WoW: „Update“ Das AMA mit Method

WoW: „Update“ Das AMA mit Method
WoW: „Update“ Das AMA mit Method
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Update: Wie bereits vor Kurzem von den Spielern der europäischen Top-Gilde „Method“ durch mehrere Nachrichten auf Twitter und ihrer eigenen Internetseite angekündigt wurde, haben sie im Verlauf des gestrigen Abends nun endlich ihr AMA (Ask me Anything) auf Reddit veranstaltet. Während dieses Events beantworteten die beiden Spieler Sco und Rogerbrown dann sehr viele von der Community von World of Warcraft gestellte Fragen, die sich zum Großteil mit dem Raidprogress von „Method, dem Aufbau dieser Gilde und den Instanzen in Legion beschäftigten. Wer kein Interesse daran hat sich das komplette AMA durchzulesen, der findet hier nun eine kurze Übersicht der interessanten Antworten dieser beiden Spieler.


(Hier findet ihr das komplette AMA. Alle Antworten von Method sind in Orange geschrieben.)


Die Übersicht der interessantesten Antworten:

What classes and specs do you feel are very good that the community might be undervaluing?

Ele shaman, Ret paladin, Disc priest

How much of an impact did Legendary items and high leveled Artifact weapons have on your clear? Do you think you would still get world first if no one on your team had Legendary items and no +5%-15% additional damage from the Artifact Weapons?

Obviously all the legendaries and 5% dmg increases were necessary for the World First kill. But if those things didn’t exist in the game, the bosses would have been tuned a bit lower to still say relatively at the same difficulty. The only problem is seeing how big of a difference there is from guild to guild due to rng of legendaries and AP farming. And unfortunately it is quite a bit, which kind of ruins the fun of the whole thing. I wish Blizzard would have reduced the benefits that you got from these 2 systems, but now it is just too late.

How is raid loot distributed when your competing for a world first? Thanks Sco, always enjoyed watching your CM guides.

Loot council (primarily officers, with members yelling „OMG THIS IS MY BIS ITEM“ to try and sway the decision 😉 )

We typically gear; DPS -> Tanks -> Healers on progress. Progress fights = tough DPS requirements. If things die faster everything is easier

What is your opinion on post-Paragon level AP farming? I understand you want to get every edge possible, but surely as the level keeps climbing the return per time might at some point be better invested elsewhere.

What else could it be invested in that is the question? Unfortunately farming Mythic+ is the only thing to do, AP, chance on legendary and gear. All progress raiders will be trying to max out that paragon level. If you don’t then you are at a competitive disadvantage before even setting foot in the raid. What this means is that sadly we need to farm hundreds of mythic+

How many weekly hours of /played go into being a world first guild?

Normally I would say not that many due to the content being on farm = a few raids a week to clear the raids. However Legion has been crazy so far due to the AP grind. You could say that the hour requirement is almost a full time job until Nighthold (so for the first 4-5 months of release). Gearing multiple alt characters for Nighthold split clears also adds up the time requirement. I would say roughly 20-40 hours a week right now just on maintenance and AP farm mode.

Ghostcrawler mentioned that he sees potential in competitive PvE. Don’t you guys think that it’s time to talk to Blizzard and advertise the idea of competitive, profitable PvE?

First of all in terms of the World First Race, the problem has always been that if there are guilds who want to do whatever it takes for the number 1 spot, they will not want to stream their progression live, which is the only real way to make a profitable PvE scene.

Now for the PvE races outside of progression. This has been an idea which we have discussed a lot in the past. And there have been some PvE races which were quite popular. Unfortunately it is really hard to organize such events, as it involves a lot of people (at least 40 if it is just 2 guilds racing), and you see in other esports how things go wrong when it is just 10 players with constant pauses due to technical failures. Now apart from that, it also is hard to have set rules that would make the race fair since gear is a big factor. Ideally it would be nice from Blizzard to have some form of server, like the tournament one they had in the past, where people would have access to the same gear. We are of course hoping that Blizzard will help making these races easier for the community, or even better organize some themselves like they did for Blizzcon in the past, but sadly it seems like it isn’t something they focus on right now.

We’ve anticipated that this will be a popular question, so we’d like to get it out there now: would you like to explain your side of the story regarding the Serenity split? What steps did Method take to recover from losing so many core raiders?

There was a motivation low after the hype of world first Archimonde had died down. Method had achieved world first on Lei Shen, Garrosh, Blackhand and Archimonde which had spanned over multiple years. There were different camps in Method at this point and different reasons why people were playing the game. Long story short there were some pretty big ego’s in Method and rather than talk things out and get ourselves back on track the split happened. The majority of players followed a few ring leaders who had influence in the guild and the rest is history.

What happened after that was very difficult on a general level but also on a personal level – I had created the guild at the start of vanilla (~11 years ago) and obviously didn’t want it to end this way. I felt ‘betrayed’ in many ways and the whole situation followed me around, in the back of my head for a long long time. There was a lot of misinformation and rumours going around over the space of a year between Warlords and Legion and they didn’t paint Method in a very positive light. This was fuelled mostly by a few of the ring leaders who had left taking the opportunity to bad mouth Method on multiple occasions, stating the guild was dead and that they would have no competition in future races.

In the background to this, myself and a few of Method’s oldest members worked extremely hard to rebuild the guild. We had a lot of options we were considering, but decided the best way forward would be to combine forces with another raiding guild that was already doing extremely well. This guild was REM and coincidentally, just as I was about to reach out to them and discuss a merge I met one of the officers Pehmil in Copenhagen airport. We discussed what a merge might look like and then shortly after we took a call with me, Rogerbrown and the REM officers. I was really impressed with the REM offices at this point as they had a motivation and drive that I felt had been lacking in Method for quite a while. What happened after this was a lot of hard work and preparation as we formed a new guild together. I am hugely proud and thankful that this hard work has been shown off in Legion so far with some great raiding results.




Die europäische Top-Gilde „Method“ verkündete vor Kurzem auf Twitter und ihrer eigenen Internetseite, dass sie im Verlauf des heutigen Abends gegen 9pm CET mal wieder ein AMA (Ask me Anything) im Subreddit von World of Warcraft veranstalten möchten. Während dieser anstehenden Fragerunde werden die beiden bekannten Spieler Sco und Rogerbrown dann dauerhaft auf Reddit eingeloggt sein und die von Spielern auf dieser Plattform gestellten Fragen zu der Erweiterung „Legion“, ihrer Gilde und ihrem Raidprogress im aktuellen Addon beantworten.

Wer diesen beiden Spielern heute Abend ebenfalls eine Frage zu einem dieser Themen stellen möchte, der muss sich nachher ganz einfach nur auf Reddit einloggen und in dem extra für diesen Zweck erstellten Beitrag im Subreddit von World of Warcraft eine auf Englisch verfasste Nachricht hinterlassen. Da doppelt gestellte Fragen vermutlich nicht erneut beantwortet werden, sollten Spieler vor dem Einreichen einer Frage kurz kontrollieren, ob nicht vielleicht bereits eine andere Person vor ihnen eine Nachricht mit einer ähnlichen Formulierung gepostet hat.


Join Method’s Sco and Rogerbrown Monday 19 Dec on /r/wow for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, brought to you by Forge.

The boys will be answering all your questions related to Legion and the Method guild, so be sure to log on and submit those questions right at the start of the AMA. If you don’t have a reddit account, it’s completely free to sign up, just head over to the World of Warcraft Subreddit.

The AMA starts this Monday, 19 December, at 9pm CET (EU), 3pm EST (US), 12pm PST (US). 

Be sure you are following Method on Twitter for updates and a reminder when the AMA is getting ready to begin.





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