HotS: Tychus Hero Spotlight

HotS: Tychus Hero Spotlight
HotS: Tychus Hero Spotlight
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Nachdem die Entwickler bei Blizzard bereits gestern offiziell angekündigten, dass sie heute einen neuen Helden für ihr kommendes Moba „Heroes of the Storm“ vorstellen möchten, wurde nun im Verlauf der vergangenen Nacht dieses Hero Spotlight veröffentlicht. Bei dem näher vorgestellten Helden handelt es sich um Tychus Findlay, der vielen Fans von Blizzard bereits aus der Kampagne zu Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty bekannt sein sollte. Neben einer Vorschau auf das im Spiel verwendete Design und einen kleinen Einblick in seine Hintergrundgeschichte listet der von den Entwicklern veröffentlichte Artikel auch die Fähigkeiten dieses Charakters auf.


Tychus Trailer:



Former soldier. Erstwhile thief. Convicted felon. Tychus Findlay and Jim Raynor share what some might call a checkered past—the type filled with daring exploits and courageous fights doing not so courageous deeds. While no one can be sure where Tychus‘ loyalties lie, one thing is for certain. He’s a fearsome combatant whose impact on the battlefield is anything but subtle. Tychus always goes big. Always.




(Q) Overkill

  • Target: Enemy, Area: Cone that can be altered based on Tychus’s position. Can be cancelled.
  • Though Tychus is usually equal opportunity with his minigun, this ability focuses Tychus‘ attention on a single enemy for a few seconds, dealing some extra pain to the target. Other enemies caught in the cone of fire also take damage.



(W) Frag Grenade

  • Target: Location, Area: Circle AOE
  • This simple explosive device damages and knocks back anything caught in the blast radius.




(E) Run and Gun

  • Target: Direction, Area: Direction selected
  • Tychus sure does like getting into the fight. He can choose from time to time to charge right into battle and have his weapon instantly spun up and ready to fire.





  • Passive
  • Tychus‘ weapon of choice belies its name, packing a punch and attack speed that’s unmatched by most other heroes. The downside of this multi-barreled terror is that it takes a moment to spin up before firing. But once the minigun starts firing, it lays waste to anything in front of it.




(R) Drakken Laser Drill

  • Target: Location – laser auto single-targets closest enemy, can be altered by player by pressing R and clicking on new enemy.
  • Originally designed to assist with mining operations and other excavation projects, the laser drill can be equally effective when used as a weapon. When Tychus drops one on the battlefield, it can do heavy damage to single targets.



(R) Commandeer Odin

  • Target: Self-cast, Area: Self-cast
  • Sometimes even Tychus needs a bigger gun. That’s when he calls upon the power of the massive Odin mech. Offering additional protection as well as powerful cannons and missiles that create wide swaths of destruction, the Odin is a fearsome military vehicle.





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