to playing Yrel effectively, and that’s something that’s not immediately obvious until you’ve put some time into her.


As someone who plays a lot of Cho’gall the left click thing hasn’t bothered me at all. However, compared to playing Cho’gall I’ve noticed I accidentally click my talents or character portrait often when trying to cast an ability. Is there any way we can disable that ONLY when an ability is fully charged?

I think this is something we should explore doing in general (disabling clicks on talent UI while in targeting mode for abilities). As I’m not a UI expert I don’t know how difficult it would be or if there are any drawbacks I haven’t considered, but I’ll pass the feedback along to the appropriate team for consideration.


You mentioned not wanting to have the ingame scoreboard look like an „excel spreadsheet“ while in-game, have you and the team given thought to the out-of-game results screen looking like a spreadsheet?Not to compare HOTS to other MOBAs, but I personally would appreciate getting all the data imaginable, and I think a lot of people would be alright with spreadsheets once the game is over.

Yeah this pretty much captures our feeling as well. When you’re not in the middle of a match, we’d like to give you as much data as we reasonably can. I don’t have details to share right now, but fleshing out the game stats we share with players (be it through post-game screen, player profile, or API) is definitely on our radar.


That said, as someone who is super passionate about the archetype I really want to play Yrel all the time but that will be hard to do if she is weak. Please, don’t let her stay weak for long if the stats show she is.

100% on board with this and we’ll do our best. We’re going to give her some time to soak so we can get proper data before making changes, but the plan is to make adjustments to help her out if she looks to be under-performing.




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