Dialoge aus Patch 8.3: Tyrande, die Führung der Horde und Azshara

Dialoge aus Patch 8.3: Tyrande, die Führung der Horde und Azshara
Dialoge aus Patch 8.3: Tyrande, die Führung der Horde und Azshara
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Die Data Miner von WoWhead konnten in den Spieldaten des seit gestern Abend auf dem öffentlichen Testserver von World of Warcraft vorhandenen Patch 8.3 unter anderem eine Reihe von informativen Dialogen entdecken, die für unterschiedliche Quests und Sequenzen in diesem Content Update bestimmt sind. Auch wenn diese Gespräche zwischen NPCs keine gewaltigen Geheimnisse der erzählten Geschichte enthüllen, so liefern sie uns aber trotzdem einige sehr interessante Informationen zu den Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren, den Verlassenen und der aktuell viel diskutieren Führung der Horde. Wer keine Lust hat alle diese englischen Dialoge selbst durchzulesen, der findet in diesem Beitrag praktischerweise eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Informationen aus diesen Texten.


Die interessantesten Informationen:

  • Der Krieg zwischen den Fraktionen wird offiziell beendet.
  • Die Horde erhält keinen neuen Kriegshäuptling.
  • Die Horde wird in Zukunft von einem Rat angeführt. Zu den Ratsmitgliedern gehören Baine, Thrall und einige andere NPCs.
  • Rokhan wird offiziell zum Anführer der Trolle ernannt.
  • Thalyssra und Lor’themar scheinen sich näherzukommen.
  • Tyrande hasst die Horde auch weiterhin und will Sylvanas jagen.
  • Tyrande deutet an, dass Elune möglicherweise die Nachtelfen im Stich gelassen hat.
  • Lilian Voss weigert sich die Verlassenen anzuführen.
  • Calia und Derek verlassen Kul Tiras und treffen sich mit Lilian Voss.
  • Calia soll scheinbar die Verlassenen anführen. Ihre ersten Rekruten sind die wiederbelebten Nachtelfen.
  • Die Drachenschwärme haben sich bisher nicht eingemischt, weil sie keine Tyrannen sind und die sterblichen Völker eigene Entscheidungen treffen müssen.
  • Ebonhorn und Wrathion treffen sich. Sie sehen sich als Brüder an.
  • Nathanos hat Azshara den Dolch Xal’atath überlassen.
  • Azshara wollte Xal’atath dafür nutzen, um den geschwächten N’Zoth nach seiner Befreiung zu töten. Dieser Plan scheiterte wegen den Spielern.
  • Laut Azshara ist N’Zoth der schwächste Alte Gott.
  • Die Spieler befreien Azshara in Ny’alotha. Sie steht noch immer gegen die Alten Götter und gibt den Spielern Xal’atath. Damit lässt sich N’Zoth besiegen.




Die Dialoge aus Patch 8.3:

Der Plan von Azshara:

Azshara: We have a bargain, then. I will bring both fleets crashing to the ocean floor, and your champion will deliver the dagger to me.
Sylvanas: And in turn, you will have the key required to free the Old God from his bonds… and leave him vulnerable.
Azshara: You wound me, Warchief. After all, I am as dedicated to my master as you are to your subjects.
Sylvanas: Indeed. Just be certain that once you have what you need, you dispose of your guests. Let none of the „heroes“ escape.
Azshara: I admire your ruthlessness, Windrunner. It seems our interests are aligned… at present.
Sylvanas: At present.
Azshara: Treacherous Banshee! Do you think I am blind to the darkness you seek to unleash?


You bore me. Obey my demands or suffer.
Your performance is tiresome. Fulfill my wishes or die.
Now go and do what you will. I tire of intermediaries and heralds. The true throne of power beckons, and I intend to claim it.

Keep that orb away from me!
Do not allow the Void to touch me!
You will suffer for this!


Submit, Azshara! Beg forgiveness for your failure! Your betrayal!
Insolence only prolongs your agony! You will break, or I will carve out your defiant tongue!
Impudent underling! You will… address me… as queen!
More likely, Xanesh… Azeroth’s champions… will be the ones… to silence you.
Release me! Only I possess the means of defeating N’Zoth!
Mind your tone, whelpling. A queen keeps her promises. Listen closely, as I will only say this once.
For all his bluster, N’Zoth was ever the weakest of his kin. One vestige of their power yet remains that can be turned against him.
I would have driven this blade into his foul heart myself… had you not disrupted my plans.
No matter. Xal’atath is yours, mortals. Strike true. Should your first blow fail, you will not survive to attempt another.


Tyrande und Anduin:

Anduin: The armistice is signed. At long last, the Fourth War is over.
Tyrande: No. Not while the Black Moon still cries out for vengeance. Not until the Horde has answered for its treachery.
Anduin: Further bloodshed will not bring back the fallen. We must renew our hope and forge a future for those who survived.
Tyrande: And when the next warchief musters an army, will hope save you if it is Stormwind that burns?
Anduin: I know it’s difficult to trust, but there are signs of change within the Horde. In place of a warchief, there is now a council led by Baine, Thrall, and the others. I believe they can–
Tyrande: Your faith is naive, lion son. I will sign no treaty unless it is written in the Banshee’s blood!
Anduin: Tyrande!
Genn: There is truth in her words, Anduin. Peace may be on the table today, but soon enough the Horde will sound their drums and march for war.
Genn: When that day comes, no scrap of parchment will hold them back.
Anduin: The path to peace will not be easy, and not all will choose to walk it. But this is the only way to build a better future. I believe it will work, Genn.


Tyrande und Shandris:

Shandris: You spoke harshly to King Anduin, Tyrande. The kaldorei can ill afford to shun the Alliance. They have provided aid and comfort to us in these dark times.
Tyrande: The young king is foolish to trust our enemies. Harsh words should be the least of his fears.
Shandris: The Banshee Queen no longer leads the Horde. Those who do seem more inclined toward peace than war.
Tyrande: If the wolf is rabid, it matters not who rides it. Sooner or later, the beast will bare its fangs.
Shandris: You are dearest to my heart, Tyrande. I beg you, let go of the Black Moon’s rage and embrace the mother’s light once again. I could not bear to lose you to darkness.
Tyrande: Know this. My hunger for vengeance will not be sated so long as Sylvanas Windrunner remains free–and until I know why Elune abandoned her children.
Shandris: Tyrande! Do not say such–
Tyrande: I will tarry no longer in this city of men. Let us leave for the boughs of Nordrassil.
Tyrande: From there we will dispatch the Sentinels to every corner of Azeroth. Let no one rest until the Banshee is found!


Die Führung der Horde:

Lor’themar: The Alliance has sent word. They have agreed to the armistice. This bitter war is finally over.
Baine: At last we can begin to heal our wounded Earth Mother… and the wounded Horde as well.
Lor’themar: One question remains. Who will serve as warchief? Perhaps, you, Thrall, would–
Thrall: No. I told Saurfang I would not lead the Horde again.
Thrall: But perhaps the question is not who will become warchief… but whether there should be one at all.
Lor’themar: Though the Horde has changed through the years–for good or ill–our people have always looked to a warchief to guide us forward.
Baine: That legacy must end. The war nearly cost us everything. There is no place for a warchief in a time of peace.
Thrall: It is true–the Horde has changed. Our ranks have grown, and new voices have stepped forth to lead.
Thrall: This is what makes us strong. All of us, building a new future–together.


Rokhan: Since da death of Vol’jin, da Darkspear been lookin‘ ta me ta guide dem.
Rokhan: I been fightin‘ for dem a long, long time… but dat don’t mean I deserve ta be deir chieftain.
Baine: I felt much the same when my father died. It happened suddenly, and I feared that I was unprepared to take his place.
Baine: But I was ready, just as you are. You proved that in Zuldazar and at Stromgarde. The Darkspear have faith in you, and so do I.
Rokhan: Heh. Ya best be stoppin‘ da flattery, Baine, before it be goin‘ ta me head.
Rokhan: But… da Darkspear do be needin‘ a leader. A voice on da council. And if it gotta be me… den it be me.
Baine: Trust your judgment, Rokhan. It has led you this far.
Rokhan: It be havin‘ a lotta help. From da Darkspear, from da loa… and from da Horde.

Lor’themar: Thank you again for leading our forces in Nazjatar alongside me, Thalyssra. Your insight and courage were key to our victory.
First Arcanist: It was an honor, Lor’themar. I am relieved the war is finally over. Now you have no excuse to refuse my invitation to visit Suramar.
Lor’themar: Well, uh… I have been away from Silvermoon for some time. No doubt my people require–
First Arcanist: Halduron has assured me that Quel’Thalas is quite secure. And Rommath said that if you put up a fuss, he will teleport you to the Nighthold himself.
Lor’themar: It seems my closest allies are conspiring against me!
First Arcanist: Would it really take a conspiracy for you to spend time alone with me?
Lor’themar: No, my lady. It would be my pleasure.
First Arcanist: A suitably chivalrous answer, Regent Lord. There may be hope for you yet! Perhaps I can even teach you to relish the… simpler joys of life.
Lor’themar: Perhaps you can, First Arcanist. Perhaps you can.
First Arcanist: I will accept, if you will stand by my side, as counselor… and friend.


Die Führung der Verlassenen:

Overlord Gey’arah: The Mag’har have never known life without a warchief. It will be hard for them–and for me. But it seems your people have lost a queen as well.
Lilian Voss: The Forsaken are torn by turmoil and doubt. Many still love Sylvanas, even after all she has done. Others believe their home remains in the Horde.
Overlord Geya’rah: And you? Where do your loyalties lie?
Lilian Voss:Where they always have–with the Forsaken. To be raised into undeath is to be forever haunted by the ghosts of your past. A caring hand can offer comfort through the pain.
Overlord Geya’rah: I see no crown upon your head. Are you the new queen they seek?
Lilian Voss:No. I’ll speak on my people’s behalf, but I won’t rule them. There is another I believe will prove better suited to that task… when the time is right.
Overlord Geya’rah: The love you hold for your people burns as bright as my own for the Mag’har. I wish you good fortune, Lilian Voss.


Calia: Thank you for coming, Jaina. I wanted you both to know… I have decided to leave Kul Tiras.
Jaina: You’re leaving? Why?
Calia: I received a letter from Lilian Voss of the Forsaken. She asks for my help.
Calia: The Forsaken lost their queen. For many, it’s the second time they’ve been abandoned. They feel adrift. Alone.
Jaina: But Calia, none of that is your–
Calia: They are my people, Jaina. My father gave everything for Lordaeron. I wish to honor him, and to prove worthy of the name I was born with. The name Menethil.
Derek: Right, then. So when do we leave?
Calia: I cannot ask you to come with me, Derek. Kul Tiras is your home.
Derek: I am a Proudmoore, and I always will be. But I’ve changed, and it’s time to see where the tides will take me.
Jaina: I understand, though I will miss you both. Come. Mother and Tandred would never forgive me if I let you leave without a proper farewell.


Lilian: My lady. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I am Lilian Voss.
Calia: Miss Voss. I once listened to your father’s sermons. That was… long ago. Forgive me, I haven’t introduced my companion. This is Lord Derek Proudmoore.
Lilian: Lord Proudmoore. You should know that I played a part in the events that led to your undeath. I… regret much of what has happened.
Lilian: I didn’t know… at first. Once I did, I should have stopped it. Baine Bloodhoof showed the courage I lacked. If I could change the past, I would.
Calia: You didn’t reach out to offer apologies. Why did you ask us here?
Lilian: This champion witnessed your kindness toward Lord Proudmoore. How you helped him through his torment. Sadly, he is not the only one who suffered in the war.
Calia: Night elf sentinels? Why are you… By the Light!
Lilian: Many fell at Teldrassil. Some were raised into rage and darkness, turned against their own people. They, too, have been abandoned.
Derek: Calia, I know the pain they suffer. The hopelessness. You must do something for them.
Calia: We will, Derek. Together.


Lilian: That meeting went exactly as I’d hoped. I believe Calia Menethil can help many who are lost.
Lilian: We will speak again soon. There is more work to be done.


Die Drachenschwärme:

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: N’Zoth’s minions are rising across Azeroth. The red dragonflight’s numbers are too few to fight them at every turn.
Merithra of the Dream: The green dragonflight would aid your cause, but the Void continues to besiege the Dream.
Kalecgos: Senegos has informed me that the blue dragonflight is occupied with safeguarding the Nexus.
Ebonhorn: A pity the black dragonflight cannot join the fray and fulfill our ancient charge to protect Azeroth.
Wrathion: That is why we are here, Ebyssian. Our brothers and sisters are gone, so we must carry on the fight in their stead.


Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: It gladdens me to see you by our side, Ebonhorn.
Ebonhorn: And I am pleased to be here. This is the first time I have met with other dragons.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: Hopefully the first of many. To think that you kept your identity secret for so long…
Ebonhorn: It was necessary to avoid the gaze of the Old Gods.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: Yet another reason we must defeat them once and for all.


Kalecgos: I am relieved that the Horde and Alliance have focused their ire toward N’Zoth… and away from each other.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: Agreed. Each time they have waged war, the world has paid the price.
Merithra of the Dream: Then why did we not intervene and bring an end to their conflict before so many lives were lost?
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: It is not our place to impose our will upon the mortal races. To do so would make us tyrants.
Wrathion: There is a difference between issuing edicts and offering guidance. What say you, Ebyssian?
Ebonhorn: Far be it from me to contradict the Dragonqueen. But I do believe that as I walked among them in mortal form, the Highmountain have benefited from my counsel.
Alexstrasza the Life-Binder: Perhaps. But be wary, lest you find yourselves following the path of „Victor Nefarius“ and „Katrana Prestor“.
Ebonhorn: Never, Life-Binder. I swear it.


Kalecgos: Your journal told quite a tale, Wrathion. I have seldom encountered someone so focused on thwarting the Old Gods.
Wrathion: I was once similarly focused on the Legion. But for all their might, they are merely an army. The Horde and Alliance have defeated many formidable forces.
Wrathion: The Old Gods, however, are a disease. And to „defeat“ a disease, one must find a way to contain it and stop it from spreading further.
Ebonhorn: Judging by the potion you brewed for me, you seem to have succeeded.
Wrathion: For now, at least. But a virulent disease grows… adapts. I fear it is only a matter of time before the Old Gods find new ways to inflict their madness upon us all.
Kalecgos: Then we must ensure N’Zoth is vanquished soon… before his infection becomes unstoppable.


Wrathion: Kalecgos. I am told you entered into a relationship with a human.
Kalecgos: I… well, it is… complicated.
Wrathion: Humans often can be. Like all mortals, they are fickle beings, yet they hold great promise.
Kalecgos: From what I have been told, certain mortals might say the same thing about you.
Wrathion: Hmph. Complicated indeed..


Ebonhorn: Wrathion. How did you know that I had begun to hear N’Zoth’s whispers?
Wrathion: One of my agents was watching over you. I knew that if you left the protection of Highmountain, you would become… vulnerable.
Ebonhorn: I did not realize you had such personal concern for my well-being.
Wrathion: Of course. You are my brother. The only one I have.


Locus-Walker: Is something troubling you, Wrathion? You seem… ill at ease.
Wrathion: Wielding N’Zoth’s own power against him carries tremendous risk. Enhancing it further may well prove foolhardy.
Locus-Walker: To you, perhaps. But I know more of the Void than you could ever hope to comprehend.
Wrathion: I have spent considerable effort learning to resist that particular influence rather than harness it.
Locus-Walker: That is a narrow vision, even for a dragon. Properly harnessed, the Void makes a powerful ally. Perhaps one day I will… enlighten you as to its benefits.


Dark Inquisition Xanesh: You cannot stop the inevitable. All of your kind will bow before N’Zoth!
Unknown (Wrathion?): I underestimated the sway the Old Gods still hold over the black dragonflight. There was little I could do to resist their power.
Unknown (Ebonhorn?): They cannot be allowed to corrupt us once again. We will acquire the scale… and then destroy Nefarian and Onyxia’s remains.


Destroy the remainder of Nefarian’s work. No good can come from N’Zoth possessing it.
No… Follow me, champion. I know what they intend to do.
Behold the work of your fallen kin, and know that his efforts will not go to waste.
Nefarian once conducted profane experiments within these halls, twisting other dragons into horrific abominations.
These cultists must be continuing his research. I will not allow my dragonflight’s past misdeeds to endanger Azeroth.




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