Battle for Azeroth: Die Klassenänderungen aus der Testversion

Battle for Azeroth: Die Klassenänderungen aus der Testversion
Battle for Azeroth: Die Klassenänderungen aus der Testversion
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Wie jede andere Erweiterung für World of Warcraft zuvor, so wird auch das am vergangenen Wochenende auf der Blizzcon 2017 enthüllte Addon „Battle for Azeroth“ wieder einmal eine Reihe von unterschiedlichen Veränderungen an den in diesem MMORPG spielbaren Klassen mit sich bringen. Auch wenn die Entwickler sich im Verlauf ihrer hauseigenen Spielemesse leider nicht selbst zu diesen kommenden Anpassungen äußerten, so konnten aufmerksame Besucher der Blizzcon 2017 in der auf dieser Veranstaltung spielbaren Testversion dieser Erweiterung allerdings bereits eine Reihe von interessanten Unterschieden zu dem aktuell auf den Liveservern vorhandenen Patch 7.3.2 ausfindig machen. Folgend findet ihr eine Liste mit allen von Testern in dieser unfertigen Version entdeckten Anpassungen an den Fähigkeiten der spielbaren Klassen.


(Hinweise: Anpassungen an den Talenten findet ihr hier. Jede Klasse hat neue Klassenbuffs erhalten. Die folgenden Änderungen stammen aus einer frühen Entwicklungsphase und könnten sich jederzeit erneut ändern.)


Die bisherigen Klassenänderungen:

Death Knight

  • Anti-Magic Shell: Surrounds you in an Anti-Magic Shell for 5 sec, absorbing up to 30% 8% magic damage and preventing application of harmful magical effects. Damage absorbed generates Runic Power.
  • NEW: Death’s Advance: For 10 sec, you cannot be slowed below 100% of normal speed, you resist forced movement effects by 80%, and you are immune to external knockbacks. Passive: You cannot be slowed below 70% of normal speed. 30 second cooldown.
  • Blood:
    • Bone Shield: Surrounds you with a barrier of whirling bones, reducing all damage you take by 16% increasing your armor by 10% and increasing your Haste by 10%. Each damaging attack consumes a charge. Lasts 30 sec or until all charges are consumed.
    • Red Thirst: Spending Runic Power will decrease the remaining cooldown on Vampiric Blood by 1 sec per 6 10 Runic Power.
    • Tightening Grasp: Reduces the cooldown on Gorefiend’s Grasp by 30 sec, and your Death and Decay also reduces the movement speed of enemies within its radius by 70% 50%.



Demon Hunter

  • Havoc:
    • Chaos Nova: Unleash an eruption of fel energy, stunning all nearby enemies for 5 sec and dealing Chaos damage and disorienting all nearby enemies for 5 sec. Damage will cancel the effect. Each enemy disoriented by Chaos Nova has a 50% chance to generate a Lesser Soul Fragment.
    • Eye Beam: Blasts all enemies directly in front of you for Chaos damage. Eye Beam always critically strikes. Your primary target now also takes 100% increased damage.
  • Vengeance:
    • Demon Spikes: Surge with fel power, increasing your Parry chance by 20% 15% and reducing Physical damage taken by 12% increasing your Armor by 150% for 6 sec. 2 charges. Costs 20 25 Pain
    • Mastery: Fel Blood: Demon Spikes reduces Physical damage taken by an additional 6.00% increases your Armor by an additional %. Also increases your attack power by %.
    • NEW Painbringer: Each Soul fragment you consume reduces all damage you take by 5% for 4 sec. Passive
    • Razor Spikes: While Demon Spikes is active, you deal 30% increased Physical damage and your melee attacks snare targets by 50% 20% for 6 sec.
    • Spirit Bomb: Consume all Soul Fragments within 25 yds and then explode, afflicting nearby enemies with Frailty for 20 sec and damaging them for Fire damage per fragment. You heal for 20% 10% of all damage you deal to enemies with Frailty




  • NEW Soothe: Soothes the target, dispelling all enrage effects.
  • NEW Hibernate: Forces the enemy target to sleep for up to 40 sec. Any damage will awaken the target. Only one target can be forced to hibernate at a time. Only works on Beasts and Dragonkin.
  • Guardian:
    • Frenzied Regeneration: Heals you for 50% of all damage taken in the last 5 sec over 3 sec, minimum 5% of maximum health.25% of maximum health over 5 sec. 36 second cooldown. 2 charges. 10 rage.
    • Ironfur: Increases armor by 65% for 67 sec.
    • Guttural Roars: Increases the radius of Stampeding Roar by 200%,The radius of Incapacitating Roar by 100%, and reduces the cooldown of Stampeding Roar by 50%.
    • Balance Affinity: Increases the range of all of your abilities by 5 3 yards.




  • NEW Tranquilizing Shot: Removes 1 Enrage and 1 Magic effect from an enemy target.
  • Binding Shot: Fires a magical projectile, tethering the enemy and any other enemies within 5 yards for 10 sec, stunning them rooting them in place for 5 sec if they move more than 5 yards from the arrow. Player targets are stunned for a shorter duration.
  • Beast Mastery:




  • Frost:
    • Brain Freeze: Frostbolt has a 15% 20% chance to empower your next Flurry to be instant cast and deal 50% increased damage and apply Winter’s Chill to the target.
  • Fire:
    • Flamestrike: Calls down a pillar of fire, burning all enemies within the area for Fire damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% 20% for 8 sec.




  • Leg Sweep: Knocks down all enemies within 5 yards, stunning them for 5 3 sec.
  • Brewmaster:
    • Stagger: You shrug off attacks, delaying 40% of Physical damage, instead taking it over 10 sec. Affects magical attacks at 40% 20% effectiveness.
    • Breath of Fire: Breathe fire on targets in front of you, causing Fire damage and generating a stack of Elusive Brawler for each target. Targets affected by Keg Smash will also burn for Fire damage and deal 5% reduced damage to you for 12 seconds. over 8 sec.
    • Purifying Brew: Clears 40% 50% of your damage delayed with Stagger.




  • Blessing of Freedom: Places a blessing on a party or raid member, granting immunity to movement impairing effects. 25 45 sec recharge.
  • Protection:
    • Shield of the Righteous: Slams the target with your shield, causing Holy damage, and reducing damage you take by 25% increases armor by 125% for 4.5 sec.
    • Light of the Protector: Calls down the Light to heal you for 30% of your missing health 1,678, increased by up to 200% based on missing health. While standing in consecration, its effects are increased by 20%.
    • Hand of the Protector: Calls down the Light to heal a friendly target for 30% of the target’s missing health 1,398, increased by up to 200% based on missing health. While standing in consecration, its effects are increased by 20%.




  • Mind Bomb: After 2 sec, or if the target dies, it unleashes a psychic explosion, stunning all enemies within 8 yds of the target for 4 2 sec.




  • Feint: Performs an evasive maneuver, reducing damage taken from area-of-effect attacks by 50% 40% for 5 sec.
  • Outlaw:
    • Grappling Hook: Now baseline. 30sec 1 min cooldown.
    • Shuriken Combo: Shuriken Storm increases the damage of your next Eviscerate by 10% 5% for each enemy hit beyond the first. Stacks up to 5 times.




  • Lightning Surge Totem: Summons a totem at the target location that gathers electrical energy from the surrounding air and then explodes after 2 sec to stun all enemies within 8 yards for 5 3 sec.
  • Chain Lightning: Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. Generates 6 4 Maelstrom per target hit.







  • Battle Cry: Renamed to Recklessness.
  • Commanding Shout: Renamed to Rallying Cry.
  • Protection:
    • NEW Rallying Cry: Lets loose a commanding shout, granting all party or raid members within 30 yards 15% increased maximum health for 10 sec. After this effect expires, the health is lost.
    • Shockwave: Sends a wave of force in a frontal cone, causing damage and stunning all enemies within 10 yards for 3 2 sec. Cooldown reduced by 20 sec if it strikes at least 3 targets.
    • Ignore Pain: Fight through the pain ignoring 90% of the next up to [(22.3) * Attack power * (1 + Versatility)] damage you take from any sources, based on Rage spent. for the next 4 sec, causing 60% of damage taken to reduce your Rage instead.
    • Defensive Stance: A tanking combat stance that decreases damage taken, increases threat generation, and causes you to generate 3 Rage from damage taken instead of dealt whenever you are hit by a melee attack.
    • Thunder Clap: Blasts all enemies within 8 yards for (300% of Attack power) damage and reduces their movement speed by 50% 20% for 10 sec.
    • Shield Slam: Slams the target with your shield, causing Physical damage. Devastate, Thunder Clap, and Revenge have a 30% chance to reset the cooldown of Shield Slam. Generates 20 15 Rage.
    • Shield Block: Raise your shield, blocking every melee attack against you for 6 4 sec. These blocks can be critical blocks. Increases Shield Slam damage by 30% while active.
    • Demoralizing Shout: Demoralizes all enemies within 10 yards, reducing the damage they do to you by 20% for 8 sec. 1.5 min cooldown.
    • Vengeance: Ignore Pain reduces the Rage cost of your next Revenge by 35% 33%, and Revenge reduces the Rage cost of your next Ignore Pain by 35% 33%.
    • Indomitable: Increases your maximum health by 20%, and the maximum effect of Ignore Pain by 20%.
    • Never Surrender: Ignore Pain will ignore up to 100% more damage, based on your missing health. now ignores an additional 20% damage.
    • Devastator: Your auto attacks deal additional Physical damage, generate 5 2 Rage, and have a 30% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Shield Slam.




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