Patch 8.1: Eine Reihe von interessanten Dialogen

Patch 8.1: Eine Reihe von interessanten Dialogen
Patch 8.1: Eine Reihe von interessanten Dialogen
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Die Data Miner von mehreren Plattformen konnten in dem gestern Abend auf den öffentlichen Testserver von Patch 8.1 aufgespielten Build 27934 unter anderem eine Reihe von äußerst interessanten Dialogen für unterschiedliche NPCs ausfindig machen, die für die mit diesem Content Update erscheinenden Inhalte bestimmt. Auch wenn solche aus dem Zusammenhang gerissenen Texte häufig mit etwas Vorsicht zu genießen sind, so liefern sie den Spielern von World of Warcraft aber trotzdem schon einmal einen ersten Ausblick darauf, was genau in Patch 8.1 passieren wird und womit sich die brandneuen Questreihen rund um Saurfang, Tyrande und andere Charaktere drehen. Wer die äußerst langen Texte aus den Spieldaten nicht selbst komplett durchlesen möchte, der findet folgend auch noch eine kurze Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Themen.




Informationen aus den Dialogen:

  • König Rastakhan wird die Belagerung von Zuldazar nicht überleben.
  • Talanji steigt zur Königin der Zandalari auf und diese Trolle schließen sich offiziell der Horde an.
  • Baine schläft Verhandlungen vor und Sylvanas verwirft diese Idee zugunsten eines Vergeltungsschlages.
  • Jaina Prachtmeer entkommt der Belagerung und überlebt.
  • Hochtüftler Mekkadrill wird in unschmelzbaren Eis eingefroren und gilt erst einmal als verloren.
  • Gallywix und Mekkadrill kämpfen mit ihren verschiedenen Erfindungen gegeneinander.
  • Die Allianz verweigert den Nachtelfen ihre Hilfe bei einem Angriff auf die Dunkelküste. Die Worgen helfen ihnen trotzdem.
  • Der Nachtkrieger (Tyrandes Verwandlung) wird als die Inkarnation des Zorns von Elune beschrieben.
  • Varok Saurfang entkommt auf sich alleine gestellt aus Sturmwind.
  • Zekhan und eine Gruppe von Dunklen Waldläufern suchen nach Saurfang. Der Spieler und Zekhan helfen dem Orc. Die Dunklen Waldläufer wollen ihn ermorden und scheitern.
  • Die Questreihe für die Traditionsrüstung der Blutelfen zeigt den Spielern den Fall von Silbermond und den Angriff der Geißel.
  • Derek Prachtmeer wird als einer der Verlassenen wiederbelebt.
  • Die Spieler suchen Xal’atath und erwecken diese Klinge zum neuen Leben. Scheinbar erhält dieses Objekt einen eigenen Körper.
  • Sylvanas belebt gefallene Nachtelfen als Dunkle Waldläufer wieder.



Dialoge aus Zulzadar:

Our scouts have spotted Alliance forces marching through Nazmir. Dey have taken de Blood Gate!
Dey mean to establish a staging ground for an assault on Zuldazar. No doubt de Kul Tiran fleet is positioned off de coast.
Dere, to de west of de Necropolis. Dat shore would make an ideal location to land a large fleet.
Our forces have come to know the wilds of Nazmir. We can rout the Alliance, so long as we fight together with the Zandalari.
Agreed. We must coordinate a unified strike on all fronts. Talanji, lend your aid at the Blood Gate while we prepare our armies.
I will rally the Horde’s forces. This is our chance to end this war… on our terms.
We will fight as one on the battlefield. Your people have been valuable allies, King Rastakhan. We will not let them stand alone.
$n, we need you to mobilize our forces while I head to de Blood Gate.

What were de Alliance thinking, trying to attack us through Nazmir? It is a desperate move.
Dis fog… it be even worse in Nazmir. De Alliance must be trying to hide de location of dere main fleet!
A foolish move, we already know dey be off Nazmir’s coach. It only be a matter of reaching dem.
At de very least, de Alliance wiped out many blood trolls in dere assault.
The southern gate has been breached!
Face me, cowards! Boralus stands strong!

Explain yourselves. We have two armies sitting around instead of attacking de Alliance.
We cannot fly through dis fog, we’ve already suffered some casualties. De Alliance are tryin‘ to delay our attack!
And the Alliance dogs have the area trapped. We cannot march our army through here.
We got a way to solve all of this, Princess. The A.F.M.O.D! … but the Alliance roughed it up and stole a bunch of its parts.
But if you can rescue my crew and get the parts back, I can have this thing fixed in no time to take back our stuff!
Where is the G.M.O.D?
… Yeah, well, turns out the Alliance totaled the thing and took a bunch of its parts. And the Gob Squad!

Hang on a second, we should head through this way.
Towards the piles of gold and obvious riches just pouring into the treasury?
Well, yeah! If the Scepter is that valuable, it’d be in there, right? Let’s go!

The treasury is heavily protected, but Magister Umbric and I have worked out how to get the team in without raising an alarm.
We can call upon the Void to conceal the magic Lady Jaina will use to open the portal. We believe we have eliminated any potential… side effects.
Well, as long as I don’t need to worry about shadowy tentacles being rude, I’m fine with a bit of experimental magic.
This is a serious mission, Fairwind.
I am being serious. Nothing with tentacles has ever been polite to me.
While our primary target is the Abyssal Scepter, High Tinker Mekkatorque has also given us a secondary objective.
We hope you can gather information on the pyramid to support a future assault. Mekkatorque has provided you with a Gnomish Positioning Gizmo, or G.P.G., to take readings.
Captain Fairwind–
Magister, I think we’re ready to start.
Give me a moment to shroud our actions from their wards… I have it.
I have to find the path through…. Get ready… There it is. Go and good luck!

Alliance forces have come ashore in the harbor. They are spreading throughout Zuldazar like a plague.
We must reach de pyramid before dey do! My father is defending it with only a handful of guards.
We gonna be doin‘ everythin‘ we can, princess! Gonna start by clearin‘ dese Dark Irons outta da way!
Take dat, shorty! Nice work, champions!
De city surges with Bwonsamdi’s power! My father would not invoke dis ritual unless de odds were dire.
I must go to his side at once. Champions of de Horde, please… hurry!
You heard her. Keep moving!
Attention Horde thugs! This primitive pyramid is now Alliance property!


King Grong

To demonstrate our capabilities, we’ve prepared a little… or shall I say BIG… surprise for you!
What a magnificent beast!
What in da name of da loa be dat ting?!
To demonstrate our capabilities, we’ve prepared a little… or shall I say BIG… surprise for you!
Ohhhhhhh, what we got here now? Dis big fella look like he could be useful, eh?
Don’t ya be lazy now, ape mon! Get up and show those invaders dat dey shouldn’t be messin‘ wit ol‘ Bwonsamdi!


Jaina and Nathanos

Halt! You will come no further!
Proudmoore… Oh, I am going to enjoy seeing you fall!
Why Blightcaller… I don’t believe you’ve ever received a proper burial. I’d say you’re overdue.
Troops, get down there! Hold off the Horde advance!


King Rastakhan vs Alliance

King Rastakhan of Zandalar… On behalf of the Alliance, and in the name of King Anduin Wrynn, I hereby request your surrender.
You… an exile without a homeland… you dare to invade dese sacred halls and demand dat I turn my kingdom over to you?
De Zandalari built an empire dat would endure for over ten-thousand years… while your barbaric ancestors scuffled in de dirt.
We civilized dis world. We conquered it. And once again, you savages seek to undermine our greatness.
No, I will not surrender. Because no matter what happens here today… Zandalar will stand long after your Alliance has crumbled to dust.


Horde: Post Battle

You! Tell us happened here. Now!
Dose Alliance monsters! Dey… dey…
Get ahold of yourself! These champions of the Horde will avenge your king. Give them every bit of information you can.
I will tell you everything I know. It began when de Alliance reached de pyramid…
De rest you know. King Rastakhan was a hero for his people. I would do anything to avenge him!
The Alliance must suffer for their crimes. Do not let them get away!
Princess Talanji! Da Alliance be usin‘ their sea priest mojo against us!
No! Dose butchers are getting away!
Helm, bring us to de docks! By de loa… what has happened here?
De Alliance invaded our city and killed our king. De wounded need my aid.
Captain, take dese Horde champions and pursue de murderers! Bring me de head of Jaina Proudmoore!
It will be so, princess! Heroes, come aboard!

Talanji: Thank you for coming, $n. Zuldazar is still reeling from de Alliance attack. De faith of my people has been shaken… as has my own.
Baine: I too know the pain of losing a father. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.
Nathanos: You have seen firsthand the treachery of the Alliance. Let your grief be sated by vengeance against them.
Baine: This is not the time to speak of revenge, Blightcaller!
Nathanos: Enough! The warchief has arrived.
Sylvanas: My condolences on your loss, princess. Excuse me… Queen Talanji.
Talanji: Titles mean little to me now. I must know… with the Zandalari navy in ruins, does the Horde intend to abandon us?
Sylvanas: We do not turn our back on our allies, Talanji. The war campaign has taken an unfortunate turn, to be certain… but our cause is not lost.
Nathanos:My queen… reports are coming in from all outposts. The Alliance is tightening its grip. Victory is within their grasp.
Baine: Perhaps we can open negotiations–
Sylvanas: The Alliance slays the leader of the Zandalari, and you speak of negotiations?
Sylvanas: No. This war will not end until we stand victorious. Until the Little Lion kneels before my throne.
Sylvanas: Come to the Banshee’s Wail. I have a plan to ensure the Proudmoore family pays dearly for Rastakhan’s death.

What the…? Okay, I wanna know two things… First, how could you let that pipsqueak get away? And second…. WHY DON’T I HAVE AN ESCAPE POD LIKE THAT?
Enough! That’s one Alliance hero down. But I want your blades soaked in Proudmoore blood. Move!


Jaina Escaped

Leave da princess to her grief, champions. No doubt she bein‘ greatful to ya for seekin‘ to avenge Rastakhan.
And yet Proudmoore managed to escape with her wretched life. The warchief will not be pleased.
Still… you made the Alliance bleed. Gather your strength, heroes. There will be more fighting to come.
It seems the Banshee Queen isn’t the only one with ghouls in her arsenal.
No surprise in her choice of allies. The Zandalari deserve their fate.
I don’t think so, goblin. Heroes, you know what to do.


Alliance: Post Battle

Rastakhan chose his fate when he sided with the Horde.
We can savor our victory back in Boralus. It’s time to get our people out of here.
Everyone! Head to the ships!
Jaina badly wounded… Mekkatorque on the brink of death… What went wrong, Genn?
The strike on Zuldazar was a success, but the Horde caught up to us as we retreated.
We have a witness who survived the battle, my king.
The Grand Admiral fought bravely, as did the High Tinker. But the Horde attacked with such rage… such fury!
Champions, speak to the survivor. I want details on what happened out there.
I’ll do my best to tell you what happened. It started when they saw their king fall…
As you know, the Horde arrived too late to save King Rastakhan. While the troll princess grieved, it was the Blightcaller who rallied their forces.
The Horde hoped to pin us between their pursuing champions and the forces holding the docks. But they didn’t count on the High Tinker!
He gave us help from the skies while gnome forces aided us on the ground… until Gallywix showed up.
The High Tinker fought bravely. But in the end… it wasn’t enough. Thank goodness one of his crazy inventions carried him to safety!
The 7th Legion fought bravely to get us out of there.
The Horde forces were relentless… bloodthirsty. But our Kul Tiran forces weren’t backing down!
The sea priests did their job. It was a sight to behold!
The champions of the Horde boarded the Zandalari ship and came after us.

My King, I would like to report on our success in Zuldazar.
The Horde is losing on all fronts. The Alliance should achieve victory in a matter of weeks.
A victory, but at what cost to the Alliance? High Tinker Mekkatorque and so many other lives have been lost.
King Rastakan died in the fighting. It was not our intent, but it happened. Now we must deal with the repercussions.
<dori’thur looks=““ at=““ you=““ expectantly.=““>
He was a casualty of war, Anduin. It was always a possibility. A good king stands with his people even if he may lose.
We had hoped to drive a wedge between the Horde and the Zandalari. This may have driven them into joining. If they did not hate us before, they will now.
More than half of the Zandalari fleet was destroyed in the initial strike. The remaining ships cannot hope to stand against the Kul Tiran fleet. The Horde fleet is not on much better footing.
We should strike hard while they are weakest, before there is time for them to recover, when their hope is failing.
Are we any better than the Horde, then? Is that the cost of our victory?
… Their queen would do it.
I have no wish to be like Sylvanas Windrunner. Do you Genn?
*angry growling* No.

Lord Admiral Proudmoore was as gallant as they come! She offered the Horde every chance to turn back.
When it looked like the Horde might get the upper hand, the Lord Admiral turned the tables!
And that’s how it happened. Lady Proudmoore was the bravest hero I’d ever seen!
Thank you, soldier. We will see that you Lord Admiral’s wounds are healed.
Champions, thank you for all you’ve done this day. We cannot reward you enough for your service.
No doubt the Horde will seek reprisal for their losses. We must make ready for what is to come.


Frozen Tinker

No, I’m sorry. The mechanism used to freeze his body is unlike any of the magic I know.
Anduin, is there nothing the Light can do?
No. We tried. *sigh* We did have a victory despite the costs. I should celebrate with the others and yet…
I think I understand.
But what about you? How are you fairing? You held off some of their best warriors while the fleet retreated.
Better. My healing is ongoing. Don’t worry about me, Anduin. I’ll be okay.



It is good to have you back with us, Auntie.
Thank you. Anduin… I have heard rumors. About an old friend of mine. Calia.
That… I’m not certain I can explain it, but I’ll tell you what I know.
Let’s go inside and you can tell me. </dori’thur>



Tyrande und der Nachtkrieger:

…And what of the countless dead? Of the families that will never be whole again?
The kaldorei have been loyal to the Alliance. Are we now left to fend for ourselves?
I’m sorry, Tyrande, but with the war efforts in both Arathi and Zandalar, the Alliance can’t afford to commit any forces to Darkshore.
And I promise you that we will reclaim it before the war is over.
Need I remind you that the kaldorei are part of the Alliance? Every moment that the Horde occupies our home is a twist of the knife.
I have lived for over ten thousand years, Kind Anduin. I have seen enough of war to know that it is never truly over.
Tyrande left for Darkshore ahead of our army. She intends to wrest it from the Horde herself.

You said nothing, Genn. What more could I have done?
The night elves saved my people from our curse–gave us refuge in Darnassus.
Countless gilneans died when it fell, boy. I nearly lost Mia.
I won’t let them endure the same fate we have–the Worgen will fight by their side.
I’m sorry, boy.

Your aid is welcome, $p. At least we can count on you.
Tyrande’s ship was last seen near the Zoram Strand. We will start there.
Tyrande’s ship. Or at least what is left of it.
She destroyed it so that she would not be followed.

That tome…could be it be?
The Night Warrior.
She intends to invoke the ancient rites…
The ritual will kill her! We depart for Darkshore immediately.
Prepare yourself for battle. We will not leave without Tyrande.
Shandris, Sira, $p, with me. There is little time.
We will not leave Tyrande on her own behind enemy lines. Move!

What ritual do you speak of, Maiev? Who is the Night Warrior?
She is the incarnation of Elune’s wrath. Even witnessing the ritual to become her would put our lives at risk.
Elune… was she watching over us as Teldrassil burned?
We must not lose faith in the goddess. That is just what the Horde wants.
Sira, you scout the shoreline while the rest of us head inland. We will find Tyrande and meet you at Lor’danel.
Elune be with you, sister.
…As you command.
Tyrande seeks the Eye of Elune. It was last kept here in Auberdine.

Ash’alah! Where is Tyrande?
She has cast everything aside. Only the final rite at the Well of Purity remains.
Ready yourselves, sentinels! The High Priestess requires our aid!
Come, $p. Ash’alah can bear both of us easily.

Your tree… was just the beginning. This entire shore will fuel our armies!
I failed to protect this land, but I will avenge it.
Leave him to rot. He does not deserve a clean death.
Hold. More come.
You have won… nothing.

Teldrassil burned because I chose to spare Saurfang’s life
Countless innocents were murdered. Entire families erased in moments.
The time for mercy is past.

Legend says that long ago, Elune bestowed her fury upon our greatest warriors to secure Kalimdor.
None who have attempted the ritual since then have survived. Elune’s raw power tears them apart.
Elune! Your people loved you! Yet you watched, distant and aloof, as they died in torment!
I served you for millennia. But tonight, I do not come as a maiden, mother, or even priestess.
Now, I will serve you only if you grant me justice!
With ancient words, I invoke your most ruthless phase.
With this offering, I demand to wear your darkest face.
In’a shul daElune!
Kul erath shul,
Kul erath sin.
Ash rohk ilisar!
Anu’dorini ash’ka!
Elune! Make me the instrument of your vengeance!
Now, we shall have justice. The Night Warrior lives… within me.
We will kill them all.
Shadowsong. Feathermoon. Take our forces. Prepare for war.

Lor’danel… nothing remains…
Their numbers are strong. Good. The more we kill here, the fewer to fight in future battles.
There, on the landing… that must be Nathanos’s tent. Get closer.
Now… destroy him.

You will not live to see the sunrise.
How uncouth, your majesty. Who taught you your manners?
I am no queen. I am the kaldorei’s vengeance.
You are nothing! Raise them.
Rise! In the name of Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen, I bestow this gift upon you!

I hear that Tyrande has some new tricks up her sleeve. None of it will matter when we reclaim Darkshore.
The Night Warrior and the forces of the Alliance will vanquish your despicable Horde, Blightcaller!

What were you saying about stopping us? We are right at your shore, with a lovely view of your tree. Such as it is.
Our resolve is greater than you can imagine. You may destroy our home, but you will never destroy our hope.


Die Suche nach Saurfang:

Sylvanas: Thank you for coming so quickly, $n. This is a matter I could entrust only to you.
Sylvanas: My spies report that Varok Saurfang has escaped Alliance custody. He’d been held in the Stormwind Stockades since the assault on Lordaeron.
Sylvanas: Should the boy-king’s forces locate Saurfang, no doubt they will kill him on sight.
Sylvanas: While some within our ranks have questioned the High Overlord’s loyalties, we cannot allow him to fall back into the enemy’s hands.
Sylvanas: I expect you to find him before they do.
Sylvanas: Dark Ranger Lyana is an exceptional tracker. She will assist you on this assignment.
Of course, my lady.

Zekhan: Ey mon, over here! I be needin‘ your help!
Zekhan: Saurfang’s hidin‘ out at a small farm nearby. We best be gettin‘ dere before dey do!
Dark Ranger Lyana: Varok Saurfang! You are guilty of treason against the Dark Lady. Exit the hut or I will burn it down… like that tree your Alliance friends loved so dearly.
Zekhan: Ya ain’t got a shred of honor between ya! How ya gonna turn ya backs on Saurfang, after all he’s done for da Horde?
Dark Ranger Lyana: Champion, you and that troll need to stay out of this. My orders come from the warchief herself!
Saurfang: And what orders might those be?
Dark Ranger Lyana: You turned your back on your duty to the Horde, Saurfang.
Dark Ranger Lyana: And worse, after you abandoned your people, you conspired with humans against your warchief.
Dark Ranger Lyana: You will throw down your weapon at once and come with us.
Dark Ranger Lyana: Or you will die here, in the swamp, alone.
Zekhan: Not alone!
Saurfang: I see you still have not learned to fear impossible odds, my young friend. It is an honor to stand at your side.
Saurfang: Enough of your prattling, dark ranger! If you came seeking a fight, you shall have it!
Saurfang: For the honor of the Horde! Lok-tar ogar!
Dark Ranger Lyana: Kill the traitor–and all who stand with him!

Saurfang: If you are to remain in the Banshee’s favor, she needs to believe that I defeated you. But it has to look like you put up a good fight.
Saurfang: Ready? Take a deep breath. I fear I lack practice in pulling my punches.
Saurfang: Ah, good. You are still alive. Bruised… but alive.
Saurfang: Return to the Banshee Queen. Tell her that I will be no one’s pawn.
Saurfang: Zekhan, I need you to remain in Orgrimmar. Let those who wish to restore the honor of the Horde know that they must not give up hope.
Zekhan: No way, mon. I’m comin‘ with ya! Where da high overlord go, I go.
Saurfang: Not today, my friend. This path I must travel alone.
Saurfang: Go with honor. You will see me again.
Zekhan: We betta‘. We be countin‘ on ya.
Zekhan: Okay, hero. We best get back ta Orgrimmar… before more enemies show up!

Sylvanas: How fortunate that you escaped with little more than a bruise. Fortunate… but disappointing.
Sylvanas: Let me be perfectly clear. You will find the traitor Saurfang. You will deliver him to me. And you will not fail me again.
Sylvanas: Now go. Remember your duty to the Horde. We have a war to win.



Die Traditionsrüstung der Blutelfen:

Lorthemar Theron:
This is where the end began.
My company was patrolling the forests near Zul’Aman when we received word of the Scourge invasion.
We were wholly unprepared for what we encountered. Quel’Thalas had enjoyed years of idyllic peace. And suddenly, we were facing death itself.
I lost my eye in that battle… and would have lost my life were it not for Halduron.
Sylvanas Windrunner was our kingdom’s protector. Had she and her rangers not met Arthas with such fierce resistance, our people might no longer exist.
She paid the ultimate price so that enough of us might escape to rebuild our fallen kingdom.
When Arthas raised her as a banshee and turned her against Quel’Thalas, it broke all our hearts.
I’ve had my share of disagreements with Sylvanas… But I will never forget her sacrifice. She was the Ranger-General of Silvermoon. Nothing will ever change that.

Always remember that our people are not defined by tragedy, but by our ability to overcome it. From the ashes of the past, we carry the flame of hope into the future.

Anasterian Sunstrider: That is far enough, Prince Arthas. Your march ends here!
Anasterian Sunstrider: Anar’alah belore! You will burn for your actions!
Arthas: You may have been formidable once. But I sense your soul fading, your life force flickering weakly–a flame I will gladly extinguish.
Anasterian Sunstrider: At least I have a soul, you despicable monster.
Arthas: Not for long.

Citizens of Quel’Thalas! I have given you ample opportunities to surrender, but you have stubbornly refused! Know that today, your entire race and your ancient heritage will end!
Death itself has come to claim the high home of the elves!
Now, arise, Kel’thuzad, and serve the Lich King in death.
The time has come! May the light of the sun guide us to the very end!

Kaelthas_Sunstrider: The time has come! May the light of the sun guide us to the very end!
Lady Liadrin: The sound of cannons… The Amani have landed on the shore. We must hurry!
Kaelthas Sunstrider: Cut down enough undead for us to pass and leave the rest for the trolls. That will buy us the time we need.
Lady Liadrin: The Sunwell… What has he done?
Kaelthas Sunstrider: The soul of our people, now a desecrated font of decay. It worsens with each sunrise.
Kaelthas Sunstrider: Liadrin, guard the entrance! Let none pass!
Lady Liadrin:We shall hold the line until the very end. Selama ashal’anore.
Kaelthas Sunstrider: $n, with me! Protect the magisters at all costs! We must reach the Sunwell!

Arthas slaughtered our remaining forces and used the Sunwell to resurrect Kel’Thuzad as a powerful lich, corrupting it beyond salvation.
Our people would have soon suffered the same fate had we remained linked to its magic. With a heavy heart, Prince Kael’thas decided to destroy the Sunwell.
And so ends the most tragic saga in our people’s history. Follow me, $n. It is time to return the lantern to Silvermoon.

For thousands of years, the Sunwell meant everything to our people. Arthas dealt us a grievous wound when he defiled it.
My faith was shattered when Silvermoon fell. I lost sight of who I was. But by the grace of the Light, I found redemption before it was too late.
Let this monument serve as a reminder of what it means to be sin’dorei. That our every deed may honor the sacrifices of those who came before us.
No matter how much pain we endure, we will not lose hope. In the face of darkness, look always to the Eternal Sun.



Die Familie Prachtmeer:


You hid in your tin can while your allies were killed, coward. At least Daelin had the courage to fight with his soldiers!
I will be the one to bring Daelin’s killer to justice, no matter what!
Come then, see if you can claim your justice!



Lord Admiral.
Don’t start Tandred. Besides, we both thought Derek would be the Lord Admiral.
There’s my sister, the Lord Admira! You know I’ve been talking with Greymane? You have impressive experience with diplomacy, ruling and all those fiddly bits of government sea captains don’t have to deal with. I think this could work out.
I’d have done my duty, but I know where I’m best suited, and that’s on the sea. Come to think of it, mother could get back out there too…
Thank you for the vote of confidence. You don’t want the job?
I’m not back five minutes and you’re already plotting to set sail.
I’ll say at least ten minutes. Tide’s out anyway.
Part of me wonders what he and father might make of what’s happened.
Part doesn’t want to know. I don’t think they would be happy.
Father could be hard, but I do think he would be happy to see us together again.
I think Derek would be disappointed by how we acted. How I acted. Especially with you, Jaina.
Your father loved you. All of you.
I know, but-
No ‚buts‘, Jaina.
We’ve all made mistakes, but we’ll weather this storm, dear ones. Together.
I- … yes mother. You’re right.
I’m glad you’re home Jaina. I think- Incoming!

But the question I have is „since when do you sound like a mainlander?“
Let’s just say Dalaran could be lonely and I wanted to fit in better. *sighs* I missed you too, Tandred. Even the teasing.


Jaina and Katherine

That conversation never gets easier. Jaina… I wanted to ask you something. About Theramore.
Theramore? Mother, I’m sorry, I didn’t intend-
No. Not- Not about your father. I mean about what happened more recently. The Horde attack. The mana-bomb.
Oh. That.
I saw things in Thros. Moments you couldn’t change that still hurt. How are you? I don’t mean to pry I just wanted you to know I’m here for you. If you want to talk?
I… I think would like that. Could we go someplace quieter? It’s… a lot.
Yes, let’s. The library in the keep? It used to be your favorite place… Do you still enjoy libraries?
Very much. I would love that, Mother.

I was half expecting them not to forgive me or accept me even after mother gave me the title.
The fleet isn’t just the ships, it’s the crews. Jaina, when you called the fleet you brought us back from the dead. We weren’t going to survive. Boralus wasn’t going to survive Ashvane.
I knew where you stand. Now everyone else does too.

The Horde attack on Norwington’s place made them bold. It was only a matter of time before they came back.
I cannot allow them to attack our people without reprisal.
Mother, I need you to mobilize our infantry and medics.
I will see to it they go to Anglepoint Wharf as soon as they can, Jaina.
Tandred, take part of the fleet and sail to flank them.
Aye, aye, Lord Admiral. Where will you be?
I will be facing the Horde head on.
HA! They don’t stand a chance. Give ‚em hell, Jaina!
I- You’re right, mother. Champion, Cadet, you’re with me.
Yes, Ma’am. But… I can’t just leave Galeheart here.
Don’t worry about your gryphon, Cadet. I’ll make sure she is cared for.
Thank you, ma’am. Lead on Lord Admiral!
We’ll travel over Tiragarde Sound. Meet me by the canal, $p.
The seawalls protected the heart of Tiragarde sound for generations. Anglepoint is the last one that stands.
Azerite infused weaponry was used to take a seagate down before. I imagine they will be doing the same here.
Sometimes… Sometimes you cannot save everyone.
We do the best we can with the knowledge we have.
If they live, we’ll free them. If they died fighting, we’ll make the Horde pay.
Get ready, we’re almost there.
Taelia, was the Horde armed with Azerite? What is the situation in the wharf?
Yes, Ma’am! When saw them moving Azerite bombs to shore we knew this was a serious assault.
There are warships outside the seagate. Scores of Horde were flowing into the wharf on small craft.
Galeheart is our swiftest gryphon so we were sent to sound the alarm rather than fight.
I didn’t want to leave… But how else were we going to get word out?
I hope the rest of my patrol group is okay. Maybe if I’d stayed…
You did the right thing, Taelia.

How quickly the world changes.
The memorial is very nice Mother. I like the bit about how you said I was fearless.
Don’t make light of a mother’s pain, Tandred.
Sorry, Mother. But Jaina and I are here now. Derek and Father may be gone, but we’re together again.
Yes. So we are and I am very grateful.


Derek Proudmoore

PLACEHOLDER – Cutscene of Derek Proudmoore being revived, Baine getting angry about it.

Please… help me. I… I don’t know what’s happened. What’s been done to me.
I remember the battle. Orcish dragon riders. Our decks consumed by flame. I felt a blaze of agony, and then… darkness.
I was… dead, wasn’t I? For how long? I am not quite alive, and yet… I don’t understand this. Please… PLEASE… how is this possible?
Where is my father? My mother? Jaina… Tandred… please… I’m so alone. Don’t leave me alone…
This is wrong. There is no honor in it.
Her deeds disgrace us all. We must set things right… before the Horde loses everything that made us strong.

You are looking at the fruit of your labors. Derek Proudmoore, the corpse you fished out from the bottom of the sea.
Derek will prove valuable in our war against the Kul Tirans… but we must be patient to see his true potential.
And your efforts have secured us the aid of the Zandalari fleet. I entrust you to finish breaking our foes to ensure our victory in this war.



Where is the dagger, Xal’atath?
Oh? The Black Blade of the Empire? Yes, I did come across it recently.
I locked it in that chest. It kept TALKING to me.
Well I suppose I could let you take it away from here… I think it might be the cause of all this. Or, at least it said it was. Did I mention it spoke?

Tanatoa points at his diminutive friend and makes an abrupt gesture.
Tanatoa clicks in rage and casts a dark spell at Xal’atath.
Toatana clicks angrily.
Toatana gestures and makes an odd whirring sound.
Toatana shakes his head and clicks at Xal’atath.

Xal’atah… a fascinating weapon. I have heard tales of its exploits.
A pity it now lies dormant. But anything that slumbers can be awakened.
This blade is more than a dagger. It is a torch that shall light our path forward.

To have waited for so long… I can feel his rage… his hunger. The Black Empire will rise again!
Yes, it has brought the elements together… and something else…
These items I will take. It is time to bring the darkness to light.
You may keep your offering. It may amuse him.
When we depart, our pact has ended. Cross us before our god, and the echoes of your broken soul will ring through the ages.

I can feel this world writhing in pain beneath my feet. I can taste your fear on my tongue.
You gave me this. The sword loosened our seals, but your blind trust gave me the power I needed.
The universe opens before me. You may want to pray that our paths don’t cross again.
And yet, for you, I have something you never would have known to ask… A gift that you so richly deserve, my champion.
Know that you did help to stop those paltry invasions — and by that, we have now opened the door for something bigger from Nazjatar.

Hear me, N’zoth! I bring you a gift!
In exchange, break the final seal, release me!
As you wish.
You have chosen wisely, mortal.
By coming to me, you have opened yourself to great opportunity.
Your name shall be known in the Black Empire.
We will speak again… soon.

Pay the price for your defiance!
Kneel before your true master!
The flesh was weak!
Your dream is ended!
They were tested… and found wanting.
They were not the ones you sought, master. We will find others to open the way.
Master… they are… worthy…
All… shall be… awakened…
Are you prepared?
I am.
The blood tide rises!

His eyes behold every truth… every unnumbered crime!
His gaze falls upon every path… every dream given form!
Taste his true power!
All glory to the master!
His glory is awakened!
Aid your faithful servant, o mighty N’Zoth!
Ahh… you think you know power.

The storm holds strength… but there is a price to be paid.
Harness your fury… make your hatred a weapon.
Children… the depths are my domain.
Deeper, ever deeper…
Let the tides draw you into my dream…
At last… embrace the truth of shadow.
Yes… you draw closer… ever closer.
With every choice, you become more my servant.
Mere baubles decay beneath the gaze of a god.
Yes… you are indeed the ones I seek. The ones to turn the tide.
Receive now the greatest of all gifts. My dream has become your own. The circle of stars made flesh.
She will show you the way. Come… come. The hour approaches when all eyes shall be opened.

Strength failing… I need… blood… souls…
I realize it may be… disconcerting to converse with a weapon. Be at ease. I want only to help you reach your full potential.
Why, just recently I assisted another mortal hero, we defeated the Legion and saved Azeroth. It’s how I came to be so weaken when I called out to you. That priest proved shortsighted.
You, though… I sense you are truly destined for greatness. We will accomplish remarkable things together, you and I. Magnificent things.
Yes. YES. It’s been far too long. This body is so… delicious.
I knew you were the right choice. Such a splendid… hero.
How glorious it is to be renewed. I haven’t forgotten your callous use of me in Silithus.
I am… glad — we could spend time together again. You always were my favorite.
We will accomplish remarkable things together, you and I. Magnificent things.
We make such a magnificent team.
The blood of those who are touched by us… it’s so much sweeter than anything else.
Help… me…
Keep me close. I wouldn’t want to lose you.
I have always admired you, my… champion.
Do you see it?
Are you planning on keeping me by your side for the rest of your life?
Careful! If anything’s going to kill you, I would like it to be me.
The end is very close now.
Welcome, champion. I have need of you.

Another Old God awakened… this does not bode well. Our world is already suffering. The wound in Silithus, the war…



Gallywix und Mekkatorque:

„We’re gonna show the Alliance what goblin technology can do. And by that, I mean we’re gonna blow up a whole lotta them.“
Hah! There we go. You better hang on, cause this thing is gonna JET. It’s fueled by Azerite, baby!
Uh oh, hold on I think it’s going too faaaaaaaaaast!
Okay, hold on, I just gotta figure out which button makes this thing go flying…
Whew! This baby can really fly. Imagine what it’ll do to the Alliance!
And if anything goes wrong, this baby has roadside assistance that’ll come to fix it. I got a guarantee and everything.

Let’s call up roadside assistance to fix the mech.
Here comes the roadside assistance. See, that’s what I’m talkin‘ about, fast service with a smile!
Oh, yeah, got nabbed by Alliance near here. Want me to move mech?
No, I do NOT want you to move my freakin‘ mech! $p, it’s time for you to get vengeance for me.

Huh, feels weird actually doin‘ somethin‘ for someone else. Is this what you do all the time?
Gotta say, I’m not a fan. But you know who I’m really NOT a fan of?
Mekkatorque! King of the gnomes, or whatever those little freaks like to call him.
With a little help, this shoddy goblin workmanship, may just explode!
He thinks he’s soooooo much better than goblins! Yeah, well, you know what pal, at least half of us ain’t RADIOACTIVE!
You know what I’m gonna do when I find this guy? First, I’m gonna blow up that little mech suit of his.
Then, I’m gonna find MORE of his little machines and blow them up too!
Seriously, this guy is really obsessed with machines. Makes me think he wants to be part robot or somethin‘!
And then, I’m gonna sell all those junk parts of his at BELOW MARKET RATE. The ultimate goblin insult!
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, blowing up all his stuff. Yeah, I bet he’d be cryin‘ and sobbin‘ the entire time, what a wimp!
Wow, Gallywix, that would really show me! Any more clever ideas?
GAH! $p, hit the big red button, BLOW THIS MOOK TO SMITHERINGS!

We’re cookin‘ with gas now, AZERITE gas! Hit the big red button and let’s see what this thing can really do.
*BZZT* This is sad Gallywix, my creations are way stronger than yours!
*BZZT* Who are you kidding, Gallywix? Your machine is falling apart!
*BZZT* You goblins can never beat gnomish technology!
*BZZT* Haha, this is just pitiful Gallywix, you’re no match for my creations.
*BZZT* I just ran a scan, are you seriously using an OS THAT old?!
*BZZT* Really, did you guys iterate on this mech at all? It’s barely first pass!
*BZZT* That mech of yours is a serious safety hazard!
HAHAHA! Take a good look at what gold and goblins can getcha, Mekkatorque. This baby is brimmin‘ with Azerite!
(Hey uh, $p, you might wanna hold on to a lot of somethings for this one)
You piece of junk! I paid good money for this, and all you can do is make me look like an idiot in front of Mekkatorque’s toys!
Just… freakin’… WORK!
Now that’s what I’m talkin‘ about, look at all that Azerite! All that destruction… all that POWER!
Now THIS is what I paid for! Mekkatorque’s got nothin‘ on this.
Let’s get back to the base, see if we can find where Mekkatorque is controlling these things.
Let’s do this!

See, Gallywix, this is the reason why the Horde will never win… because you’re all just too stupid!
Well, bye bye!
No no nonononono!

Look at all the, the destruction! This is what gold and a taste for the dramatic get ya.
Sound the fake SOS to lure Mekkatorque here.
Gallywix, $p! I should’ve destroyed you when I had the chance, you’ll pay for this!
This ship is coming apart… you won’t be so lucky next time, Gallywix!
Oh, I ain’t lettin‘ you go, we’re finishin‘ this here and now!
Hah! Gallywix, my Proto Layered Optimal Titan Armor will keep me safe from any of your pitiful attacks!
It’s been really NOT nice knowing the both of you, have fun in whatever afterlife you go to!
Behold the ultra magnetizer! It’ll keep you stuck on this ship and short-circuit your pitiful robot.
HEY! What the heck kinda cheap…. an indestructible shield AND he disables us?! You ever have this happen to you, $p?
Destroy that thing of his so I can get us outta here!

I’m going to teleport the bombs back to the Horde ships all at once, but the spell requires a specific target.
I’ve enchanted some of the Outrigger Harpoons. If you would be so kind as to fire on the Horde ships we can return their Azerite to them directly.

We almost had him, BAH! Stupid explodin‘ ship.
I’m gonna spend a WHOLE lotta gold to find a way through that stupid armor of his.
Next time I see that little freak, I’m gonna kill him!
I guess we should look on the bright side. We blew up a ship, killed a bunch of robots, and kept our Azerite safe!
Oh, right. The prince of darkness told me you were gonna be needed back at the Banshee’s Wail at the end of this operation.
Somethin‘ about seeing the fruits of your labors or some sorta thing. It sounded ominous, I’m sure it’s gonna make Baine upset.
Y’know, every now and then I think, should I have really told Sylvanas about this whole Azerite thing?
If ya really think about it, if no one ever found out about the stuff, maybe we never woulda started this whole war.
Coulda avoided burnin‘ down that tree, might still have the undead city… it really makes ya think, don’t it?
… HAH! I’m just kiddin‘! Of course I don’t care about that stuff, I’m flyin‘ a freakin‘ mech that shoots lasers made outta the planet’s blood!

Let’s all just relax and take a look at this thing! The gold… the gems. It’s… it’s… BEAUTIFUL! I’m tearin‘ up over here!
Say, uh… howsabout we make an arrangement? Leave this guy to me and be on your merry way. I won’t say anything to your king, and you don’t say anything to my warchief. Deal?
What are you DOING?! Don’t hurt it!
You… MONSTERS! How could ya destroy something so glorious?! It’s true what Sylvanas says… you Alliance thugs got no souls!
Oh thank GOODNESS! Don’t you worry, my precious baby boy. You’ll be safe with me!
We must put this misery behind us. We are no longer high elves! In honor of the blood that was shed and the sacrifices of our loved ones… as of this day, we are sin’dorei!
HAHAHA! Those Alliance goons will never learn! Who’s a good golden golem? You are!


Brann Bronzebart:

Madoran Bronzebeard was the ruling thane of Ironforge long ago. He is also a great ancestor to Brann, Muradin, and King Magni.
Did you know Old Ironforge is also known as the Assembly of Thanes? It’s a place of great importance to our people.
Madoran was the one who ordered Thandol Span to be built, isn’t that interesting?
Madoran’s study has likely not been disturbed since his passing.

Legend has it that when a mountain king’s armor is forged, it binds tae the dwarf fer whom it was made.
Reforging an historic piece of armor like this will be no easy task. But with Grumnus’s guidance, it might just be possible.
When Madoran died, the enchantment on his armor caused it to break apart. These shards are all that remain.

As ye can see, the armor’s completely shattered… Ah! Here’s our friend now!
I’m not sure we can reforge the armor, Brann. The Great Forge would need tae be much hotter than any of us have ever seen.
Even if we could smelt the metal, no dwarf can endure that kind o‘ heat. Not even a Dark Iron!

Thank you, small one. The forge is once again under my control.
Ignis! We’re in need of yer aid. My friend and I are tryin‘ tae reforge a suit of ancient dwarven armor.
The Great Forge can no longer produce the heat required to smelt the metal… not without your help.
A bold undertaking. In gratitude for your assistance, I offer you my own. When the time comes, I will light the flame.
Thank ye, furnace master.

Brann Bronzebeard!
Bouldercrag! Glad you could come. We need yer help.
Our friend here has tae stay in stoneform fer a long stretch o‘ time in order to withstand an intense amount of heat.
I see. There is a ritual that can accomplish what you seek. Your king has performed it in the past.
Magni?! No no no, I wouldna wish that on anyone, no matter what’s at stake!
However, I will require a remnant of the previous ritual if I am to conduct one for you.
Well… all right. $n, head to Old Ironforge. I’m sure we can find something left over from Magni’s ritual. I just hope this works…
$n, back so soon? You’re looking for a remnant of Magni’s ritual? You are free to take any of the crystals that splintered when Magni broke free.

Clear the forge!
Within me is the earth itself.
We are one. I am of it and it of me.
The heat rises, small one!
Dwarf, bring me the metal!
BURN! Burn with the fire of the makers!
Take hold of it! Your skin will not succumb to the flame.
Strike the metal to shape it!
Let it be forged!
Quench the metal in the water.



Verschiedene Charaktere:

You are too late. Behold!
You must fight the shadow in your hearts, sisters!
We placed our faith in you.
And you abandoned us. Elune abandoned us!
We have nothing left. We are forsaken.

Captain Madison! Shall we keep those ships busy while $p stops their sapper teams?
Aye, Lord Admiral! The Outriggers never back down from a good hunt.
Glad to hear it! What’s the status of the weapon emplacements on the battlements?
Between the zeppelins and the ships we were taking too much fire so I pulled my people back. But if they could get there quickly we could lay into those ships with harpoons.
I can help with that, Captain. Hold on!

Let us strike as one.
No. Wait for my signal before you attack.
Take Blightcaller. The val’kyr are mine.

Whoo! Your iron star made my post shake all the way from the front gates, Uraka!
Uraka smiles.
I knew you’d appreciate my genius eventually.
We gotta make more of them. Hundreds of them… Millions of them… Bomb-billions of them!
Heh. You bring the Azerite, and I’ll bring the boom, lil‘ one.
Deal! That’s a binding contract!

We be takin‘ back most of Nazmir now. Once we be takin‘ Zalamar, we can be assaultin‘ de Kul Tiran fleet.
Not before we destroy de source of dis fog. It is rendering our flyers useless. It is close to Zalamar, I can feel it.
Dey be clever, I’ll give ‚em dat. Dey be using dis fog to be givin‘ dem an advantage in dis cursed place.
Dey were not counting on our forces being unified against dem. We will crush de Kul Tiran fleet and end dis war.

Remember, our objective is to destabilize the Zandalari and take out Horde targets. King Wrynn wants to avoid civilian casualties.
Time to deploy our simian friend. The Horde won’t know what hit them!
Unleash the beast!
All forces advance! Establish a perimeter. I don’t want any surprises.
We have little time before the Horde return to the city. Keep moving!
Soldiers, defend our sacred city! Halt de enemy advance! Zandalar forever!
Vanguard, with me! Press forward!



We’ve been huntin‘ for this one. A prize indeed!
Officer! This is the infamous Horde criminal Rexxar. He belongs in the deepest, darkest corner of this dungeon!
Taking this a bit far, are you not?
Watch that jawin‘ back there, prisoner!
We’ll take ya to the brig. You’re on your own from there.
Maybe afterwards, we’ll give ya a proper tour. It’s a lovely place!

Rexxar, the Horde dog who slew Daelin Proudmoore. My forces will end you!
You speak threatening words, yet you hide behind the shield of your tank. Face us with honor!
Oh, I know all about your „honor.“ I prefer to fight on my own terms. You won’t last a minute once this tank reaches full power!

Rexxar: You did well, Zelling. Until we meet again.
Zelling: Rexxar, wait. Is there… any news from my family? How they are doing?
Rexxar: Do you really want to know the answer to that question, Zelling?
Zelling: I do. More than anything.
Rexxar: Your family is well. Your wife purchased a small home within Arom’s Stand in Drustvar, and your children are well fed.
Zelling: That’s… good. But how? We spent everything we had before my death–I mean, my transformation.
Rexxar: You asked Lilian Voss that they be taken care of. She made sure they were.



What happened?
Blightcaller yet lives, but at the cost of one of his queen’s val’kyr.
It is time we reclaim our home. You, Maiev, must command our forces.
Me? What will you do?
I have known these woods all my life. The Night Warrior’s wrath must be sated.

You have already lost a val’kyr, Blightcaller. Is the banshee too blind to see that she’s lost Darkshore as well?
Your death is at hand, Maiev! Dark Rangers, attack!
No matter what we face, no matter whose souls you desecrate, you will not defeat us!
Well done. With Bashal’Aran secured, we will bolster our forces and strike at the Horde. Fight for every resource from here to Lor’danel.

There is no hope for you, Maiev. The forces of death are endless. You will watch your pathetic base crumble into dust.
None can evade the strike of a true warden. You should know that better than anyone!
Where is Sira? She is not with you.
She… I will explain in private.



How would you like to end up like your friend Sira here? Or perhaps Delaryn just over there?

We have lost contact with Auberdine, and I want to know why! Go!
Sira? No! What has that banshee done to her?!
Champions, prepare yourselves. Sira is sure to strike while we are vulnerable.

Darkshore belongs to us, Maiev. We are coming for you.
You do not frighten me, Sira. Nor do the forces of death you now serve!

Sira… No… Turn back now, or I will be forced to strike you down!
Maiev. She is a fool to think she can stop us.
Heroes! Press forward to Bashal’Aran. From there, we will lay waste to the Alliance!

Sira! Cease this madness and submit yourself to a clean death. You cannot stop the tide of vengeance.
Still you have the nerve to command me? You who abandoned the Watchers in your selfish pursuit of a single prisoner?
Lor’danel is ours, but Sira still awaits us on that goblin monstrosity. Protect our glaive throwers as they bring down its defenses.
Your defenses are failing and your armies are shattered, Sira! Soon you will face judgment!
Who are you to judge me? Have you forgotten how you betrayed your sisters? Come and meet your death!
With the Horde’s gunships on the retreat, we now have a clear path to Sira herself. Take a hippogryph. It is time to finish this.
Victory is ours, heroes. We have reclaimed Darkshore, but at great cost. Sylvanas will suffer for this atrocity. I swear it.
Darkshore remains in the Horde’s grasp. We must return to fight another day.
Sira? No! What has that banshee done to her?!

Bashal’Aran is under our control. Scour the region for more resources and lay waste to any obstacles between here and Lor’danel.
You are a Warden no longer, Sira! You have abandoned everything we stand for!
De storm… calls…
It is you who abandoned us, Maiev! You burdened me with everything in your absence!
Leave nothing alive.
This ends here, Maiev. You will know how it feels when your allies fail you.
It is true I have wronged you in the past, Sira… but there is no justice in this!

This is your last warning, Sira. For the sake of Elune, stand down!
Death comes for us all you old crone. The dark lady merely released me from a fate of decrepit ineptitude.
Then you leave me no choice! Bandu thoribas!

Death comes for us all..
Suffering leads to death.
A Warden is prepared, even in death.
Quickly champions, take up a glaive and deal with these shades!

Do not test my patience.
At last I see the true path.
Our enemies will suffer.
No words. Only pain.
Elune’s promises were empty lies.
I was a fool to believe.
Now my true hunt begins.
Death will claim them all.
Pester all you want… but know that my glaive is sharper than EVER!

Get on with it.
What are you waiting for? Finish her.
[Spare Sira] I won’t do it.
[Kill Sira] I’ll take care of it.


Ugh… are we dead? Is this how Sylvanas always feels?
Nope… not dead. Just wishing we were dead. This must be how Sylvanas always feels.


Princess Talanji

Tell me, Otoye… how did these invaders breach our city?
They knew Dazar’alor as though they had been here before…
They struck without honor… they stole what they could carry, and destroyed what they could not.
I must know, Otoye… how did my father fall?



We’ll measure Grong’s speed first.
There’s a marker south of here. See how quickly Grong can reach it.
Nicely done! Next we’ll measure intelligence.
Converse with Grong. We’ll monitor speech patterns and vocabulary.
Was that a run-on sentence?
It’s fine, Morton. He knows more words than you do.
Impertinent! Think he knows that one?
Moving on… We need to make note of Grong’s strength.
Testing complete!
I think that’s enough for now. Bring Grong home, $p.
We’ll review the results back at camp.





  1. Bis jetzt scheint alles so als würde die verdammte Allianz mal wieder bevorzugt werden und Sylvanas wird der nächste Garrosh.. echt zum Kotzen

    • Die Horde wurde in Patch 8.0 bevorzugt. Patch 8.1 ist der Gegenschlag der Allianz.

      • Wo wurde die Horde bitte bevorzugt? Calia wurde wiederbelebt als Lichtsylvanas, Proudmoore ist wieder bei den Allies, UC ist verloren, innerhalb der Hordeist Streit… Die Allies haben nur Darnassus verloren.

        • Die Horde hat Teldrassil niedergebrannt.
          UC war im besten Fall ein unentschieden. Die Stadt ist für beide Fraktionen verloren und Sylvanas hat im Grunde ihre Pläne durchgesetzt.
          Die Allianz hat das Arathihochland verloren bzw. muss jetzt dauerhaft ihre Zone verteidigen.
          Die Horde greift die Allianz im Sturmsangtal direkt an. Die Allianz ist spielt keine Rolle in der Levelerfahrung der Horde.
          Das Calia überhaupt gestorben ist, ist Vorteil für die Horde.

          • Calia hatte ihren Tod verdient, als sie sowohl Ally und Horde betrogen hat. Dann wird sie als Lichtuntoter wiederbelebt, was es bislang noch nicht gegeben hat und jetzt hat die Allianz dadurch auch die Möglichkeit Untote zu befehligen. Sie zu töten war nur ein Vorwand um sie stärker zu machen. Sie war nicht mal ein ganzes Buchkapitel lang tot…
            Das Arathihochland war doch schon immer umkämpft, die Untoten sind dort schon lange postiert und Stromgarde schon lange verloren. Darauf basiert doch auch das Arathibecken BG, welches in Hammerfall und im Refuge Point liegt

          • 1 komischer lichtverseuchter Untoter ist noch lange nicht die Möglichkeit weitere Untote zu befehligen. Du übertreibst maßlos.

            Die Allianz startete mit dem Arathihochland, weil das Gebiet eigentlich ihnen gehört.

          • „It seems the Banshee Queen isn’t the only one with ghouls in her arsenal.“
            Bin deshalb davon ausgegangen, dass es sich um Calia handelt, die jetz ihre eigene UD Armee züchtet

          • Die restlichen Sätze aus dem Dialog sprechen eher dafür, dass es sich dabei um Untote der Zandalari handelt.

  2. Mich stört doch sehr dieses Dunkle Waldläufer VS Saurfang/Spieler Ding.

    Alles andere geht klar hab Bock.

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