SC2: Die Patchnotes zu Patch 3.2.1

SC2: Die Patchnotes zu Patch 3.2.1
SC2: Die Patchnotes zu Patch 3.2.1
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Während der Wartungsarbeiten in dieser Woche haben die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard den neuen Patch 3.2.1 auf die Liveserver von Starcraft 2 aufgespielt und gleichzeitig damit dann auch wieder englische Patchnotes auf der offiziellen Seite dieses Titels veröffentlicht. Dabei besteht dieses neue Update allerdings wieder einmal nur aus einer Vielzahl von Fehlerbehebungen an den verschiedenen Aspekten dieses Strategiespiels, die unter anderem einige störende Probleme mit der Kampagne von LotV oder dem neuen DLC „Novas Geheimmissionen” korrigieren.



StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void 3.2.1 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where quickly clicking the ‘Play Again’ button from the Score Screen would display an error about being locked out from the matchmaking queue.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to reconnect to from the in-game login screen after logging out and changing regions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a player to not spawn as the race they selected in ranked ladder play.
  • On the Campaign screen, the Last Mission Played screen should now display the correct mission image.
  • On the Campaign screen, fixed an issue where Nova’s decloaking animation would sometimes fail to play.
  • Fixed a desync that could occur when using the Recover Game feature.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when playing StarCraft II in Offline Mode.
  • Map Statistics will now show the proper win ratio in the Map Preferences dialogue.
  • Players using StarCraft II: Starter Edition can once again invite players to Custom Game and Arcade lobbies.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when double clicking a player’s name during a friend request.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue where text and images would sometimes overlap in Arcade maps.


Nova Covert Ops

  • Replaying through Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 1 will no longer overwrite your previous bonus objectives’ equipment progress.
  • Fixed a crash when starting a new Nova Covert Ops campaign in Offline Mode while using a non-English version of StarCraft II.
  • Fixed an issue on the Mac that caused Nova’s hair to display incorrectly during cutscenes.


Legacy of the Void Campaign

  • Fixed an issue where cutscenes would sometimes be skipped when replaying the Legacy of the Void campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where Solarite would occasionally reset to 100 when visiting the Legacy of the Void Master Archives.
  • For more information on these two bug fixes, please see our forum post.


Gameplay and Races

  • The Reaper’s KD8 Charge will now correctly knock back targets away from the grenade rather than away from the Reaper.
  • Adjusted the Liberator attack reticule while in Defender Mode to be more visible on snow terrain and in Low graphic settings.
  • Fixed an issue on Invader LE that prevented Terran structures from landing in certain locations on the map.




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