Patch 7.3.2: Einige interessante Dialoge vom PTR

Patch 7.3.2: Einige interessante Dialoge vom PTR
Patch 7.3.2: Einige interessante Dialoge vom PTR
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Die Data Miner der bekannten Internetseite „wowhead“ konnten in den Spieldaten des im Verlauf dieser Woche auf den öffentlichen Testserver von World of Warcraft aufgespielten Patch 7.3.2 unter anderem mehrere neue Dialoge für unterschiedliche NPCs ausfindig machen, die ihrem eigenen Wortlaut zufolge scheinbar für den kommenden Schlachtzug „Antorus, der Brennende Thron“ und die nach dem Sieg über diese Instanz stattfindenden Ereignisse bestimmt sind. Auch wenn diese Dialoge uns ohne die Grafiken und Umgebungen des Spiels nur einen recht einseitigen Blickwinkel auf diese zukünftigen Unterhaltungen liefern, so kann man durch die Informationen aus diesen Texten aber dennoch bereits ungefähr erfahren, wie die wichtigen Charaktere aus Legion auf den Sieg über die brennende Legion reagieren, was genau diese NPCs für ihre Zukunft planen und welche interessanten Begegnungen zwischen Spielfiguren es in zukünftigen Updates geben könnte. Wer sich nun also für die mit Patch 7.3.2 erscheinende Fortsetzung der Hintergrundgeschichte von Legion interessiert, der sollte unbedingt einmal einen Blick auf die folgenden englischen Dialoge vom Testserver werfen.


(Umfangreiche Spoilerwarnung)



Turalyon, Alleria, Arator und Vereesa:

In Patch 7.3.2 werden Turalyon und Alleria scheinbar endlich auf ihren Sohn Arator treffen und es könnte bakd ein Wiedersehen zwischen den drei unterschiedlichen Windläuferschwestern geben.


At long last, the war is over.
Part of me never expected to survive to see this day. So many battles. So much loss.
<Turalyon sighs, his eyes brimming with a flood of emotions.>
Now we return home to a world I haven’t walked in a thousand years.
My old life is long past. It is time to build a new one, and get to know the son who embodies everything I fought for.“]



My heart soars to return to Azeroth alongside Arator and Turalyon. To see the forests of my homeland once again.
And yet…
Vereesa told me what has befallen Sylvanas. Though I dread the meeting, I must see with my own eyes what she has become.
Is she even my sister anymore? Or some Light-forsaken monster?
But of course, I have changed as well. The powers at my command may cause some to question my loyalties.
<Alleria draws in a long breath.>
I must remain calm, focused. There is much to ponder…“



„Alleria has changed. She wields powers I do not fully comprehend. But in her heart, she remains my beloved sister. I know it.
The news of Sylvanas weighs heavily upon her. There are matters to be settled… face to face.
The Windrunner sisters must meet. And there is only one place it can be done.“



„I found them! At long last, I found them.
Arator’s smile gives way to a look of uncertainty.>
The two people who gave me life… have been absent for all of it. I know they fought to keep me safe, that they sacrificed so much. And yet…
We cannot suddenly become a happy family. They know next to nothing about me, and I know only legends of them. We have much to learn about one another, and many wounds to heal.
But at least we will do it together.“



Die Titanen in Antorus:

Im Kampf gegen Argus, der Zerrütter werden die Seelen der Titanen den Spielern zu Hilfe kommen und ihnen sowohl mächtige Stärkungseffekte als auch überlebensnotwendige Mechaniken zur Verfügung stellen. Die folgenden Dialoge stammen aus dem Kampf gegen diesen Boss.

Voice of Aman’thul

The might of sea and sky must aid our champions, Golganneth!
Let the fury of the sea wash away this corruption!
Aggramar! Lend these mortals your strength, brother.

Norgannon! Your keen mind may expose our enemy’s weakness!
The rage of the Unmaker surges! Quickly, heroes! Strike down these constructs!
The mortals have fallen. The final titan… cannot be saved.
Time answers to me, Unmaker! The one force that can bind your relentless fury!
No! After all we have endured… It must not end this way!

Khaz’goroth! Forge these heroes in our image!
Using their power, I shall bend the strands of time to aid our cause.
Our champions have fallen. Nothing can stop the end of all things.
Our cause is lost. The Burning Crusade will consume us all.


Essence of Eonar

Hope is not lost, Highfather. The spark of life still flickers within these mortals.
Arise, champions! Fight to save your world



One among them shall serve as the vessel for my power, Highfather.



Eine Nachricht von Illidan:

Wenn Spieler den kommenden Schlachtzug „Antorus, der Brennende Thron“ auf der heroischen Schwierigkeit (oder höher) abschließen, dann erhalten sie eine spezielle Quest von Illidan Sturmgrimm. Im Verlauf dieser Aufgabe müssen sie mit Tyrande und Malfurion sprechen und ihnen eine in einem Kristall gespeicherte Nachricht von Illidan übermitteln. Die folgenden Dialoge stammen scheinbar aus dieser Quest.


The moment that the way to Argus opened… the instant my gaze fell upon the Legion’s home world… I knew I would not be returning from it.
I will face my destiny, whatever it may hold. Yet… I have left certain matters unsettled… old wounds that I would see mended.
This crystal bears two messages. One is for my brother Malfurion, the other for Tyrande. I am trusting you to deliver them on my behalf, champion.
When they have heard my words, leave the crystal atop Mount Hyjal, upon the shores of the Well of Eternity.
You have witnessed echoes of my past, hero. I ask your help to put these final matters to rest.
The Well of Eternity. I am not one for sentiment… but if anything embodies my commitment to Azeroth, it is the font of power I created so long ago.
But enough dwelling on the past. The crystal I left for you to find holds not two messages, but three. The last is for you, champion.
You have proven your committment to Azeroth. Your dedication, your sacrifice, rivals my own. But more will be asked of you. So much more. Even now, enemies gather… and the shadows grow darker. From this day forward, the defense of our world… of all we hold dear… rests with you.

Malfurion… Even in the womb, we grappled with one another. Struggle has followed us all our lives.
The teachings of Cenarius were always your path. I felt… another calling.
It was power I sought… but not to conquer or rule. It was a means to an end… to save Azeroth from an unstoppable foe.
You never trusted my intentions… though I suppose I did not make it easy for you.
But now, as my fate becomes clear, I wish to quiet the strife that has long divided us.
Even when the Legion is gone, new threats will arise. There is no one I trust to face them more than you, brother.
You have spent a lifetime fighting for the dream of what Azeroth could be. Now you must fight for what it is.
Take care of Tyrande. Listen to her counsel. She was always the best of us.
The road ahead will be long. Whatever comes, bring honor to the name… Stormrage.

Tyrande… Long ago, you trusted me enough to defy Malfurion’s wishes and free me from my prison.
But over time, that faith was lost. And like my brother, you came to believe that the choices I made had driven me to darkness.
Know that every path I took led toward a single purpose: saving our world. I could abide no half measures. No compromise.
At those times when I faced doubt, I held true to one constant. One anchor. You.
You have always embodied the best of Azeroth, Tyrande. Your faith. Your devotion. Through the darkest times, my belief in you never wavered.
My fate, my duty, are now clear to me. I leave Azeroth’s defense to you… and to my brother.
Take care of him, Tyrande. Though at times I wished your heart had made a different choice, in the end… I know it made the right one.



In my lifetime, I have twice witnessed a sundering of the world. Mother Moon, I pray I do not see a third.
I sense a sorcerer’s touch upon this crystal. The crystal… it rings out with a familiar voice.
Contrite words. Yet I must wonder whether he truly meant them.
After Illidan faced defeat atop the Black Temple, I tried to let go of my feelings… my distrust and bitterness.
When I learned that he was alive, leading the fight against the Legion on the Broken Shore… I could not bring myself to speak to him.
The time for talk has passed. It seems he has a duty to fulfil… as do we. Let us be about it, champion.



My brother made selfish choices. Caused pain to so many. His transgressions are… difficult to forgive.
And yet… there were times when we fought for a common cause. A shared purpose. Those were good days.
But now is not the time to ponder personal regrets. We must see to healing the world, champion.
The soul of our world is in agony…



Neue Cinematic:

Spieler können in Patch 7.3.2 scheinbar auf Wiederholungen der verschiedenen Cinematics aus Legion zugreifen.

Dalaran above the Broken Isles Dalaran above the Broken Isles
<View Aggramar’s Arrival.> <View Aggramar’s Arrival.>
<View the Escape from Argus.> <View the Escape from Argus.>
<View the Triumvirate’s Decision.> <View the Triumvirate’s Decision.>
<View Light’s Judgment.> <View Light’s Judgment.>
<View Windrunner’s Sight.> <View Windrunner’s Sight.>
<View the Crown’s Blessing.> <View the Crown’s Blessing.>
<Recall the summoning of Argus the Unmaker> <Recall your arrival at the Seat of the Pantheon>
<Recall the imprisoning of Sargeras> <Recall Alleria’s encounter with the Dark Naruu>



Der Sieg über die Legion:

Die folgenden Dialoge werden vermutlich abgespielt, wenn ein Schlachtzug alle Bosse in dem kommenden Schlachtzug „Antorus, der Brennende Thron“ besiegt hat.


„Countless nights I dreamt of returning to Argus. Of seeing what became of my home. Of saving it.
<Velen is quiet for a long moment.>
There was no salvation to be had. But we did find victory.
What comes next, I cannot say. But I will not wait for visions to guide me. I will do all I can to support King Anduin, and to ensure he is prepared to face the threat that looms in the darkness.“


NPCs von der Vindicaar

„The campaign against the Legion has been long and wearying. We have traversed entire worlds, spanned the Twisting Nether itself to finally achieve victory.
I am tired, $n. Yet we cannot rest.
Magni’s visions of doom shake me to my very core. Only one titan remains, champion, and we must defend it.“
„You’re still here?
<Ishanah looks at you quizzically.>
It’s over. Go home.
<Ishanah waves you away.>
„The Vindicaar may have been untested when we set out on this campaign, but she saw us safely home.
All those ship upgrades were worth it, yes?
Do not answer. It would only break my heart.
A ship’s engineer’s work is always underappreciated.“



„When the High Exarch ordered me to Azeroth, I was reluctant to leave his side. I felt someone else would be better suited to the task.
Now, though, I understand why he did it. He wanted to give me a glimpse of what he and Lady Alleria have been fighting for.
Our war may be over, but many battles lie ahead. Just because the Legion is defeated doesn’t mean every demon in existence has surrendered.
<Lothraxion clenches his fist and smiles.>
Not yet, at least.“




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