Shadowlands Dialoge: Wer hat Vol’jin beeinflusst?

Shadowlands Dialoge: Wer hat Vol’jin beeinflusst?
Shadowlands Dialoge: Wer hat Vol’jin beeinflusst?
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Der in der vergangenen Nacht von Data Minern auseinandergenommene Build für die Alpha von Shadowlands beinhaltete unter anderem einige sehr interessante neue Dialoge für bestimmte Elemente dieser Erweiterung, die schon jetzt den einen oder anderen Handlungspunkt der Geschichte dieses Addons enthüllen. Der möglicherweise wichtigste Teil aus diesen Dialogen enthüllt zur Überraschung und Freude vieler Spieler endlich ein bereits seit Legion stark diskutiertes Geheimnis und dreht sich im Grunde darum, was genau eigentlich Voljin und Bwonsamdi in dieser Erweiterung tun werden. Dabei geht aus diesem Dialog recht eindeutig hervor, wer eigentlich zu Beginn von Legion mit dem sterbenden Voljin gesprochen hat und somit den Aufstieg von Sylvanas zum Kriegshäuptling der Horde ermöglichte.

Spoiler: Scheinbar werden Voljin und Bwonsamdi sich in Shadowlands in Ardenweald aufhalten und dort dann den ebenfalls den Tod repräsentierenden Troll-Loa Muehzala am Einsammeln der Seelen aus diesem Gebiet hindern. Beim Verhören von Muehzala erfahren die Spieler, Voljin und Bwonsamdi dann, dass Muehzala mit dem im Sterben liegenden Voljin gesprochen hat und ihm dazu brachte Sylvanas zu dem kommenden Kriegshäuptling zu ernennen. Dabei scheint Muehzala ebenfalls dem Jailer im Schlund zu dienen, weshalb er Sylvanas bei ihren Plänen unterstützte.

Zusätzlich zu dieser Enthüllung endet der Dialog an dieser Stelle damit, dass die Spieler erfahren, warum der Geist von Voljin eigentlich so mächtig ist und warum dieser verstorbene Troll sich gegenüber anderen Loa durchsetzen kann. Diesem Dialog zufolge beinhaltet der Geist von Voljin zumindest einige Elemente des Geistes eines Loa, der aktuell einfach nur darauf wartet wiederbelebt zu werden. Auch wenn dieser Text nicht unbedingt deutlich ist, so sieht es aktuell ganz danach aus, als würde der in BfA getötete Rezan über Voljin wachen und es ihm ermöglichen ein neuer Loa zu werden.


Die Dialoge:

Vol’jin and Bwonsamdi Reveal:

„Foolish loa. I will feast upon your worshippers and be reborn!“
„Hah! I be callin‘ da shots… and you be under me command with dis little trick. Now… you be tellin‘ me everytin‘ dat ya did ta Ardenweald.“
„Ignorant loa… the undead come to this place as we speak. You will be overrun!“
„Heh heh… I… said… SPEAK!“
„AGH! I discarded the spirits in Ardenweald that refused to follow me into the Maw!“
„Oh? Good ting Bwonsamdi got a deal with someone who can be recoverin‘ dem spirits from dat place.“
„Haha… you think you can undo what I have wrought? The Jailer’s work cannot be stopped now… especially not by an idiotic loa like yourself.“
„Azeroth is in ruins… and all because of one… little… whisper to a dying warchief.“
„What? No… de whisper dat told me to make Sylvanas warchief… it be you?“
„You played your part perfectly, troll. And I would have tortured you for eternity… if not for someone’s intervention.“
„I be hearin‘ enough! I want ya ta be knowin‘ sometin‘ before I destroy ya, Mueh’zala.“
„Dere only be room for one loa o‘ death.“
„And it be Bwonsamdi.“
„What dis be? Bwonsamdi too busy ta be summonin‘ me heself now?“
„When dis starts, Mueh’zala gonna be drainin‘ de life outta me people. You gonna make sure dey don’t get lost ta him.“
„Now… we be seein‘ what little secrets dis puny death loa has. Wake up, Mueh’zala!“
„Dat be for usin‘ me ta put Sylvanas in power.“
„We gotta hurry. We got spirits stuck in da Maw to rescue… for da Winter Queen.“
„Hold on, $n. I got sometin‘ ta be talkin‘ ta ya about.“
„I last heard you had gone somewhere with Bwonsamdi. Now you are here with these loa?“
„Hey dere Winter Queen! Ol‘ Bwonsamdi can be explainin’… see, I be findin‘ out dat Mueh’zala be takin‘ ya loa away.“
„So I be helpin‘ dis one find where dey be… deep in da Maw.“
„… Even if Ardenweald does not have the power to rebirth all spirits, they must all flow through here to try to be saved.“
„I will take these three spirits into our care. And you will find your way out of my land, Bwonsamdi.“
„Four spirits, if ya please.“
„I thought I sensed something special about your spirit. You have a loa within you… waiting to be reborn.“
„I cannot promise that you will survive… or what form of loa you will become. But I shall allow you a pod to be reborn.“
„Life be full o‘ mysteries. I be learnin‘ ta embrace dem and see what happens next.“
„(Scene swaps to Vol’jin being put into a pod, then slowly fades to black… before snapping back to Bwonsamdi standing in front of Vol’jin’s pod.)
„Rezan be smarter dan I thought… but now dere be a new loa who be havin‘ a deal wit ol‘ Bwonsamdi. Heh heh heh…“



Alliance Exile’s Reach:

„You are a soldier of the noble Alliance, a coalition of nations dedicated to upholding the ideals of peace and justice across Azeroth.“
„Two weeks ago, an Alliance expedition sent to explore an uncharted island in the Great Sea disappeared without a trace.“
„A rescue mission led by Captain Victoria Garrick has set sail from Stormwind City with you aboard.“

„Hailing from the human kingdom of Stormwind, you follow in the footsteps of valiant knights, clever sorcerers, and legendary heroes.“
„Representing the stout and enduring dwarves of Ironforge, you have emerged from the mountain and stand ready to face any challenge.“
„As one of the ancient and elusive night elves, you have left the tranquil boughs of Teldrassil to aid your allies and defend the wilds.“
„The gnomes of Gnomeregan bolster the Alliance with their ingenuity and mechanical aptitude. You have opted for a more direct approach.“
„Your people, the draenei, arrived on Azeroth as refugees from another world. But this world is now your home, and you have sworn to defend it.“
„Like many pandaren, you have known a life of quiet harmony on the traveling isle of Shen-zin Su. But your intrepid spirit yearns for adventure.“
„Though the worgen curse decimated your home kingdom of Gilneas and turned you into a beast, your feral rage can be used for the good of all.“
„It is up to you to find the missing expedition members and bring them home. For the Alliance!“

„Fools! Did you think I would retreat so easily after your puny ritual?“
„The Tarragrue? I hoped you would get deeper into the Maw before that beast caught your scent.
„Be wary. It moves slowly, but if you tarry for too long, it will find you!“
„Hand over the Eye of Fire and we will not be required to take it by force.“
„You still stand. Your little ritual actually managed to weaken me.“

„Behold, the true power of the Eye of Fire!“
„Hah! I know fully well how to reverse your little spells. When I return, you will be reduced to cinders.“
„Now, it is time for you to die. Do not despair, for I shall ensure your allies meet the same fate.“

„Hold onto the gryphons, they’re trained to avoid all sorts of danger. Hopefully it also includes fire from a dragon’s artifact!“
„I’m gonna get meself to Camp Bronzebeard te see how they’re doin‘. I’ll meet up with the rest of ye later!“
„We’ll have to leap off the gryphons when we get to the camp and get to work as fast as possible with whoever is left there.“
„I’m goin‘ ahead te make sure Camp Bronzebeard is safe. For the Alliance!“
„The recruits back at Stormwind are never going to believe this!“
„Let’s hope whoever has the shield up lets us in, or this will be one short ride!“
„Hang on!“
„Deal, now hold on tight!“
„Not if I can help it, ye overgrown lizard!“
„We’ll hold the dragon’s attention! Ye best get te Camp Bronzebeard, they need yer help!“

„We will take your soul, and raise the dragon from the dead!“
„The full force of the Alliance will rain down upon you!“
„As a newly arrived soul you should know this is a place of torment and of penance.“
„Not to fear though, for as you see by these many sinstones, the road to redemption is possible.“
„Let’s go. Those monsters have my son.“
„Henry? I didn’t see him… but I’m sure he’s still alive.“

„Mother… I’m sorry. I tried to fight the ogres… but they were too strong.“
„Henry… always remember that you are more than your mistakes. Now, Private Garrick, I want a full situation report.“
„Yes, mother–Captain Garrick! The ogres are using necromancy to raise a dragon from the dead.“
„They need sacrifices like us to fuel their magic. They’re about to start a ritual that–“
„It’s already begun… they’re going to use the life force they gathered to reanimate the dragon!“

„Out of the way, little spiders!“
„These poor creatures… we cannot stop to help them.“
„By the Light, you’re alive!“
„Ye did a good job, savin‘ those people and dealin‘ with those spiders.“
„Those spiders were victims, too. They just lost their home.“
„Yeah… well, I guess ye could see it that way.“
„The Light shines on all creatures. That does not mean I have to like them.“
„This mortal will not become another puppet of the Master.“
„Hah! Our dragon will crush them!“

„Dead end! Well, time to see if this amulet works.“
„Master! Master! The creature has arrived!“
„I know. I raised him to overcome any challenge.“
„We have other rituals to oversee. Savor the final moments of your life!“
„Then we need to move quickly. Recruit, Private Garrick, the Alliance never gives up hope, even in the face of disaster.“
„We’ll put a stop to these rituals before the ogres can complete them. Let’s go!“




„Each of these sinstones represents a soul who has come to this place and cleansed themselves of their sins, eventually moving on from this place or accepting the role of a venthyr.“
„Final judgement comes from the Master. It is he who commands this place. It is he who embraces souls to become venthyr, the tormentors and eaters of sin.“
„There are always those few who are unwilling to work for redemption.“
„Or don’t agree with their sinstone.“
„Or are simply just a bunch of bad apples.“
„Thems get the boot. Down to the Maw and never to come back. Take this poor soul for example. He’s on his final warning.“
„Won’t even admit he did somethin‘ wrong. Still thinks he’s someone important.“
„Hold, creatures. This is a guest, not a charge.“
„Quick, make yaself presentable. Lord Chamberlain is here.“

„My children, I know the suffering you have endured.“
„The shortage of anima and the lack of new souls have inflicted terrible hardship upon us all.“
„I fear further sacrifices must be made if Revendreth is to survive this crisis.“
„Ah! The mortal who escaped the inescapable prison. A living soul restoring hope to the realms eternal.“
„This drought has left my people desperate…“
„But if you were to aid our cause, then I could gratefully provide the aid you seek.“
„Begging my Master’s pardon.“
„Ravagers and thieves. Stop them before they raid what few anima reserves we have left.“
„Elune, please shield us from harm!“

„You two, dredgers, leave that mortal alone. They are under the protection of the Master.“
„Come, mortal, let us away from this place.“
„No doubt by now you have heard of the anima drought plaguing our reality.“
„My Master, the supreme Sire Denathrius, has a plan to see us through these dark times.“
„We face this challenge with dignity and remain united behind the Master. Revendreth remains resolute!“
„They claim he is hoarding aether when in fact he must ration what limited reserves we have left.“
„Rumors of a rebellion are greatly overstated. Everything is under control.“
„Lord Chamberlain! There’s a commotion up ahead. Looks like a fight.“
„Rebels. Just drive either over or through them. They would not dare to- Aah!“
„He is your Master too, traitor! Release us at once.“
„As you command, Lord Chamberlain.“

„Champion deal with the Maw Walker!“

„I shall tear this world apart!“
„No more excuses. The Master will have his tithe of anima or I will see to it that everyone in this miserable hamlet are exiled to the Ember Ward.“


„What in the name of the Master?“
„I humbly present… the Maw Walker.“
„Maw Walker, I am aware of your urgent request for anima. Under normal circumstances, I would of course oblige.“
„Sadly, you arrive in the midst of a violent rebellion. Our resources are stretched perilously thin.“
„…and some, even defiant.“



Horde Exile’s Reach:

„You are a part of the powerful Horde, a united group of disparate races seeking to carve their own path within Azeroth.“
„Two weeks ago, a Horde expedition sent to explore an uncharted island in the Great Sea disappeared without a trace.“
„A rescue mission led by Warlord Breka Grimaxe has set sail from Orgrimmar with you aboard.“
„Your orcish blood thrives for adventure, and you seek to prove your strength and honor.“
„You bear the curse of the Forsaken, returned from the grave. It is your choice what you do with this second chance at life.“
„As a member of the wise and peaceful Tauren, you travel through Azeroth to preserve the balance of nature.“
„The ferocity and pride of the trolls are known throughout Azeroth. You set off for adventure to prove yourself amongst the many troll heroes.“
„You left the comforts of Silvermoon City to find power and greatness within Azeroth, like many blood elves before you.“
„As a goblin, you know there’s no fame to be made sitting at home. You set out for adventure, glory, and gold!“
„It’s up to you to find the missing expedition members and bring them home. For the Horde!“

„We move. These monsters have my daughter.“
„The Horde will crush you and your dragon beneath its feet!“
„Mother… I tried stopping the ogres on my own, but I failed. I just don’t have your raw strength to fight them.“
„You have your own strength, Shuja. Do not try to be anyone but yourself. Now, tell me what’s going on here.“
„I understand. The ogres are using necromancy to raise a dragon from the dead.“
„They need sacrifices like us to fuel their magic. They’re about to start a ritual that –„
„It has already begun. They’re going to use the life force they’ve gathered to reanimate the dragon!“
„Then we must move. Remember, when times are difficult, the Horde remains strong when we stay together.“
„We’re going to put a stop to these rituals before the ogres can complete them. Let’s go.“
„Earth Mother, guide my steps so we may flee this wicked place!“
„The ogres and their vile servants have disrupted the balance of nature in this place!“
„By me ancestors, ya be alive!“
„Good job getting everyone out and blowing up that cave of spiders.“
„Those spiders did not deserve to have their home destroyed.“
„Returned for more, necromancer? I can do this all day.“
„My paragon, you do not stand alone!“
„Ah, you will work well.“
„Thanikos, no!“
„What… is happening…to me?“
„No! No! NOOOOOOOO!!!“
„Y-yes… master…“
„A perfect reunion. Now please finish this matter, Thanikos.“
„Magnificent. Bron’s strength is my strength. Our strength!“




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