Overwatch PTR: Die Patchnotes vom 23. Juni

Overwatch PTR: Die Patchnotes vom 23. Juni
Overwatch PTR: Die Patchnotes vom 23. Juni
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Vor einigen Tagen haben die für die fortlaufende Entwicklung von neuen Inhalten für Overwatch verantwortlichen Entwickler von Blizzard Entertainment einen neuen Patch auf den öffentlichen Testserver dieses Titels aufgespielt, der dort nun von allen daran interessierten Personen einige Zeit lang ausprobiert werden kann. Um potenzielle Tester über alle Auswirkungen dieses Updates für den PTR in Kenntnis zu setzen, veröffentlichten die Entwickler in der vergangenen Nacht netterweise auch wieder offizielle englische Patchnotes zu diesem Patch in den Battle.Net Foren. Laut dieser Übersicht beinhaltet diese zukünftige Spielversion eine Reihe von notwendigen Fehlerbehebungen, zwei kleine Buffs für Junkrat und mehrere Verbesserungen für das im Spiel angezeigte Profil von Spielern. Genauere Details zu den Auswirkungen dieses Update findet ihr bei Interesse in den folgenden Patchnotes



Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 23, 2020:

A new Overwatch patch is in development and now available for testing! To share your feedback or report any issues, please post in the PTR Feedback or PTR Bug Report forums.


Feature Update: Career Profile Improvements

The Career Profile page has been redesigned to provide a better, more streamlined experience when viewing player profiles. Aside from the brand new look, we’ve also added some new quality-of-life features:

  • Game mode play time has been added to the overview section, so you can see exactly how much time you’ve spent in modes like Competitive Play or any of the community’s creative Workshop modes
  • Statistics are displayed in a tabular format, separated by “Average/10 min”, “Best”, “Total”, providing a cleaner, more readable view
  • Your in-game achievements are grouped by category, and can be filtered by what you’ve earned and have yet to unlock
  • Your Player Icons are now grouped by category and can be filtered by hero and whether you own them 



  • Capture the Flag in-game achievements have been moved to the Maps category
  • Added additional playback languages for Echo’s Duplicate ability video





  • Concussion Mine
    • Trigger delay reduced from 0.156 to 0.1 seconds
  • RIP-Tire
    • Time to take control of Junkrat post detonation has been reduced from 1.5 to 0.9 seconds





  • Fixed a bug where the Heavy Jump Land sound would not play under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with the Role Select screen not appearing on various main menu screens for non-group leaders
  • Fixed a bug with spectator functionality in FFA not working properly in 1P and 3P
  • Fixed a bug with FFA matches showing Defeat for all players
  • Fixed a bug with the announcer voice line in Deathmatch incorrectly stating the number of kills remaining



  • Ashe
    • Fixed a bug where the Viper can clip through the camera if Ashe is jumping and firing while aiming down her sights
  • D.Va
    • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s Micro Missiles were not being affected by damage boost abilities
  • Genji
    • Fixed a bug with Deflect where projectiles could still cause damage when deflected under specific circumstances
  • Wrecking Ball
    • Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball could use Grappling Claw without transitioning into ball form
    • Fixed a bug with Minefield where some mines could become stuck inside terrain on Temple of Anubis



  • Fixed a bug where Echo’s primary fire sound was too loud when using the “No Ammunition Requirement” setting




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