Buch der Helden: Die Inhalte für das Kapitel von Jaina Prachtmeer

Buch der Helden: Die Inhalte für das Kapitel von Jaina Prachtmeer
Buch der Helden: Die Inhalte für das Kapitel von Jaina Prachtmeer
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Der in dieser Woche für Hearthstone erschienene Patch 18.2 brachte unter anderem das Buch der Helden mit sich. Bei dieser Neuerung handelt es sich um ein auf den Standard-Helden dieses Titels basierendes Abenteuer, welches regelmäßig mit neuen Flügeln ausgestattet werden soll. Den Anfang macht dabei dann ein bereits am 15. September erscheinendes Abenteuer rund um Jaina Prachtmeer und die wichtigsten Momente im Leben dieser Magierin. Da die Daten für diese neue Spielerfahrung mit Patch 18.2 geliefert wurden, konnten Data Miner praktischerweise schon jetzt herausfinden, welche Charaktere, Heldenfähigkeiten und Bosse für dieses Abenteuer bestimmt sind. Folgend könnt ihr bei Interesse selbst einen Blick auf diese Inhalte werfen.



Die Versionen von Jaina:

Die Magierin startet mit dem linken Bild und entwickelt sich im Verlauf des Abenteuers zu der Figur im rechten Bild.

Jaina Proudmoore Card Image Jaina Proudmoore Card Image Jaina Proudmoore Card Image



Die Heldenfähigkeit:

Die Heldenfähigkeit von Jaina wird sich im Verlauf der Kämpfe etwas ändern. Sie spiegelt ihre zunehmende Stärke als Magierin wider.

Iceblast Card Image Iceblast Rank 2 Card Image Iceblast Rank 3 Card Image

Icefall Card Image Icefall Rank 2 Card Image

Summon Elemental Card Image Summon Elemental Rank 2 Card Image Summon Elemental Rank 3 Card Image



Die Bosse:

Im Verlauf des Abenteuers müssen die Spieler die folgenden Bosse besiegen. Dabei handelt es sich um alte Lehrmeister, Liebhaber und mächtige Bösewichte, die alle eine wichtige Rolle in dem Leben von Jaina spielten. Jeder dieser Charaktere besitzt eine passende Heldenfähigkeit, passende Decks und eine Reihe von Dialogen. Diese Texte sind hauptsächlich dafür bestimmt, um den Spielern die Beziehung zwischen Jaina und der Figur näherzubringen und ihnen die Hintergrundgeschichte dieser Magierin auf eine möglichst interessante zu vermitteln.


Kampf 1- Requesting Instruction

He’s the only teacher Jaina would ever need! She just has to convince him first.

Archmage Antonidas Card Image Supreme Acumen Card Image


Before Mission

  • All things change. That is what magic is—transformation, creation… destruction.
  • But, despite my command of it, I never realized how much change would affect me—the things I believed in… and the things I stood for.
  • I was raised in Kul Tiras, but as my talent for magic grew, I wanted to study under Archmage Antonidas in Dalaran.


Mission – Jaina

  • Take me on as your apprentice, please!
  • I’ll prove myself to you!
  • Even my father is impressed by this one! And he never smiles at anything.
  • But I want it to be you! You’re the best!
  • No, not him. He gives me the creeps.
  • Really? Oh, thank you!


Mission – Antonidas

  • I’m afraid I don’t have time for that.
  • You are quite good.
  • There are plenty of fine mages here who could help you.
  • I suppose that’s right…
  • You could ask Archmage Kel’Thuzad for instruction.
  • All right, Miss Jaina. You have won me over. I could not imagine a better candidate for my apprentice.
  • Here’s some advanced material…
  • You have a lot to learn.
  • Ahah!
  • Forgive me, Miss Jaina. I’m certain you’ll become a wonderful mage in time.
  • My work with the Kirin Tor keeps me quite busy.
  • We are at war with the orc invaders. It takes much of my attention.
  • I do sense there is something special about you, Miss Jaina.
  • Let’s focus on the matter at hand.



Kampf 2- The Visitor from Quel’Thalas

Has heard of Jaina’s skill but not her love for a different blond prince. It’s hard to tell him…

Prince Kael'thas Card Image Firemancy Card Image


Before Mission

  • Antonidas was a kind and skillful teacher. My advancement grew beyond my wildest dreams, but so did the pressure I faced.
  • I spent my days with mages who were older and more powerful than I. There was bound to be some awkwardness…


Mission – Jaina

  • Certainly, Your Highness.
  • Oh, all right.
  • Let’s… not talk about that.
  • I’m just trying not to burn any more literature.
  • I appreciate it, but my place is here in Dalaran for now.


Mission – Kael’thas

  • May I have a demonstration of your studies, Lady Proudmoore?
  • You can call me Kael.
  • I remember when you were accidentally setting books on fire!
  • I see you still favor ice spells. It is fire that calls to me!
  • Haha, that’s fair.
  • Your progress is brilliant, Jaina. Please visit Silvermoon with me sometime.
  • What a charming thought.
  • Just a small trick!
  • Are you impressed?
  • Watch this!
  • A pity it turned out this way. I’d heard such wonderful things about you.
  • Being a prince is a great burden, but someone must bear it.
  • My homeland is beautiful beyond measure, yet it would be even lovelier with you.
  • It’s so delightful when humans aren’t intimidated by me!



Kampf 3 – The Edge of Loss

No one knows yet, but his heart has already been corrupted by the Lich King’s evil.

Prince Arthas Card Image Defensive Strike Card Image


Before Mission

  • I couldn’t tell Kael’thas that there was another prince I loved—Arthas. We’d just reunited when a plague broke out across the lands of Lordaeron.
  • We worked together to investigate. But the further we went, the clearer it became that I was losing him.


Mission – Jaina

  • I’m worried about you, Arthas. You haven’t been yourself lately.
  • I’m not accusing you of anything! There’s no need to attack me.
  • You’re a man of faith. You don’t have to hate the enemy so fiercely…
  • Uther cares about you… so do I.
  • I know. But this plague might not be something you can resolve with force.
  • If you say so.


Mission – Arthas

  • Don’t you think I have enough on my mind without your accusations?!
  • You started this. We’ll settle it by sparring.
  • You sound like Uther.
  • I will fight for my kingdom. People expect that from me.
  • I’m sorry. When this is all over, everything will be fine again. I promise.
  • That won’t work on me this time.
  • Try to see it my way.
  • I’m under a lot of pressure!
  • No one understands!
  • Part of me knows you’re right… I just don’t know what else to do.
  • I hate arguing like this.
  • We have to get along, Jaina. Our future together depends on it.
  • This plague is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Lordaeron is on the verge of ruin.



Kampf 4 – Dispelling a Demon

This mighty orc warrior fights a greater battle within himself.

Grommash Hellscream Card Image Equip Gorehowl Card Image


Before Mission

  • The darkness I sensed within Arthas was the work of demons. They twisted his soul, transforming him into the Lich King…
  • And he did their bidding—terrorizing his former kingdom. Antonidas charged me with evacuating civilians across the sea.
  • But even there, the demons‘ influence was lurking, strong as ever.


Mission – Jaina

  • Never! How did you orcs even get here?
  • You escaped the internment camps?
  • Dark magic lingers around you… you’ve been corrupted.
  • Then we need to subdue him… Let’s work together.
  • Perhaps if we join forces, we can undo more of the demons‘ plans.


Mission – Grommash

  • Leave these lands, pinkskin!
  • We are always one step ahead.
  • There is no cage that can yet hold me.
  • Silence, human!
  • I see clearly now. I’m… sorry. I am so sorry.
  • BAH!
  • Where is Gorehowl?!
  • <battle cry>
  • Taste my blade!
  • What has come over me? I did not mean to do that…
  • None can rival the power the demons have given us!
  • The blood haze clouds everything…
  • I left behind my home… my ailing son… all for the glory of battle!

Mission – Thrall

  • I am Thrall, leader of the orc Horde. This warrior answers to me, but his mind has been overwhelmed by rage.
  • I will aid you.
  • Here is more help.
  • Let me assist.
  • All is well, thanks to Lady Proudmoore.



Kampf 5 – Eternity’s End

This powerful invader is certain he will win… Maybe too certain.

Archimonde Card Image Rain of Chaos Card Image


Before Mission

  • I was right. Destiny had brought us together just in time to face a mighty demon: Archimonde.
  • The night elves united with us as the demon moved to corrupt their World Tree.
  • This was our one chance to lay a trap for him… and ensure his destruction.


Mission – Jaina

  • Indeed. But the reckoning will be yours.
  • Is talking all you demons do?
  • Hm, he doesn’t suspect anything.
  • Everything we hoped for came true. Archimonde didn’t see the trap until it was too late.


Mission – Archimonde

  • The time for reckoning has come!
  • You are very brave to stand against me.
  • If only your countrymen had been as bold, I would have had more fun scouring you from the world!
  • If I’d known that this mortal resistance would be so weak, I would have launched this invasion centuries ago!
  • <death exertion>
  • Pathetic mortal!
  • Your resistance is insignificant!
  • All creation will be devoured!
  • This world will burn!
  • Soon the heart of your world will beat no more…
  • You are nothing in the face of my power.
  • Mourn the passing of all you have ever known.
  • All of your efforts have been in vain.


Mission – Thrall

  • Fight on, my warriors! They cannot stop the Horde!
  • Our spirit is stronger than he ever knew.


Mission – Tyrande

  • For Elune!



Kampf 6 – Theramore’s Fall

Thrall’s successor is driven by the need for conquest and valorous war.

Garrosh Hellscream Card Image Horde Armada Card Image Gates of Theramore Card Image


Before Mission

  • Our Alliance with the night elves held firm, but the Horde followed another path.
  • Despite the challenges, including my own father’s attempts at war, I stood by Thrall and upheld the fragile peace.
  • Then he stepped down as leader of the Horde. In his place was… a monster. The first chance he had, he attacked us.


Mission – Jaina

  • Our people have lived in peace for many years. We had an agreement with the Warchief!
  • I won’t be the aggressor in this!
  • I trusted Thrall. Why would you throw that away?
  • I used to believe in peace, but no more. Now I know what they are truly capable of.
  • Reinforce our gates!
  • The gates are crumbling!
  • Our gates are gone…
  • I can’t leave my people!


Mission – Garrosh

  • There is a new warchief.
  • Then accept the consequences.
  • It doesn’t matter now.
  • And now, deploy our final weapon!
  • You cannot change what must be done.
  • Theramore will fall!
  • I will crush you!
  • Victory or death!
  • Under my leadership, the Horde will conquer all!
  • You have never seen the true Horde.
  • Your father attacked us, and you will as well!
  • Thrall sat at your feet like a dog. I will not!


Mission – Kalec

  • They will stop at nothing…
  • You must retreat, Jaina. Save yourself!
  • You won’t achieve anything by dying here.



Kampf  7 – Broken Bonds

The former warchief has returned to restore the peace, if he can.

Thrall Card Image Spirit of Air Card Image


Before Mission

  • I was defeated, but not helpless. I found a way to avenge the fallen… a spell that could summon enough power to destroy all of Orgrimmar.
  • Only one person could stand in my way.


Mission – Jaina

  • Friend?! This is all your fault, Thrall…
  • Your Warchief annihilated Theramore! Nothing remains!
  • The Horde is made of monsters, Thrall. You alone deceived me.
  • You can’t understand it. You weren’t there. You didn’t see what happened to Theramore… to me.
  • I… I won’t let them get away with this.
  • Fine. So long as he knows he will never again be my ally.


Mission – Thrall

  • The elements called me here to stop you, old friend…
  • I grieve for your city. But vengeance will not bring back what was lost.
  • Fight Garrosh. But the rest of my people are not your enemy.
  • We can talk through this.
  • Jaina… I never wanted this. I am so sorry.
  • Blood and thunder!
  • Elements guide me!
  • Storm, earth, and fire—heed my call!
  • Do not be blinded by your grief. Much more is at stake.
  • I made a grave error in trusting Garrosh…
  • I thought you hated resorting to violence?!


Mission – Kalec

  • Why are you being so difficult?
  • I don’t have space.



Kampf 8 – Jaina’s Resolution

He represents the Horde members in the Kirin Tor, but his days are numbered.

Aethas Sunreaver Card Image Arcane Intensity Card Image


Before Mission

  • Kalec stayed my hand that day, however, it was only a matter of time until the Horde betrayed me again.
  • I became the leader of the Kirin Tor, and, as such, was authorized to expel them from the city of Dalaran. Permanently.


Mission – Jaina

  • You’ve betrayed the Kirin Tor, Sunreaver. Your kind is no longer welcome here.
  • Hah! I see. I will remove you by force, then.
  • No, I have finally accepted the truth.
  • Not when you stab me in the back!
  • You aided Garrosh, and I will never forgive you for that.
  • At last, I was free of the Horde and the burden of supporting an impossible peace.
  • There were times I still dreamed of the ideals I held in the past, but that time has gone forever.
  • Now I have changed into the person the world needs me to be—one who leads with conviction, not appeasement—in the face of endless war.


Mission – Aethas Sunreaver

  • This is OUR city too, Proudmoore.
  • You are mad.
  • The Kirin Tor is beyond the Alliance or Horde.
  • Honestly, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
  • <death exertion>
  • What do you mean?
  • Diel fin’al!
  • Time to light a fire!
  • Anar’alah belore!
  • I suppose now I have betrayed you… unfortunately.
  • Please come to your senses, Archmage!
  • I don’t know who turned on you, but it wasn’t me.
  • The Sunreavers have always served the Kirin Tor honorably.




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