Diablo3: Patch 2.0.1 auf dem PTR endlich verfügbar

Diablo3: Patch 2.0.1 auf dem PTR endlich verfügbar
Diablo3: Patch 2.0.1 auf dem PTR endlich verfügbar
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Vor ein paar Stunden kündigte Blizzard auf Ihrer Homepage an, dass der PTR mit dem lang ersehnten Patch 2.0.1 zum Testen bereit steht. Der Download ist in der Accountverwaltung aber noch nicht freigeschaltet. Wer am Testserver teilnehmen möchte, kann dieses aber hier schonmal nachlesen. Neben der Anpassung mit Loot 2.0 und dem Paragonsystem schafft es u.a auch die Clanfunktion auf den Testserver. Alles weitere zu den Patchnotes findet ihr in dem Artikel weiter unten.


New Feature: Clans & Communities:

To better enable players to find and play with others who share similar interests, two new social features have been added to Diablo III: Clans and Communities.

Anyone can create or join a Clan, and doing so will give you access to the Clan window (default hotkey N) and display your clan tag next to your name. In the Clan window, you’ll find a Members roster, a private chat channel, and a News & Info tab where Clan affairs and information can be posted for all members to read. Clans can support a large number of players with a currently undetermined cap and require an invitation to join.

In addition to Clans, players will also be able to join Communities. Like Clans, each Community has a Members roster, a designated chat channel, and a News & Info tab where stories and a Community description can be posted. While you are only able to join a single Clan, you can join multiple different Communities. Additionally, Communities can be designated as Public or Private, are organized by categories (such as Classes, Regional, and Game Type) and allow a nearly unlimited number of players, making them a great option for meeting new people outside your Clan!


New Event: Cursed Chests:

Chests scattered about Sanctuary are now occasionally cursed, starting an event once they are inspected. Some chest events spawn in both Campaign and Adventure modes, while others are exclusive to Adventure mode. Like other events, completing a cursed chest event provides a small gold and experience reward. Chests offer a variety of challenges, including endless monster waves, timed events, and potentially spawning bosses out in the open world! Once the associated event is completed, the chest will be cleansed into a Radiant Chest, ripe for the looting!


Itemization Updates (Loot 2.0):

Treasure seekers rejoice! Loot has undergone several changes in Patch 2.0.1, all of which are designed to improve the item hunt in Diablo III. Major changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Players will now occasionally find „smart drops.“ Smart drops are items that drop with stats tailored to the character who found them.
  • Item properties are now separated into two categories: Primary and Secondary. Primary stats are stats that have the greatest impact on a character;s power and/or survivability, while Secondary stats generally offer utility or character power in an indirect way. These stat groups will no longer compete against one another when an item is rolled.
  • Stat ranges on items have been narrowed significantly (ex: instead of an item having a stat range of 1-200 Strength, its range might now be something like 140-200). In addition, players can now view the stat ranges on items in their inventory by pressing and holding CTRL while an item’s tooltip is open.
  • Several new stats have been added to Rares and Legendary items with the goal of supporting and/or encouraging the use of specific builds.
  • All Legendary items have been reworked with one or all the above points in mind.


Paragon Updates:

The Paragon leveling system has undergone several significant revisions to promote additional diversity and character customization past level cap:

  • Paragon levels are now account-wide and shared across all characters. However, Paragon levels are tracked independently for Hardcore and Normal mode characters.
  • In addition, there is no longer a cap on Paragon levels; they may be gained infinitely.
  • Bonuses gained upon achieving Paragon levels have been redesigned. Players no longer gain static primary stats and Magic/Gold find. Instead, players will now earn Paragon points in four separate categories: Core, Offense, Defense, and Utility.
  • With these changes in mind, the Paragon leveling curve has been updated.

Class Updates:

All classes have undergone significant revision. Additional details and patch notes will be available in the future as changes continue throughout development and testing.


Crafting Updates:

Crafting has received several quality of life changes. Major changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Crafting materials have been condensed into two item level tiers: 1-63 and 64-70. This change is to reduce the amount of stash space consumed by crafting materials and simplify older crafting recipes.
  • In addition, crafted items will now roll with stats appropriate to the character crafting them, operating off of Loot 2.0’s smart drop system. (Note that items designed to roll specific stats, such as the Archon Armor patterns, are exempt from this system.)


Difficulty Updates:

The difficulty system has been completely revised. Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno have been removed, and this tiered system has been replaced with „dynamic difficulty,“ allowing monsters to level up with your characters.

There are also now a total of five difficulty settings that players can select from at-will: Normal, Hard, Expert, Master (unlocks at level 60), and Torment (unlocks at level 70). Torment includes a difficulty slider offering an additional six adjustments to tailor your challenges.

Each level offers new bonuses and rewards, visible in the difficulty selection menu. In addition, you can now lower your difficulty setting in-game (however, increasing your difficulty still requires exiting your current game).


Monster Updates:

Several new potential affixes for elite and champion monsters have been added: Frozen Pulse, Orbiter, Poison Enchanted, Thunderstorm, and Wormhole. In addition, monster density has been adjusted across all Acts.





  1. Wird direkt mal geladen und reingeschaut!

    Wenn das Ganze live geht hoffe ich natürlich auf nen JustNetwork Clan und viel Monstergeschlachte 🙂

    Ich hoffe die Änderungen sind wirklich so gut. Ich bin der Meinung, dass D3 insgesamt ein großartiges Spiel ist. Kleine Kritikpunkte wie der etwas kurze, vierte Akt und so, ja. Das Einzige, was halt gestört hat ist, dass das Loot so derbe auf das AH ausgerichtet war. Das hat irgendwie jegliche Langzeitmotivation genommen. Ansonten fand ich D3 in allen anderen Bereichen besser als D2. Nur war (oder ist noch) eben die Ausrichtung des Loot auf das AH schon irgendwie ein starker Fehler, der starke Auswirkungen hat.

    Wenn sie das jetzt alles mit dem Patch und dem AddOn beseitigen, könnte D3 das großartige Spiel sein, was es von Anfang an hätte sein können. Genau wie D2 auch erst mit dem AddOn das Über-Spiel geworden ist, was es noch immer ist.

  2. also ich hab auf dem ptr gespielt und das hat verdammt viel mehr spaß gemacht als zu ah zeiten da man echt viel nützlichen loot bekommt XD
    zb als hunter fast nur dex und vit items

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