Legion: Der PTR für Patch 7.2 wurde gestartet

Legion: Der PTR für Patch 7.2 wurde gestartet
Legion: Der PTR für Patch 7.2 wurde gestartet
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Wie bereits im Verlauf des gestrigen Abends von Blueposter Arvaanas in einer auf Twitter veröffentlichten Nachricht angekündigt wurde, haben die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment heute früh nun den neuen Build 23436 auf den öffentlichen Testserver von World of Warcraft aufgespielt und dadurch dann offiziell die Testphase zu dem neuen Patch 7.2 „The Tomb of Sargeras“ gestartet. Auch wenn dieser neue Build für den PTR bereits sehr viele Inhalte aus diesem kommenden Update beinhaltete, so stehen den Testern einem von Community Lore veröffentlichten Bluepost zufolge bisher aber noch kaum Neuerungen zum Ausprobieren zur Verfügung. Im Moment konzentrieren sich die Entwickler nämlich erst einmal darauf, diese neue Spielversion zu stabilieren, Probleme mit den Servern zu beheben und sowohl die Dämoneninvasionen als auch die Pet Battle Dungeons durch Spieler testen zu lassen.

Folgend findet ihr nun den Bluepost von Community Lore, die offiziellen englischen PTR Patchnotes zu Patch 7.2 und eine umfangreiche Übersicht zu allen Neuerungen, die bisher bereits von Data Minern in den Spieldaten dieses Updates gefunden wurden. Dazu gehören beispielsweise neue Modelle für NPCs, ein weiterer Dungeons, das Grabmal des Sargeras als Schlachtzug und viele neue Reittiere.



Der Bluepost zu diesem Build:

Der Bluepost von Community Manager Lore zu diesem Build.

Welcome to the Patch 7.2 PTR! As we’re just getting our 7.2 public test phase underway, we’d like to give you some context into what you’ll see (and won’t see) in this first build.

Most of Patch 7.2’s major content isn’t enabled in this build – that’ll be coming in a few weeks. Our primary testing focus for this build will be Demon Assaults, as well as general game stability (e.g. crashes). 7.2’s Pet Battle Dungeon should also be available for testing.

There’s a few other things of note that are enabled for initial testing in this build, but be aware that many of them are still heavily under development:

  • Transmog Item Sets: This is an update to the Transmogrification System that tracks the progress and collections of Raid and PVP item sets, and we’d love your feedback on it.
  • Tab targeting improvements: We’re hard at work making some improvements to this feature, and have a few updates in this build that should make tab targeting feel more natural. Please let us know what you think!
  • Some updated visual effects for Hunters, Death Knights, and Balance Druids: This is still very much in a work-in-progress state, but we’re making a few improvements to the look and feel of these classes, and want to hear your feedback.


You may also start to see some bits and pieces of an improvement we’re making to PvP gearing in 7.2 through the Obliterum Forge (which will no longer require completing a quest chain to unlock). The intent of this system is to allow players who have received multiple pieces of unwanted gear to exchange them for a piece of their choosing. It’s not yet ready for testing, but it’s on the way.




Die PTR Patchnotes zu Patch 7.2:

Patch 7.2 is now available for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR). Participating on the Public Test Realms allows you to test a patch before it is released on live realms. Once you’ve had a chance to try things out, visit our PTR Discussion 7.2 forum to discuss the patch. To report issues or errors, use the in-game Submit Bug feature (found under Game Menu, Help, Submit Bug) or by visiting the PTR Bug Report 7.2 forum .

  • More features are coming! New information for 7.2 features that are still in-development will be added soon
    • Please keep in mind that the notes below are not final, and details may be subject to change before the release of Patch 7.2.
  • Not all content listed in the PTR Patch Notes may be available for testing. Content may have a limited test window.


New Features

Demon Assaults

The Burning Legion is assaulting Azeroth with renewed determination. Look for Broken Isles zones to come under attack, fight to drive the Legion back, and defend the lands of your new allies.


Pet Battle Dungeon

Something nefarious is going on in the world of pet battles, and it’s up to you to look into it. If you have at least one level 25 battle pet, speak to Breanni in Dalaran to get directions to this new scenario.


Updated Features

Transmogrification Sets

A new ‘Sets’ tab in the Appearances UI is where you’ll find this new way of tracking item sets from previous Raids, PvP Seasons, and more.


Class Combat Updates

The launch of Legion included many updates to class animations, sounds, and spell effects. These will continue in Patch 7.2 with updates to Hunters, Death Knights, and Balance Druids. More are on the way!


Legion Reputation Updates

Reputation earned beyond Exalted will now contribute towards earning additional rewards from Broken Isles faction emissaries.


Tab Targeting

In Patch 7.2, tab targeting should feel more natural. While in combat, you will no longer be able to accidentally tab to a target that is out of combat with you. Furthermore, you’re no longer able to tab to a target that neither your character nor your camera can see. This is very much a work-in-progress, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.



  • All item level 815 crafted end-game gear will now be crafted at item level 835.
  • The Obliterum Forge should now always be available to players, and requires no questline.
  • All existing items between item levels 815-830 will retain their existing item level. The first application of Obliterum will bring them up to 840, and the Obliterum cap has been increased to iLvl 875.
  • Some World Quests that are related to Professions now reward 1 skill point in their associated Profession.
  •  Archaeology
    • You can now get Artifact Power from Archaeology.
    • New Elite digsites have been discovered in the Broken Isles.
    • All enemies summoned by Archaeology can now be killed by multiple nearby players
  • Cooking
    • Nomi now provides Prepared Ingredients as part of his work orders, which can be combined to create up to 10 servings of a random recipe known by the player.



User Interface

  • You can now assign a specialization to an equipment set in the Equipment Manager.
  • An “Open All” button has been added to the mailbox.
  • You can now preview an ensemble set by CTRL-clicking it.
  • Spellbook
    • Spells that haven’t been moved to an action bar are highlighted in the spellbook.
    • Mousing over a spell highlights it on your action bar, making it easier to locate.
    • Pet spells can now be dragged onto the player action bar.
  • Quick Join
    • Auto Accept: A setting has been added to allow friends and guild members to instantly join your queues without a confirmation. This setting is located in Interface Options -> Social.
    • Group tooltips now show the available roles and if auto accept is enabled.
    • Right click a Quick Join group to whisper a member of that group.
  • Spells that haven’t been moved to an action bar are highlighted in the spellbook.
  • Mousing over a spell highlights it on your action bar, making it easier to locate.
  • Pet spells can now be dragged onto the player action bar.




Dungeons and Raids

  • Enemies’ damage and health have been increased for all Heroic and Mythic dungeons, and the item levels of gear found in Legion Dungeons has been increased.
  • All Random Heroic dungeons now requires 825 item level to queue.
  • The Arcway and Court of Stars have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.
  • Lower Karazhan and Upper Karazhan have been added to the Random Legion Heroic list in Dungeon Finder.



  • Set tokens for all raids from Serpentshrine to Siege of Orgrimmar have been updated to provide loot for your spec on right-click, in the same manner as newer raid set tokens. The vendor functionality of these items has not been changed.



  • Warrior
    • Charge and Intercept now deals damage on arrival, and its snare begins after you hit your target.


World Quests

  • Broken Isles World Quest rewards now scale to item level 860 (was item level 845).




Neue Modelle:

  • Bei dem neuen Goblin handelt es sich vermutlich um Handelsprinz Gallywix.
  • Der Mensch in der Robe trägt den Namen „Anduin Disguised“.
  • Die Ghoule der Todesritter erhalten ein neues Modell.





Die neue Artefaktgestalt für Wächter-Druiden:

(Hier findet ihr die neuen Skins für die restlichen Artefaktwaffen.)




Die Fraktionen in Patch 7.2:

  • Armies of Legionfall – The coalition of orders dedicated to defeating the Legion at the Tomb of Sargeras and Broken Shore.
  • Arne Test – Paragon Reputation
  • Arne Test – Paragon Reputation Stormwind – One of the last bastions of human power, this Alliance capital is ruled by the prodigal king, Varian Wrynn.
  • Highmountain Tribe (Paragon) – The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.
  • Valarjar (Paragon) – These are the chosen warriors of Odyn, sworn to his service in life and death.
  • Court of Farondis (Paragon) – The ghostly Court of Farondis and its allies continue the fight against an onslaught of invaders on the cursed island of Azsuna.
  • Dreamweavers (Paragon) – The druids and their allies in Val’sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.
  • The Nightfallen (Paragon) – These exiled Nightborne elves suffer withdrawals after being cut off from the Nightwell. They oppose their people’s alliance with the Legion and fight for some kind of redemption.
  • The Wardens (Paragon) – After Legion forces broke the Vault of the Wardens with the aid of Gul’dan, what few Wardens remain are determined to rebuild their prison and hunt down the terrifying beasts that were let loose when it fell.
  • Armies of Legionfall (Paragon) – The coalition of orders dedicated to defeating the Legion at the Tomb of Sargeras and Broken Shore




Der Dungeon „Cathedral of Eternal Night“:

Dieser Dungeon beinhaltet vier neue Bosse: Agronox, Thrashbite the Scornful, Domatrax und Mephistroth




Der Raid „Tomb of Sargeras“:

In diesem Raid kämpfen die Spieler gegen neun verschiedene Bosse. Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjatan the Bludger, Mistress Sassz’ine, Sisters of the Moon (Huntress Naisha), The Desolate Host, Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar und Kil’jaeden.




Invasionen der Legion:

Die bereits aus dem Pre-Event von Legion bekannten Dämoneninvasionen kehren mit Patch 7.2 zurück und finden dann regelmäßig auf den verheerten Inseln statt. Zusätzlich dazu haben die Entwickler diese Events noch einmal ein wenig überarbeitet und neue Elemente hinzugefügt.



Neue Reittiere:




Neue Szenarien:

Akazamzarak’s Hat

  • Step 01: Into the Rabbit Hole (New) – Find out what’s happening to Akazamzarak’s rabbits.
  • Step 02: Lupine Fiasco (New) – Kill the Voracious Wolf that’s eating Akazamzarak’s rabbits.
  • Step 03: Now For My Next Trick (New) – Leave Akazamzarak’s Hat.


Battleship: Ruin

  • Step 01: First Contact (New) – Gain access to the ship’s computer system.
  • Step 02: System Overload (New) – Overload the shield generators.
  • Step 03: This Ship Will Self-Destruct in… (New) – Initialize the self-destruct sequence.
  • Step 04: Lord Mephistroth (New) – Defeat Mephistroth.


Calling the Wrathsteed

  • Step 01: The Calling Stone (New) – Place the Xorothian Calling Stone.
  • Step 02: The Minions of Xoroth (New) – Hold off Arax’ath’s minions.
  • Step 03: The Fel Knight (New) – Defeat Arax’ath and enslave the Wrathsteed.


Defense of Aviana

  • Step 01: Report to the Shrine (New) – Speak with Skylord Shadegrove
  • Step 02: Defend the Shrine (New) – Kill demons attacking the Shrine
  • Step 03: Return to the Shrine (New) – Return to the Shrine and investigate the screams
  • Step 04: Uncover the Traitor (New) – Reveal the traitor in the Shrine
  • Step 05: Return to the Dreamgrove (New) – (Optional) Use Teleport: Dreamway


Defense of the Fel Hammer

  • Step 01: Repel the Invaders (New) – Repel the demons invading the Fel Hammer
  • Step 02: The Mother’s Revenge (New) – Retake the forge room
  • Step 03: Gaining Control (New) – Retake the control room
  • Step 04: Mutual Destruction (New) – Destroy the Legion ships


Dispersion of the Discs

  • Step 01: Prepare the Discs (New) – Listen to Kalec’s Instruction
  • Step 02: Disperse the Elements (New) – Disperse the disruptive elements in each disc.


End of the Risen Threat

  • Step 01: The Landing (New) – Gain entrance to Black Rook Hold through the landing.
  • Step 02: Searching for the Rook (New) – Commander Thorn is inside Black Rook Hold. Follow Jarod Shadowsong into the depths of the hold to find your foe.
  • Step 03: Desperate Times (New) – Your allies have been captured! Rescue them before their souls are corrupted!
  • Step 04: What Lies Ahead (New) – Your allies seem injured but will move on your command.
  • Step 05: Erdris and the Risen (New) – Your allies have gone mad! Save them from each other while stopping Erdris from raising an army of souls.
  • Step 06: Rise, Soldiers! (New) – Erdris has commanded his soldiers to Rise. Defeat them!
  • Step 07: A Thorn in the Side (New) – Slay Erdris Thorn.


Feltotem’s Fall

  • Step 01: Taking Down Tugar (New) – Tugar has gone to ground in the Bloodtotem Ritual Cave. Its time to put an end to him.
  • Step 02: Dangerous Chase (New) – Tugar has withdrawn deeper into the cavern. Find a way through his traps.
  • Step 03: Feltotem’s Fall (New) – Defeat Tugar Bloodtotem and Jormog the Behemoth.


Felwing Ledge

  • Step 01: Speak with Matron Mother Malevolence (New) – Speak with Matron Mother Malevolence.
  • Step 02: Attempt to Subdue the Wild Felwing (New) – Fight with the Wild Felwing until it submits to you.
  • Step 03: Track the Wild Felwing (New) – Using your demon sight, track where the Wild Felwing flew off to.
  • Step 04: Attempt to Subdue the Wild Felwing Once More (New) – Once again, attempt to fight with the Wild Felwing until it submits to you.
  • Step 05: Continue Tracking the Wild Felwing (New) – Using your demon sight, continue to track the Wild Felwing’s location.
  • Step 06: Subdue the Wild Felwing Once and For All (New) – Finish subduing the Wild Felwing until it submits.
  • Step 07: Ride the Wild Felwing (New) – Ride the wild felwing back to the demon hunter camp.


Fight the Imp Mother

  • Step 01: Agatha’s Lair (New) – Defeat Agatha


Gathering of the Storms

  • Step 01: Talk to Thunderaan (New) – Talk to Thunderaan about the task he wishes you to perform.
  • Step 02: The Lords of Wind (New) – Convince Rohash, Nezir and Anshal to swear allegiance to Thunderaan.
  • Step 03: The Skylord Returns (New) – Take a whirlwind to the center platform.


Highmountain Scenario

  • Step 01: Securing Thunder Totem (New) – Secure the upper portion of Thunder Totem.
  • Step 02: Base Defense (New) – Rendezvous with Mayla in the lower portion of Thunder Totem.
  • Step 03: Incoming! (New) – Defend the area from incoming enemy attacks.
  • Step 04: Last Defense (New) – Eliminate the lieutenant leading the assault.
  • Step 05: Regroup (New) – Escort Mayla to meet up with Lasan outside of Thunder Totem.
  • Step 06: To the Ship! (New) – Use Lasan’s War Eagles to reach the Legion Ship.
  • Step 07: Free our people. (New) – Rescue the highmountain tauren captured by the Legion.
  • Step 08: Destroyed from within. (New) – Set explosives at key points throughout the ship.
  • Step 09: The final fight (New) – Assist Lasan in the fight against the Legion Commander.
  • Step 10: Time to go. (New) – Use the eagles to get off the ship.


Imminent Launch

  • Step 01: A Helping Hand (New) – The High Tinker’s forces are preparing for battle. They’ll need your help to stop Themaplugg in time.
  • Step 02: Operation Preparation (New) – Let High Tinker Mekkatorque know when you are ready.
  • Step 03: Imminent Launch (New) – You must prevent Thermaplugg’s missile from launching to the Broken Isles!
  • Step 04: Thermaplugg’s End (New) – It’s time to put an end to Sicco Thermaplugg’s reign of terror once and for all.


Kruul’s Intentions

  • Step 01: The Highlord’s Return (New) – You must destroy Kruul permanently in the Twisting Nether before he overruns your forces at the Broken Shore!
  • Step 02: Twisting the Nether (New) – Inquisitor Variss stands in the way of Kruul. Destroy him!
  • Step 03: Goodbye Kruul World (New) – Kruul has landed, now is your chance! Defeat him once and for all!


Lower Return to Karazhan

  • Step 01: Lower Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and defeat the tower inhabitants.
  • Step 01: Lower Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and defeat the tower inhabitants.
  • Step 01: Lower Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and defeat the tower inhabitants.


Night of the Wilds

  • Step 01: The Hunt Begins (New) – Locate the first animal track.
  • Step 02: Trail of the Wolf (New) – Follow the trail of the Great Wolf.
  • Step 03: The Great Stag (New) – Put the spirit of the Great Stag to rest.
  • Step 04: Trail of the Hawk (New) – Follow the trail of the Great Hawk.
  • Step 05: The Great Worm (New) – Put the spirit of the Great Worm to rest.
  • Step 06: The Great Cat (New) – Locate the spirit of the Great Cat and put it to rest.
  • Step 07: The Great Owl (New) – Locate the spirit of the Great Owl and put it to rest.
  • Step 08: The Wolf and the Hawk (New) – Follow the tracks to the Great Wolf’s den.
  • Step 09: Night of Claw and Talon (New) – Put the spirits of the Great Wolf and Hawk to rest.
  • Step 10: A New Dawn (New) – Greet the Wolfhawk.


Panic At The Brewery

  • Step 01: Knock Knock… (New) – Break down the door!
  • Step 02: Detoxification (New) – Detox diseased Brewers and recover 8 Barrels of Storm Brew.
  • Step 03: Maniacal Laughter… (New) – Break down to front doors to get outside.
  • Step 04: Chug It! (New) – Drink the Storm Brew. You won’t explode. Unless you are secretly a demon…
  • Step 05: Demon Overload (New) – Close the legion portals to stop the attack on the brewery!
  • Step 06: Brewmasters Attack! (New) – Find Brewmaster Blanche!


Stirring in the Shadows

  • Step 01: Choose Your Allies (New) – Choose 2 paladins to accompany you through Stratholme.
  • Step 02: Search the City (New) – Search Stratholme for stashes of holy water and the three missing paladins. Destroy any unholy abominations you come across.
  • Step 03: Return to Grayson (New) – Retrun to Grayson and give him the holy water.
  • Step 04: Imbue the Barding (New) – Channel your holy power through your artifact weapon onto the barding.
  • Step 05: Ride to Rivendare’s Crypt (New) – Find Baron Rivendare’s remains in his crypt at the heart of Stratholme.
  • Step 06: Defeat Raemien (New) – Kill Raemien the Soultaker
  • Step 07: Speak With Grayson (New) – When you’re ready to leave, speak with Grayson and he’ll see you returned to Light’s Hope Chapel.


The Archmage’s Reckoning

  • Step 01: The Confrontation (New) – Xylem is draining Azeroth’s Ley lines. You must stop him!
  • Step 02: Gaining Power (New) – Stop Xylem from channeling on the Focusing Iris.
  • Step 03: The Shadow Within (New) – The shadows within Xylem have been let loose! Protect Xylem as he restores the ley energy to Azeroth.


The Assault on Broken Shore

  • Step 01: Into the Fray (New) – Reach the Broken Shore
  • Step 02: Vanguard of the Assault (New) – Defeat the legion forces
  • Step 03: Might of the Legion (New) – Defeat Lord Kalgorath
  • Step 04: Rifts of Chaos (New) – Close the portals and defeat Dread Command Arganoth’s forces
  • Step 05: The Doomguard’s Command (New) – Defeat Dread Commander Arganoth
  • Step 06: Gateway to Ruin (New) – Take the Demonic Gateway to the base of Mephistroth’s command ship.
  • Step 07: Engine of Souls (New) – Sabotage Mephistoroth’s command ship


The Fleshripper’s Harvest

  • Step 07: Sieging the Citadel – Travel to the citadel and assist Baron Sliver as he disables it’s barrier. its barrier.


The God-Queen’s Fury

  • Step 01: A Brother Betrayed (New) – Confront Raest.
  • Step 01: Defending the Halls (New) – Stop Sigryn from confronting Odyn.
  • Step 02: The Fallen Shieldmaiden (New) – Defeat Sigryn and her fel council.
  • Step 02: The Prophecy Denied (New) – Defeat Raest and Karam.


The Sunken Vault

  • Step 01: A Call from the Depths (New) – Locate the lost Titan vault near the Maelstrom.
  • Step 02: The Lost Observatory (New) – Enter the Titan vault.
  • Step 03: Custodial Matters (New) – Activate the console to power up the custodian.
  • Step 04: The Seekers (New) – Listen to the custodian’s story.
  • Step 05: Constructs Awaken (New) – Defend yourself against the vault’s defense mechanisms.


Tournament of Valor

  • Step 01: Challenge and Defeat Your First Opponent (New) – Challenge Damrul the Stronk to fight and defeat him.
  • Step 02: Challenge and Defeat Your Second Opponent (New) – Challenge Omanawkwa Steelhoof to fight and defeat him.
  • Step 03: Challenge and Defeat Your Third Opponent (New) – Challenge Asrea Moonblade to fight and defeat her.
  • Step 04: Defeat Your Final Opponent (New) – Go to the designated area and defeat your final opponent.


Turn Back the Tides: Azsuna

  • Step 01: Assist the blue dragons (New) – Join the blue dragons in their assault against the Legion.
  • Step 02: Meet up with the Blue drakes (New) – Reach the blue drakes to acquire transport to the Legion ship.
  • Step 03: Reach the Legion Ship (New) – Reach the Legion ship.
  • Step 04: Get on up there (New) – Reach Felweaver Axtris and defeat him.
  • Step 05: Take down the Leader (New) – Eliminate Fel Lord Xeritas.
  • Step 06: Escape! (New) – Use the drakes to escape the Legion ship before it is destroyed.


Turn Back the Tides: Stormheim

  • Step 01: Freedom (New) – Free the captured Storm Drakes.
  • Step 02: Siege Breaker (New) – Use the storm drakes to eliminate the Legion’s ground forces.
  • Step 03: Insertion (New) – Get to the Legion Ship.
  • Step 04: Taken Down From Within (New) – Sabotage the Legion forces on board the ship.
  • Step 05: Commander Takedown (New) – Defeat Lord Commander Alexius and disable the ship’s capabilities.
  • Step 06: Get Out of There (New) – Use the Storm Drakes to extract.


Turn Back the Tides: Val’sharah

  • Step 01: Speak with Cenarius (New) – Speak with Cenarius to begin the assault.
  • Step 02: Secure a Foothold (New) – Aid Cenarius and his forces in defeating Crushfist.
  • Step 03: Open the Way (New) – Destroy the barrier blocking the tower entrance.
  • Step 04: Moving on up (New) – Reach the top of the tower.
  • Step 05: Lord of the Tower (New) – Eliminate Wrath-Lord Akrazar.
  • Step 06: Clear the skies (New) – Use the Fel Cannons to clear the airspace around the tower.
  • Step 07: Up and Away (New) – Ride the Dreamweavers‘ Hippogryphs up to the Legion Command Ship .
  • Step 08: Defeat the Legion Commander (New) – Rout the invasion by defeating the Legion Commander overseeing the attack.
  • Step 09: Escape! (New) – Jump off the ship to escape.


Upper Return to Karazhan

  • Step 01: Upper Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and stop Viz’aduum the Watcher from opening portals to Legion worlds.
  • Step 01: Upper Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and stop Viz’aduum the Watcher from opening portals to Legion worlds.
  • Step 01: Upper Return to Karazhan (New) – Return to Karazhan and stop Viz’aduum the Watcher from opening portals to Legion worlds.


Wailing Critters

  • Step 01: Deviate Dangers (New) – Deviate the deviate critters that are flourishing in the caverns.
  • Step 02: Son of Skum (New) – The Son of Skum has awakened and blocks your way!
  • Step 03: Legacy of Fangs (New) – Battle the companions of cavern’s former druid inhabitants.
  • Step 04: Call of the Serpent (New) – Serpentis‘ own pet waits for you ahead.
  • Step 05: Ectoplasmic Growth (New) – Deviate ectoplasm continues to grow within the cavern. Clear it out.
  • Step 06: Confront Shadowy Figure (New) – Someone else is here! Confront them!
  • Step 07: Everliving (New) – A spore of Verdan the Everliving is re-growing. Destroy it before it grows to full strength.


You Can’t Take the Sky from Me

  • Step 01: Meet Up with Thisalee (New) – Meet Thisalee near Rhut’van Peak
  • Step 02: Infiltrate the Legion Encampment (New) – Prowl and follow Thisalee into the Legion encampment
  • Step 03: Scouting Infazzar’s Plans (New) – Watch Infazzar and determine his plans
  • Step 04: Flying Abominations (New) – Fight off the attacking demons
  • Step 05: Follow Infazzar (New) – Follow Infazzar to his ship
  • Step 06: Kill Infazzar (New) – Fight your way to Infazzar and retrieve the Idol of Aviana
  • Step 07: Return to the Dreamgrove (New) – (Optional) Use Teleport: Dreamway





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