Heroes: Kommende Anpassungen an Nova, Rehgar und Xul

Heroes: Kommende Anpassungen an Nova, Rehgar und Xul
Heroes: Kommende Anpassungen an Nova, Rehgar und Xul
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Im Verlauf des heutigen Abends hat Community Manager Spyrian offiziell in den Battle.Net Foren angekündigt, dass die Entwickler am Mittwoch, den 16. März 2016 ein weiteres Balance Update auf die Liveserver von Heroes of the Storm aufspielen möchten. Dieser kommende Patch wird dann einen interessanten Buff für Nova, einen kleinen Nerf für den Schamanen Rehgar und eine Reihe von Anpassungen an dem erst vor Kurzem veröffentlichten Nekromanten Xul mit sich bringen. Wer also aktuell Probleme mit dem Balancing eines dieser drei Helden hat, der sollte sich folgende Änderungen durchlesen.




  • Health increased from 1,273 (+4% per level) to 1,350 (+4% per level)
  • Health Regeneration increased from 2.65 per second (+4% per level) to 2.81 per second (+4% per level)
  • Snipe (Q)
    • Cooldown decreased from 8 to 6 seconds
    • Mana cost decreased from 60 to 50
    • Perfect Shot (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction decreased from 4 to 3 seconds
  • Pinning Shot (W)
    • Slow amount increased from 30% to 40%
    • Covert Ops (Talent)
      • Maximum slow amount increased from 50% to 60%


Developer Comments: We have been giving Nova slow and steady buffs in order to increase her viability without pushing her burst damage to uncomfortable levels. Each round of changes has shown us positive results—albeit not large ones. A lower cooldown on Snipe and a stronger slow on Pinning Shot should help Nova players secure kills more frequently while also helping her to contribute more during engagements and skirmishes.





    • Basic Attack damage reduced from 115 (+4% per level) to 104 (+4% per level)
    • Raise Skeleton (Trait)
      • Skeleton Mastery (Talent)
        • Damage bonus reduced from 100% to 50%
      • Corpse Explosion (Talent)
        • Damage reduced from 65 (+4% per level) to 55 (+4% per level)
    • Spectral Scythe (Q)
      • Damage reduced from 300 (+4% per level) to 240 (+4% per level).
      • Mana cost increased from 45 to 60
    • Cursed Strikes (W)
      • Attack Speed slow amount reduced from 50% to 40%


Developer Comments: Xul deals too much damage for the amount of utility he has in his kit, and his pushing Talents are vastly outperforming their competitors. He also has the highest win-rate currently and it’s still climbing, so we needed to be pretty heavy-handed with these nerfs.





  • Ancestral Healing (R)
    • Can no longer be self-cast


Developer Comments: Rehgar is too hard to kill for how much value he brings to the table. Adding more counterplay options for Ancestral Healing should help to trim down the frustrating moments when you can’t seem to catch the Shaman. We also wanted to do this without nerfing Rehgar’s Ghost Wolf form, which could cause his playstyle to feel less active.




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