Patch 9.1: Die Modelle für viele neue Reittiere aus diesem Update

Patch 9.1: Die Modelle für viele neue Reittiere aus diesem Update
Patch 9.1: Die Modelle für viele neue Reittiere aus diesem Update
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Der seit gestern Abend auf dem öffentlichen Testserver von WoW vorhandene Patch 9.1: Ketten der Herrschaft beinhaltet selbstverständlich auch wieder eine Reihe von brandneuen Reittieren, die schon jetzt zum Großteil von findigen Data Minern in den Spieldaten des PTRs ausfindig gemacht wurden. Diese neuen Mounts sind dabei dann für die Inhalte von Korthia, die Instanzen aus Patch 9.1, die Fortsetzung der Paktkampagne, das Paragon-Rufsystem und die eine oder andere weitere Quelle bestimmt. Wer sich schon jetzt einen Eindruck von diesen vielen neuen Reittieren verschaffen möchte, der findet in der folgenden Übersicht sowohl ihre Modelle als auch die bisher bekannten Informationen zu ihren Fundorten.



Harvester’s Dredwing Saddle

  • Description: The dredwings of the Harvesters fear no mawsworn, and will gleefully sink their teeth into anything that threatens Sinfall.
  • Source:


Mawsworn Charger’s Reins

  • Description: The fate of all horse mounts.
  • Source: Achievement:
  • Zone: Torghast, Tower of the Damned


Hand of Hrestimorak

  • Description: A race of giants was sent to the Maw long ago, and threatened the Jailer for supremacy of his realm. Their bound hands are all that remain.
  • Source: Achievement: Glory of the Sanctum Raider
  • Zone: Sanctum of Domination


Battle-Hardened Aquilon

  • Description: The aquilon can be a valuable ally in combat, with capabilities exceeding those of the phalynx.
  • Source:


Tazavesh Gearglider

  • Description: Brokers of all types use these gliders to travel around Tazavesh and similar nearby outposts, and carry their goods as well.
  • Source:


Harnesed Lord of the Corpseflies

  • Description: To be the Lord of the Corpseflies, you’ve got to lay a LOT of eggs.
  • Source:


Soaring Razorwing

  • Description: The hide of the razorwing is light, allowing it to fly, but also quite tough, allowing them to survive passage into the Maw.
  • Source: Vendor: Duchess Mynx
  • Zone: Korthia
  • Faction: Death’s Advance – Exalted
  • Cost: 7500


Tamed Mauler Harness

  • Description: When it comes to taming devourers, all it takes is a little anima and a lot of patience. And a lot of healing potions.
  • Source:


Beryl Shardhide

  • Description: These shardhides find it easy to hide in the underbrush, and it is rare to find one that is tamed.
  • Source: Drop: Death’s Advance Supplies
  • Zone: Korthia


Vicious War Gorm

  • Description: The gorm love eating the corpses of your enemies, so this seemed like a natural fit.
  • Source: PvP: Shadowlands: Season 2
  • Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward


Vicious War Gorm

  • Description: The gorm love eating the corpses of your enemies, so this seemed like a natural fit.
  • Source: PvP: Shadowlands: Season 2
  • Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward


Vengeance’s Reins

  • Description: Sylvanas lost a part of herself, the day Arthas took her life, and the darkness within her grew to fill the void.
  • Source: Drop: Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Zone: Sanctum of Domination
  • Difficulty: Mythic


Hand of Bahmeht

  • Description: Bahmeht was the first to fall, and felt the full wrath of Zovaal’s punishments.
  • Source: Drop: Tormentors of Torghast
  • Zone: The Maw



Wild Hunt Legsplitter

  • Description: Integrated into the depleted forces of the Wild Hunt, the fawn riders quickly found that the gorm’s powerful mandibles were perfect for cutting down close enemy ranks.
  • Source: Drop: War Chest of the Wild Hunt
  • Zone: The Maw


Undying Darkhound’s Harness

  • Description: The Undying Darkhound’s parts have graced many battlefields, yet this latest battle may have been the first time they all fought together.
  • Source: Drop: War Chest of the Undying Army
  • Zone: The Maw


Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater

  • Description: This soul eater’s gaze unnerves you. Best not meet its eyes for too long.
  • Source: Achievement: Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2
  • Category: Player vs. Player


Cartel Master’s Gearglider

  • Description: Only the richest cartel leaders are able to afford the metals required to craft the Cartel Master’s Gearglider.
  • Source:


Slver Gearglider

  • Description: A more expensive version of your typical glider, owned by cartel higher-ups.
  • Source:


Ardenweald Wilderling Harness

  • Description: As anima flows to the distant wealds of Ardenweald once more, the wilderlings awaken and cautiously emerge from their canopy burrows.
  • Source: Covenant: Night Fae
  • Zone: Ardenweald


Autumnal Wilderling Harness

  • Description: The wilderlings are benevolent, magical creatures of Ardenweald, and are drawn to souls that are strong and pure.
  • Source:


Winter Wilderling Harness

  • Description: Wilderlings serve as support units in battle, preserving their allies and rendering enemy magics useless.
  • Source:


Summer Wilderling Harness

  • Description: Summer wilderlings grow rapidly, in tune with their seasonal nature.
  • Source:


Spring Wilderling Harness

  • Description: These wilderlings constantly smell of spring flowers. Woe be to the adventurer with allergies.
  • Source:


Obsidian Gravewing

  • Description: In the darkened skies of Revendreth, you cannot see these creatures coming until it is too late.
  • Source:


Sinfall Gravewing

  • Description: With anima once again flowing in Sinfall, the Stonewright has been able to infuse these Stoneborn, making them valuable allies in the battles to come.
  • Source: Covenant: Venthyr
  • Zone: Revendreth


Pale Gravewing

  • Description: Gravewings know no fear and are nearly indestructible — perfect for an assault on the Maw.
  • Source:


Elysian Aquilon

  • Description: With anima once agian flowing to the Eternal Forge in Bastion, the plans for the aquilon centurion could be crafted once more.
  • Source: Covenant: Kyrian
  • Zone: Bastion


Foresworn Aquilon

  • Description: The forsworn threat remains, and the plans for the aquilon have been stolen. Luckily, the foes were caught before too many of these were produced.
  • Source:


Ascendant’s Aquilon

  • Description: The aquilon can rapidly transport aspirants, stewards, and even ascended to a location. Hey, sometimes your wings get tired.
  • Source:



Maldraxxian Corpsefly Harness

  • Description: Corpseflies were once found throughout Maldraxxus, but many died out in the absence of anima. With anima flowing once again, they swarm.
  • Source: Covenant: Necrolord
  • Zone: Maldraxxus


Regal Corpsefly Harness

  • Description: Only the forces of Maldraxxus would call a corpsefly „Regal.“
  • Source:


Battlefield Swarmer Harness

  • Description: Corpseflies are strongly attracted to the smell of dead bodies and will swarm an active battlefield as soon as the first corpse falls.
  • Source:


Fallen Charger’s Reins

  • Description: The charger’s screams echo across the Maw as it continues a never-ending ride across the land, forever looking for escape from the endless torments it has been forced to endure.
  • Source: Drop: Fallen Charger
  • Zone: The Maw


Hand of Nilganihmaht

  • Description: Of all giants, Nilganihmaht threatened Zovaal the most. For this transgression, the giant’s hand was put in a state of limbo and the rings binding it to the Shadowrealm were scattered across the Maw.
  • Source: Zone: The Maw


Hand of Salarangor

  • Description: Salarangor was the most cunning, and hid amongst the Beastwarrens. When he struck, it was with an alliance of bestial allies. It did not matter.
    Source: Achievement:
  • Zone: Korthia and The Maw


Crimson Shardhide

  • Description: When Korthia was pulled into the maw, only a few, hardy species survived.
  • Source:



  • Description: An older shardhide, Darkmaul was relatively tame and friendly around Korthians. He was thought lost to the calamity.
  • Source:


Garnet Razorwing

  • Description: Korthia was once known for its bright red flowers. Several species were known for consuming or rolling in them, and taking on bright red coloration as a result.
  • Source:


Dusklight Razorwing

  • Description: Razorwings can be seen throughout Korthia, making their nests on high hills and in trees.
  • Source:


Reins of the Wanderer

  • Description: A curious and inquisitive doe, she doesn’t mean to worry her master, she just gets distracted easily. Especially with all of the new things to see on Korthia.
  • Source:


Fierce Razorwing

  • Description: Razorwings generally stay away from other Korthian species, but with time and patience, they can be tamed as well.
  • Source: Drop: Death’s Advance Supplies
  • Zone: Korthia


Soulbound Gloomcharger’s Reins

  • Description: Ven’ari has many methods of sneaking around the Maw and disrupting the Jailer’s plans, including binding his own minions.
  • Source: Drop: Ven’ari’s Scavenged Supplies
  • Zone: The Maw


Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins

  • Description: Only the Jailer’s most powerful lieutenants are gifted these steeds to stalk the halls of the Tower.
  • Source: Drop: The Nine
  • Zone: Sanctum of Domination


Pilfered Gearglider

  • Description: Theft is not a crime in Tazavesh, it’s more of a way of life.
  • Source:


Amber Shardhide

  • Description: The bright colors of Korthian wildlife indicate that they have either few predators, or are tough enough to fight back.
  • Source: Vendor: Duchess Mynx
  • Zone: Korthia
  • Faction: Death’s Advance – Revered
  • Cost: 5000


Illidari Doomhawk

  • Description: Once a year, a rift in time appears, and strange things occur. The Illidari scouts and Doomwalker were quite surprised to find themselves in Tanaris.
  • Drop: Doomwalker
  • Zone: Tanaris




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