BfA: Die neuen Missionen erzählen die Hintergrundgeschichte

BfA: Die neuen Missionen erzählen die Hintergrundgeschichte
BfA: Die neuen Missionen erzählen die Hintergrundgeschichte
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Mit der am 14. August 2018 erscheinenden Erweiterung „Battle for Azeroth“ werden die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment unter anderem eine Vielzahl von neuen Missionen in World of Warcraft implementieren, die daran interessierten Spieler dann ebenfalls wieder durch die Verwendung von mehreren Anhängern und einem bereitgestellten Missionstisch abschließen können. Während diese Aufgaben in WoD und Legion allerdings kaum eine Rolle beim Erzählen der Geschichte des jeweiligen Addons spielten, so sieht es aktuell ganz danach aus, als würden die Entwickler zumindest die in Kalimdor und den Östlichen Königreichen vorhandenen Missionen dafür nutzen, um den Spielern den Verlauf des Krieges zwischen der Allianz und der Horde näher zu bringen. Ein Großteil der in den letzten Wochen gefundenen Missionen auf diesen beiden Kontinenten dreht sich nämlich inhaltlich um diesen Konflikt, was diese Aufgaben zwar nicht mechanisch spannender macht, aber zumindest das Lesen der Hintergründe dieser Aufgaben für Fans der Lore ein wenig interessanter gestaltet.

Wer jetzt gerne mehr über die einzelnen Missionen von BfA und die dadurch vermittelten Ereignisse erfahren möchte, der findet folgend sowohl eine Übersicht zu den bisher bereits entdeckten Aufgaben als auch zwei sehr interessante Weltkarten zu dem Verlauf des Kriegs zwischen der Allianz und der Horde.


Die Missionen in Kalimdor:

Die meisten Missionen in Kalimdor konzentrieren sich auf die nördliche Hälfte des Kontinents, die seit der Verbrennung von Teldrassils sowohl für die Horde als auch für die Allianz langsam im Chaos versinkt. Die Missionen selbst drehen sich dabei dann hauptsächlich um die Kontrolle von Ressourcen, das Erobern strategisch wichtiger Punkte und das Töten der feindlichen Streitkräfte.

  • (H) Teldrassil Evacuation: Dentaria Silverglade in Lor’danel overseas the evacuation of the Teldrassian survivors to Azuremyst. Slaying her will sow chaos in their ranks.
  • (A) Teldrassil Evacuation: A Horde army marches north to Lor’danel; Blood Guard Rockrain at the fore. Send our forces to stall his aggression, so the evacuation of Teldrassil can continue.
  • (A) Bestiary Cleanup: Set fire to the Horde’s bestiaries near the Grove of the Ancients in Darkshore. Without their wolves, the Horde will be unable to field raiders to send against us.
  • (A) Darkshore Drilling: Following the burning of Teldrassil, the Horde are entrenching themselves in northern Darkshore. Eliminate their chief engineer to halt progress.
  • (A) Return to Auberdine: Goblin salvagers have a new Azerite-powered shredder model dismanting the ruins of Auberdine. Steal or sabotage their tech.
  • (H) Explore the Roost: Night elf hippogryphs roost in Shatterspear Vale. Send a strike force to eliminate this base, and ensure Horde aerial superiority over Darkshore.
  • (A) Out of Our Depth: Zoram’gar Outpost is the Horde’s only port near Azuremyst Isle. Plant depth charges in the surrounding waters to prevent a naval assault.
  • (H) Out of your Depth: The Zoram’gar Docks will be vital for any assault against Azuremyst Isle. Plant depth charges to prevent any naval assault by the Alliance.
  • (H) Posting Reinforcements: The kal’dorei siege our outposts across Ashenvale. Splintertree Post must not be allowed to fall. Send reinforcements.
  • (H) Shreds of Warsong: The dryad Illiyana has rallied her sisters in Forest Song. Their nature magic is destroying our Shredders. Eliminate them all.
  • (H) Ashenvale Pass: Maestra’s Post controls the pass between Ashenvale and Darkshore. Orux Thrice-Damned is leading an attack to take control of the region. Take him down.
  • (A) Siege of Astranaar: The Horde commander responsible for the fall of Silverwind Refuge marches against Astranaar. Show him the Alliance will not give up Ashenvale so easily.
  • (A) Stardust Spire Counterattack: Sergeant Dontrag leads a Horde assault against Stardust Spire. Eliminating him could sow chaos in the enemy’s battle plan. See it done.
  • (H) Deeps Scouting: The Alliance is showing a renewed interest in Blackfathom Deeps. Send our scouts to investigate what they have found there.
  • (A) Twilight Harvesting: Remnants of the Twilight’s Hammer operate within Blackfathom, harvesting azerite from the planet. Eliminate them, and secure the azerite for the Alliance.
  • (A) At a Crossroads: Control over the Crossroads would disrupt horde troop movements throughout Kalimdor. You must capture it for the Alliance.
  • (H) Great Gate of Mulgore: Taurajo has lain in ruins long enough. March our warriors against the Alliance soldiers who siege the Great Gate. Punish the Alliance looters.
  • (A) Our Fort Was a Triumph: Command wishes to reestablish Fort Triumph. Muster your armies, and send them against Desolation Hold.
  • (H) Barrens at War: The Alliance is using Bael Modan as a staging point against Mulgore. Purge their armies from the Barrens.
  • (H) Blockade of Northwatch: Northwatch Hold relies on superior firepower to keep our forces at bay. Install goblin Azerite cannons on the northern shore of the Great Divide.
  • (Beide) Lingering in Theramore: Scout the ruins of Theramore Isle to assess its viability as a base. Beware the lingering effects of the mana bomb used in its destruction.
  • (A) Barren Supplies: Lay siege to Hunter’s Hill. If we capture it, we will control passage between the Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains.
  • (H) Barren Supplies: The Alliance cannot hold Honor’s Stand without supplies. Lay siege and starve them out.
  • (A) Overgrown Animals: The animals of the Overgrowth have been behaving strangely since Azerite was discovered in the Wailing Caverns. Capture several species for research.
  • (H) Steamwheedle Alliance: The Steamwheedle Cartel will not openly declare for the Horde, but provides a vital stream of supplies. Prevent the Alliance from discovering these smuggling operations.
  • (A) Azerite Weaponry: The Horde constructs doomsday weapons using Azerite in Orgrimmar. We must discover what they are building before it is too late.
  • (A) Razor Hill Supplies: Supplies passing between Orgrimmar and the Echo Isles must pass through Razor Hill. Set fire to their storehouses.
  • (H) Echo Isles Navy: Alliance raids against the Echo Isles are damaging our ability to supply the Eastern Kingdoms warfront. Construct greater defenses around our largest port.
  • (A) Bilgewater Sabotage: Gallywix’s Pride is situated atop Bilgewater Harbor. While the monstrous cannon exists, any assault against Orgrimmar will be impossible. Sabotage the great gun.
  • (H) Orgrimmar Armory: The vengeful night elves have recalled their forces stationed throughout Kalimdor, to begin a campaign against Orgrimmar. Track their movements across the continent.
  • (A) Salvaging Tiragarde: A great deal of salvage can be found within the remnants of Tiragarde Keep and along the Scuttle Coast. Recover what you can.
  • (H) Tiragarde Ruins: The Alliance brazenly attempts to rebuild Tiragarde Keep. Bring our full might down upon them and scour the ruins from horde lands.



Die Missionen in den Östlichen Königreichen:

Die Missionen in den östlichen Königreichen basieren zum Großteil auf der Schlacht um Lordaeron und konzentrieren sich daher ebenfalls auf den nördlichen Teil dieses Kontinents. In diesem Fall drehen sich die Missionen unter anderem um den Guerillakrieg der Verlassenen, die Sicherung von Lordaeron  für die Allianz und dem Errichten von weiteren Stützpunkten für die Horde.

  • (A) Silverpine Reinforcements: Horde reinforcements from the Sepulcher in Silverpine Forest are marching toward Tirisfal under High Executor Hadrec. Halt their advance.
  • (H) Silverpine Reinforcements: With the fall of Lordaeron, the Alliance has set its sights on Silverpine Forest. Defend the Sepulcher against encroaching forces.
  • (H) Dancing with Dark Rangers: An army of Alliance soldiers from the Plaguelands marches towards Hillsbrad. Attack from the shadows to slow their progress.
  • (A) Dancing with the Dark Rangers: The dark rangers of Undercity conduct a guerilla war from the abandoned town of Strahnbrad. Send our agents to root them out.
  • (H) Shadowfang Plague: Plaguebringer Harris has developed a new bio-weapon. Unleash his plague on the 7th legion forces surrounding Shadowfang Keep.
  • (A) Shadowfang Plague: The undead have holed themselves up in Shadowfang Keep, and are developing a new bio-weapon to unleash against Gilneas. Eliminate their chief plaguebringer.
  • (H) Lordamere Lake: The Bloodfang Pack controls Fenris Isle. Create a distraction along the Misty Shore to lure them out of position, allowing horde refugees to escape Tirisfal across the water.
  • (A) Lordamere Lake: Forsaken forces under Deathstalker Hayward have captured Fenris Keep. Annihilate the undead to secure Lordamere Lake.
  • (H) Gilnean Assault: Scouts report a Gilnean army under Darius Crowley marches against Hillsbrad. Set upon his forces at the Sludge Fields, where our power is greatest.
  • (A) Hillsbrad Mine: A Horde garrison controls Azurelode Mine in southwest Hillsbrad. Send a strike force to seize control of this strategic resource.
  • (H) Southshore Sabotage: A cadre of paladins under Raleigh the Devout attempts to purify the ruins of Southshore. Provoke the blighted creatures there to disrupt his efforts.
  • (A) Destroying the Keep: Horde forces out of Tarren Mill are attempting to rebuild Durnholde Keep. Reset their progress by laying explosives.
  • (H) Rebuilding Alterac: The ruins of Alterac could be repaired to serve as a defensible base of operations for the horde in Lordaeron. Send forces to see the work done.
  • (A) Exorcising Dun Garok:
  • (H) Mounted Resistance: Wildhammer Gryphon Riders patrol Darrowmere River, preventing troop movements. Under the cover of darkness, infiltrate their roost and slay their mounts.
  • (A) Damming Them All: Darrowmere River stretches from the Plaguelands to Baradin Bay. Our combat engineers should establish dams to deprive the Horde freedom of movement.
  • (H) Wall Them Off: An alliance host marches from Stromgarde towards the ruins of Durnholde keep, to secure Thoradin’s wall. Send our mightest warriors to meet them.



Karten des Krieges:

Die folgenden Karten basieren auf den Informationen aus den Missionen und zeigen daran interessierten Personen, welche Teile der Spielwelt in Battle for Azeroth von welcher Fraktion kontrolliert werden.


Östliche Königreiche:




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