Legion: Der neue Build 21570

Legion: Der neue Build 21570
Legion: Der neue Build 21570
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In der vergangenen Nacht haben die Entwickler von World of Warcraft den neuen Build 21570 auf die aktuell laufenden Testserver der Alpha von „Legion“ aufgespielt und diese Testphase wieder einmal um einige neue Inhalte erweitert. Dazu gehören in diesem Fall dann neben den üblichen Klassenänderungen auch noch einige Modelle für neue PvP-Reittiere, eine Liste mit den Projekten für die Archäologie auf den verheerten Inseln, sehr viele zusätzliche Erfolge, einen Teil des Pre-Events und weitere Ladebildschirme für die Dungeons aus diesem Addon.



Highlights aus diesem Build:

  • Es gibt den neuen Titel „Field Medic“ für Spieler mit Erste Hilfe
  • Skins für Artefakte können durch drei neue Erfolge freigeschaltet werden: Keystone Master, Unleashed Monstrosities, This Side Up
  • Die Entwickler haben mehrere Modelle für neue PvP-Mounts implementiert
  • Der Erfolg „Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One (New)“ erhöht das Bewegungstempo von Reittieren auf den verheerten Inseln
  • Die bereits hier vorgestellte Reitratte ist nun ein richtiges Mount. Spieler erhalten es für den Erfolg Underbelly Tycoon (New)
  • Es gibt weitere Klassenänderungen und Anpassungen an den Artefakten (Link)
  • Es gibt nun Wappenröcke (Liste) für die neuen Fraktionen: Nightfallen Tabard
  • Die Entwickler haben viele Fehler in Suramar behoben und neuen Content in diese Zone eingebaut
  • Das Haustier „Corgnelius wurde als Belohnung für die Quest „It’s so FLUFFY!“ eingebaut.
  • Ein neues Reittier: Mechanized Lumber Extractor
  • Ein Teil des Pre-Events zu Legion wird in OG und SW stattfinden, wo ein unbekanntes Flüstern zufällig ausgewählten Spielern sehr viel Macht im Tausch gegen ihre Dienste anbietet. Danach erhalten Spieler dann eine neue Leiste mit Fähigkeiten, die sie gegen andere Personen einsetzen können und sie langsam in einen Schreckenslord verwandelt.




Der Bluepost:

  • Class Status – We’ve made many iterations based on feedback and testing. Here are some highlights:
    • General – We’re starting to really dig into bugfixing; thanks for all the reports.
    • Vengeance Demon Hunters – Several talents revised.
    • Protection Warrior – A few talents revised or replaced.
    • Subtlety Rogues – Removed Symbols of Death from the GCD.
    • Affliction Warlock – Soul Effigy revised to not provide such a drastic increase in proc chances.
    • Holy Paladin – Several talents replaced and revised.
    • Holy Priest – Apotheosis revised.
    • Retribution Paladin – Level 100 talents replaced and revised.
  • Artifact Trait Status – Nearly all traits are implemented, and rough ballpark tuning has started for some artifacts.
    • Outlaw Rogue – Curse of the Dreadblades duration tweaked.
    • Elemental Shaman – Power of the Maelstrom and Stormkeeper tweaked.
    • Holy Paladin – Tyr’s Deliverance also increases further healing from Holy Light and Flash of Light on affected targets.
    • Subtlety Rogue – Fortune’s Bite revised.
    • Shadow Priest – Sphere of Insanity revised.
    • Destruction Warlock – Lord of Flames redesigned.
    • Guardian Druid – Rage of the Sleeper revised.
    • Unholy Death Knight – Apocalypse now also performs a melee strike.
  • Suramar – Countless bugs have been fixed, and more content added to this new zone.




Neue Modelle:

PitLord2 Stingray2 Vicious War Elekk Vicious Hawkstrider Vicious Horse




Neue Ladebildschirme:

Druid Order Hall Neltharion's Lair MageArtifact1




Neue Karten:




Neue Icons:




Projekte für die Archäologie:


  • Blood of Young Mannoroth (New) – It is unclear why any being – demonic or Azerothian – would choose to put themselves on Mannoroth�s bad side by keeping some of his blood in a jar. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Crystalline Eye of Undravius (New) – The eye of a powerful demon, preserved in the cold, stony ground of Stormheim. Writings from the time of the War of the Ancients state that Undravius was a fel lord commander with designs on removing all life from Azeroth. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Imp Generator (New) – Under the guidance of uncooperative mo’arg engineers, demon hunters were able to create several of these portals to Mardum. Unfortunately, they never quite caught on, as they usually let more demons out than in. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Infernal Device (New) – Many a reckless adventurer has met her end by activating one of these devices without knowing its function. It is often unclear as to whether its activation will summon a single imp or a legion of pit lords. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Purple Hills of Mac’Aree (New) – In their haste, the draenei brought few artifacts with them as they left Argus. This book is one of the few relics that has survived the trip to this day. Rare. 100 fragments.



  • Crown Jewels of Suramar (New) – The ruling princes and princesses in Suramar chose only to wear their crowns at the most formal events. They were kept locked up at all other times, and were considered unstylish. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Key of Kalyndras (New) – Black Rook Hold was maintained and upkept by a small army of servants. One such servant was named Kalyndras, who was responsible for overseeing the Hold’s armory and munitions storage. Like most of Ravencrest’s servants, he fell to demons during the War of the Ancients. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Key to Nar’thalas Academy (New) – This key does not open any door. Rather, it is a ceremonial gesture of invitation to the Academy, as a way of saying, „Our doors are open to you.“ Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Orb of Sciallax (New) – This immensely powerful Highborne spell focus was shattered in a reckless archaeological expedition. Its shards are all that remain. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Starlight Beacon (New) – This handheld device was used by star-augurs to focus immense amounts of starlight into a small, concentrated area. The device was mainly used during festivals, star-worship rituals, or when the augur needed to reach something on a high shelf. Rare. 100 fragments.


Highmountain Tauren

  • Prizerock Neckband (New) – The drogbar have always been masters at jewelcrafting. In particular, tribal shaman would wear heavy, three-stoned necklaces. These necklaces were passed down from master to student. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Spear of Rethu (New) – Revered by miners and blacksmiths, Rethu Ironhorn was one of the first tauren settlers in the Broken Isles. His descendants carry on his tradition of metalworking at Ironhorn Enclave, near the peak of Highmountain. Rare. 100 fragments.
  • Spirit of Eche’ro (New) – Eche’ro was the pet, mount, and battle companion of Huln Highmountain, legendary hero of the War of the Ancients. Rare. 100 fragments.




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