Patch 7.2: Die Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht

Patch 7.2: Die Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht
Patch 7.2: Die Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht
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Mit dem in der vergangenen Woche auf den PTR von Patch 7.2: Das Grabmal des Sargeras aufgespielten Build 23578 haben die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment unter anderem den neuen 5 Spieler Dungeon „Die Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht“ freigeschaltet, sodass alle daran interessierten Spieler diese Instanz nun auf dem öffentlichen Testserver besuchen und ausprobieren können. Passend dazu soll folgender Artikel nun als eine kleine Vorschau auf diesen mit Patch 7.2 kommenden Dungeon fungieren und euch durch Screenshots und Videos mit ersten Informationen zu den in dieser Instanz vorhandenen vier Bosskämpfen, der Architektur dieser Zone und dort auftauchenden Figuren der Lore versorgen. Wer sich bisher also noch nicht wirklich viel mit der „Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht“ beschäftigt hat, der sollte unbedingt einmal einen Blick auf folgende Übersicht werfen.



Ein Besuch in diesem Dungeon:

Der YouTuber „Asmongold“ veröffentlichte vor Kurzem ein sehr interessantes Vorschauvideo zu der Kathedrale der Ewigen Nacht auf seinem Kanal.




Illidan und Maiev:




Die Architektur der Zone:




Die Bosse dieses Dungeons:


This ancient served the night elves priestesses of the Temple of Elune, tending the beautiful Hanging Gardens. But after the malevolence of the Legion infected the Cathedral, the guardian absorbed fel energy through his roots. Now the twisted Agronox spreads corruption throughout the sanctuary he once protected, believing he has finally achieved his ideal state.

  • Poisonous Spores: The fauna of the Hanging Gardens erupt in a colorful but deadly cloud, inflicting 20000 Nature damage every 2 sec, and increasing damage from Poisonous Spores by 20000%. This effect stacks.
  • Timber Smash: With a slam of his mighty bark-covered fists, Agronox deals 2925000 to 3075000 Physical damage to his all enemies within 8 yards and knocks them back.
  • Choking Vines: Vines lash to the throat of a player inflicting 150000 Nature damage every second until they are more than 20 yards from the deadly bloom. This effect increases by 10% with every tick.
  • Fulminating Lashers: Agronox calls forth a swarm of explosive Fulminating Lashers from the dense fauna of the Fel Gardens.
    • Floral Fulmination: Fulminating Lashers detonate when they reach their target, inflicting 1218750 to 1281250 Nature damage to all enemies within 5 yards
  • Succulent Lashers: Dripping with toxins, Succulent Lashers spring from the grounds of the Fel Garden at Agronox’s command.
    • Toxic Sap: Succulent Lashers are drained of their fluids on death, inflicting 150000 Nature damage every 1.5 sec and reducing movement speed by 30%
  • Nourishing Lasher: An embodiment of the Fel Garden’s remaining life is helpless before Agronox, gifting him with health and vigor until mercifully cut down.
    • Nature’s Infusion: Agronox siphons the remaining life from the garden, healing him for 0.75% of his maximum health each second.



Thrashbite the Scornful

Smashspite’s detestable brother, Thrashbite, has been dispatched to wipe out the mortals entering the cathedral’s grand library. The dimwitted mo’arg lacks any respect for knowledge or learning, feeling petty satisfaction as he crashes through ancient artifacts and tramples priceless tomes.

  • Spell Icon Pulverizing Cudgel: Slams the ground with his massive cudgel, inflicting 2925000 to 3075000 Physical damage and knocking back all targets. Damage decreases the further targets are from the point of impact.
  • Scornful Gaze: Thrashbite the Scornful focuses his gaze on a target.
    Thrashbite performs a Scornful Charge in the direction of the affected player when Scornful Gaze expires.
  • Scornful Charge: Impacts the first player he comes into contact with, inflicting 2925000 to 3075000 Physical damage and knocking them back, or destroying any bookshelves with which he collides.
  • Wild Thrash: Thrashbite is dazed and flailing wildly! Inflicts 8000000 Physical damage to nearby enemies every 1 sec. Thrashbite’s movement speed is slowed by 100%.
  • Destructive Rampage: Thrashbite moves to the outer ring of the library and goes on a destructive rampage, dealing 8000000 Physical damage to all players in his path.
  • Wondrous Library
    • Fettering Fiction: Runes spring forth from the magical books, slowing all players.
    • Arcane Bolt: Inflicts 146250 to 153750 Arcane damage to the current enemy target.
    • Beguiling Biography: Entrancing narrative charms a random player. This effect breaks if their health goes below 30%.
    • Arcane Bolt: Inflicts 146250 to 153750 Arcane damage to the current enemy target.
    • Satirical Animated Book: An animated, magical tome overflowing with stiflingly satirical writing.
      • Stifling Satire: As the tomes open, all sound is magically absorbed into the ancient pages, silencing all players for 5 sec.
      • Arcane Bolt: Inflicts 146250 to 153750 Arcane damage to the current enemy target.
    • Fictional Animated Book: An ancient work of fiction springs to life, the magical runes leaping from the page to fetter wouldbe readers.
    • Biographical Animated Book: This account of a long-forgotten sorcerer’s life can prove to be dangerously beguiling.




With the Aegis of Aggramar socketed back into its cradle, Domatrax leads an onslaught of demons to destroy the relic.

  • Domatrax: This Fel Lord leads the onslaught against the Aegis of Aggramar.
  • Felsoul Cleave: Inflicts 1140000 to 1260000 Fire damage to enemies within 20 yards in a cone in front of the caster, and drains the Aegis of Aggramar by 50%.
  • Chaotic Energy: Chaotic energies arc from the caster, inflicting 2850000 to 3150000 Fire damage to all enemies.
  • Fel Portal Guardian: Defeat these guardians to close their portals and prevent additional demons from entering the battle.
  • Approaching Doom: Something large approaches the portal. If the guardian is not destroyed before it arrives, it will emerge from the nether.
  • Aegis of Aggramar: The Aegis of Aggramar protects all allies within its radius by reducing damage received by 75% but also reduces damage inflicted by 75% and healing done by 75%.
    Getting hit by Felsoul Cleave or standing within the Aegis‘ protection drains the shield over time.
  • Stage 01: The March of the Felguard:
    • Hellblaze Felguard
      • Searing Rend: Inflicts 902500 to 997500 Fire damage to all enemies in a cone within 10 yards in front of the caster and leaves fire puddles in the area that inflict 47500 to 52500 Fire damage every 1 sec.
    • Upon reaching 90% health, Domatrax tears open two fel portals allowing Felguards to enter the fray.
  • Stage 02: The Burning Hordes:
    • Upon reaching 66% health, Domatrax tears open three portals summoning imps and feasters into the battle.
      • Hellblaze Feaster
        • Feast: Feasts on the Aegis of Aggramar’s energy, weakening the shield by 5% every 3 sec. for 30 sec.
      • Hellblaze Imp
        • Fel Blast: Fires a fel blast at a random enemy, inflicting 684000 to 756000 Fire damage to all enemies within 4 yards of the impact.Upon reaching 66% health, Domatrax tears open three portals summoning imps and feasters into the battle.
  • Stage 03: The Final Onslaught:
    • Upon reaching 33% health, Domatrax tears open four portals summoning shivan and feasters into the battle.
        • Shadow Sweep: Inflicts 1140000 to 1260000 Shadow damage to enemies within melee distance of the caster and knocks them back.
        • Feast: Feasts on the Aegis of Aggramar’s energy, weakening the shield by 5% every 3 sec. for 30 sec.




Mephistroth orchestrates the Legion’s invasion from the Broken Shores. With the forces of Azeroth pushing against his front line, Mephistroth has fallen back to the Cathedral of Eternal Night, where he will employ all his cunning to ensure the heroes fail in securing the Aegis of Agrammar.

  • Stage One: Mephistroth
    • Carrion Swarm: A cresting wave of chaotic magic splashes over enemies in front of the caster, dealing 1710000 to 1890000 Shadow damage. It also leaves shadow puddles in the area that inflict 47500 to 52500 Shadow damage every 1 sec.
    • Demonic Upheaval: Hurls fel energy at random enemies that places an aura on the targets. When the aura expires, a Fel Spike erupts at the destination, inflicting 475000 to 525000 Fire damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back.
      • Blistering Energy: Fel surges from the spike, inflicting 285000 to 315000 Fire damage every 3 sec to random targets.
    • Dark Solitude: Hurls dark energy at random enemies that inflicts 304000 to 336000 Shadow damage to all nearby enemies and places a debuff on targets that inflicts an additional 120000 Shadow damage every 3 sec. for 6 sec.
  • Stage Two: Fades to Shadow
    • Shadow Fade: Mephistroth fades into the shadows becoming invisible until Illidan can complete his Expel Shadows cast. While in this phase, Shadows of Mephistroth continually appear to assault Illidan to prevent Expel Shadows from being cast.
    • Expel Shadows: Illidan attempts to draw Mephistroth from the shadows. Incoming damage from Shadow Blast interrupts Illidan and lengthens his cast time.
    • Aegis of Aggramar: Face the Aegis of Agrammar towards Shadows of Mephistroth to protect Illidan from Shadow Blast.
    • Creeping Shadows: As long as Mephistroth remains in the shadows, the party suffers 7000 Shadow damage per stack every 1 sec.
    • Shadow of Mephistroth: Appears during Stage 02 and fires Shadow Blasts at Illidan.
      • Shadow Blast: Shadows of Mephistroth appear around Illidan and attempt to interrupt his cast of Expel Shadows. Shadow Blasts that impact enemies inflict 1425000 to 1575000 Shadow damage to the target.
      • Fel Obliteration: A Shadow of Mephistroth appears and hurls a fel ball at the wielder of the Aegis. On impact, it inflicts 1425000 to 1575000 Fire damage, knocks the target back, and causes them to drop the Aegis of Aggramar.
    • Dreadwing: Without Illidan to combat them, Dreadwings fly into the room and harass the party.
      • Fel Blaze: Hurls fel bolts at enemies in front of the caster, dealing 598500 to 661500 Fire damage.







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