Patch 7.3: Der neue Build 24781

Patch 7.3: Der neue Build 24781
Patch 7.3: Der neue Build 24781
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Im Verlauf der vergangenen Nacht haben die Entwickler von World of Warcraft den neuen Build 24781 auf den aktuell noch immer aktiv laufenden öffentlichen Testserver von Patch 7.3 aufgespielt und diese im Grunde allen daran interessierten Personen offenstehende Testphase dadurch dann wieder einmal um mehrere Neuerungen und Änderungen erweitert. Zu den in dieser neuen Spielversion enthaltenen Inhalten gehören dabei dann beispielsweise mehrere Klassenänderungen, die Ladebildschirme für die instanzierten Bereiche von Argus, neue Karten für die mit Patch 7.3 erscheinenden Gebiete, neue Missionen für die Klassenhallen und ein vermutlich für einen kurzen Rückblick bestimmtes Modell des jungen Sargeras. Weiter unten in diesem Artikel findet ihr nun eine informative Zusammenfassung der meisten bisher bereits von Data Minern in den Spieldaten dieses Builds entdeckten Inhalte.



Neue Modelle:



Änderungen an den T-21 Sets:

Die einzelnen Teile der in Antorus, der Brennende Thron erhältlichen T-21 Rüstungssets droppen nun bei anderen Bossen.

  • Die Brust ist nun bei Eonar erhältlich (vorher Portal Keeper Hasabel).
  • Kin’garot überlässt den Spielern nun die Handschuhe (vorher: Varimathras).
  • Aggramar kann den Held droppen (vorher: Argus).


Item Set Bonuses




Neue Ladebildschirme:




Artworks für die Menüs:




Neue Karten:



Neue Icons:




Neue Missionen für die Klassenhallen:

  • Ancestral Arms   The Seat of the Triumvirate was a site of miracles. Strip the ruined husk of any marvels that remain.
  • Argus Antiquities   Millennia ago, Azurelight Bazaar was a thriving marketplace. Lost treasures of the eredar may still remain.
  • Armor of the Eredar   Ancient eredar weapons and armor lay within Mac’Aree. Scour the ruins.
  • Augmenting Our Assault   The enemy is targeting our Lightforged Battlesuits. Protect them from the Legion’s shriekers.
  • Bleed Them Dry   Legion sorcerers use demon blood in their foul rituals. Relieve them of their supply.
  • Blessed Protection   Bring the Light to the Spirit Crucible. Do not allow any more souls to be consumed by the Legion’s engines.
  • Blood of the Destroyer   The Legion’s Pit Lords siphon Primal Sargerite from the Annihilan Pits. Destroy them and collect this Sargerite for our order.
  • Chaos Theorem   Kil’jaeden’s vessel contains powerful artifacts. Send our champions into the wreckage to recover what they can.
  • Coalescing Void   The waters flowing in the Prophet’s Reflection are free of fel and void corruption. Discover how this has come to pass.
  • Consecrated Armaments   Weapons liberated from the Legion can be melted down and reforged into implements of the Light. Raid the enemy’s armories.
  • Dark Premonition   The Talgathi vessel above Kil’jaeden’s Terrace ensures the Legion’s control over the area. Find a way to dismantle it.
  • Dashed Defenses   Life continues to flourish in the Grove of Naroua. It must be protected from Legion patrols.
  • Demon Exterminators   Scores of demon arachnids infest Ven’orn’s Lair. Exterminate them.
  • Disorderly Conduct   The knowledge to create more vigilants rests within the Wakener’s Enclave. Send your champions to retrieve it.
  • End the Siege   Siegemaster Voraan is launching a new assault on Darkfall Ridge. Defend the Vindicaar against his attacks.
  • Fabric of Reality   Void Harvesters are collecting a tremendous amount of void energy in the Shadowguard Incursion. They must be destroyed!
  • Fel Machinery   The Garothi Obliterator roaming the Argus Wastes poses a severe threat to any troop movements. It must be destroyed.
  • Guiding Whispers   Voidscarred Krokul hoard Argunite in the Ruins of Oranaar for some dark purpose. Uncover their troves.
  • Heralds of War   Powerful demon lords form the Vanguard of the Legion assault across Fiend’s Run. We must take one down.
  • Instruments of War   Krokul supply caches litter the Argus Wastes. Track them down.
  • Memories of the Lost   Vigilants endlessly patrol Azurelight Square. Recover any vigilants that can be purified. Destroy those that cannot.
  • Pierce the Heart   The fighting is fiercest on the Shattered Fields. Turn the battle in our favor.
  • Provisioning Resistance   Darkfall Ridge was a stable settlement for decades. Tools and provisions can be found if the Legion is removed.
  • Reinforce Our Defenses   We can’t allow the demons to circumvent our defenses on Fiend’s Run. Reinforce the flanks.
  • Relics of Ascendancy   The shadowguard imbue their weaponry with the shadow. Understanding their techniques could yield potent defenses.
  • Resist the Tide   An endless stream of Legion demons parade across the Defiled Path toward our footholds. Resist the Tide.
  • > Sanctified Munitions   Intercept shipments of raw materials headed for Felfire Armory. Bring it back to the Vindicaar for processing.
  • Scaling the Crags   There is wealth in the Argus Wastes, and the wyrmtongue know how to find it. Track one of these scavengers to their trove.
  • Secret Tunnel   When Kil’jaeden’s ship crashed into Argus, it uncovered a cave network rich with minerals. We have a day to explore nine caverns before the Legion arrives.
  • Tapping into the Fel   Fel corrupters in the Arinor Gardens thrum with sargerite. Dismantle them.
  • The Big Guns   The Legion sends supplies from Nath’raxas Hold through the Black Gorge to the Shattered Fields. Confiscate or destroy their next shipment.
  • Tools of Defiance   Krokul armaments were abandoned in the Petrified Forest. Seek them out.
  • Woe of the Wyrmtongue   Scavenger’s Post is crawling with wyrmtongue looking for valuable salvage. Beat them to it.





Death Knight


  • Army of the Dead Summons a legion of Ghouls over 4 sec who will fight for you for 40 sec, swarming the area, fighting anything they can. Death Knight – Unholy Spec. 3 Runes. 4 sec cast (Channeled). 10 min cooldown. Instant. 10 min cooldown.





  • Barrage Rapidly fires a spray of shots for 3 sec, dealing an average of [ 8.000 [ 10.000 * 80% of weapon damage ] Physical damage to all enemies in front of you. Usable while moving. Hunter – Level 90 Talent. 60 Focus. 40 yd range. 3 sec cast (Channeled). 20 sec cooldown.





  • Fortifying Brew Turns your skin to stone, increasing your current and maximum health by 20%, and reducing damage taken by 20%. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown. Monk – Mistweaver Spec. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown.





  • Divine Hammer Divine Hammers spin around you, damaging enemies within 8 yds for (68% 73% of weapon damage) Holy damage instantly and every 2 sec for 12 sec. Generates 2 Holy Power. Retribution Paladin – Level 60 Talent. Instant. 12 sec cooldown.



  • Retribution Paladin Increases damage/healing of Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike, Divine Hammer, Execution Sentence, Eye for an Eye, Hammer of Reckoning, Judgment, Justicar’s Vengeance, Wake of Ashes, Zeal by 0%. Increases periodic damage/healing of Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike, Divine Hammer, Execution Sentence, Eye for an Eye, Hammer of Reckoning, Judgment, Justicar’s Vengeance, Wake of Ashes, Zeal by 0%. Increases damage/healing of Flash of Light by 42%. Increases power cost of Flash of Light by 22%. Increases damage/healing of Judgment by 44%. Increases damage/healing of Crusader Strike by 13%. Increases damage/healing of Consecration by 100%. Paladin – Retribution Spec. 114%. Paladin – Retribution Spec.




PvP Talents

  • Greater Fade Fade out, removing all threat, increasing your movement speed by 50% and causing most melee, ranged and spells to miss you. Lasts 4 sec. Holy Priest – Tier 3 PvP Talent. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. 45 sec cooldown.




  • Earthquake Causes the earth within 8 yards of the target location to tremble and break, dealing [ 600% [ 552% of Nature Spell Power ] Physical damage over 6 sec and sometimes knocking down enemies. 100 yd range. Instant.



  • Earthgrab Totem Summons a totem at the target location for 20 sec. The totem pulses every 2 sec, rooting all enemies within 10 8 yards for 8 sec. Enemies previously rooted by the totem instead suffer 50% movement speed reduction. Shaman – Level 45 Talent. 10% of Base Mana. 35 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown.



  • Earthquake Causes the earth within 8 yards of the target location to tremble and break, dealing [ 600% [ 552% of Nature Spell Power ] Physical damage over 6 sec and sometimes knocking down enemies. Shaman – Elemental Spec. 50 Maelstrom. 35 yd range. Instant.




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