Legion: Brian Holinka über das PvP in der Alpha

Legion: Brian Holinka über das PvP in der Alpha
Legion: Brian Holinka über das PvP in der Alpha
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Seit Kurzem können die Tester in der derzeit laufenden Alpha der kommenden Erweiterungen „Legion“ nun auch endlich im PvP gegeneinander antreten und dabei dann die mit diesem Addon erscheinenden Neuerungen und Anpassungen in diesem Bereich ausprobieren. Nachdem die Entwickler mittlerweile nun bereits einiges an Feedback und sehr viele Informationen zu den Tests beim Kampf gegen andere Spieler sammeln konnten, hat Brian Holinka (Game Designer Desvin) vor Kurzem nun einen recht interessanten Bluepost zu der aktuellen Situation des PvPs in der Alpha von „Legion“ veröffentlicht. Dabei hat der Entwickler sich dann zu einer Vielzahl von Punkten geäußert und jeweils versucht zu erklären, was für Änderungen in nächster Zeit auf die Tester zukommen sollen.


Die angesprochenen Punkte:

  • Auch wenn sich das neue Ehre-System bisher recht gut anfühlt, so sind sich die Entwickler bewusst darüber, dass die Tester ihre ersten Talente gerne ein wenig früher freischalten würden.
  • Die Scharmützel könnten in der Alpha erneut deaktiviert werden, sofern die Entwickler mehr Feedback zu den normalen Schlachtfeldern brauchen.
  • Das Balancing der Klassen wurde noch nicht gestartet. Aktuell implementieren die Entwickler noch immer neue Fähigkeiten oder Talente.
  • Der Schaden einiger Spezialisierungen fühlt sich im Moment ein wenig zu hoch an, weshalb die Entwickler in diesem Punkt möglicherweise Anpassungen durchführen werden.
  • Die Entwickler möchten die Heilzauber der Schadensausteiler im PvP ein wenig überarbeiten.
  • Aktuell sind Tanks im PvP auf jeden Fall zu stark. Die Entwickler behalten diese Situation im Auge und werden notwendige Änderungen durchführen.
  • Heiler sind in der Alpha aktuell einfach nicht stark genug und machen wenig Spaß. Der nächste Build soll die Heilleistung von Heilern im PvP etwas erhöhen.



Hey everyone,

First off, I want to thank you for taking part in this Alpha. Your participation and feedback has proven invaluable over the past week and we already feel things are moving in the right direction.

We want to share some of our thoughts about PvP and the Alpha process as well as some of the changes we’ve been making in response to your feedback.


The Honor System

The new Honor System is Legion’s major PvP feature and so it is important to test the full experience during Alpha. We wanted to gauge what it felt like to earn honor through Battlegrounds and Arenas then unlock PvP talents over time. For the most part, we think it feels pretty good, but have definitely heard the feedback that people would like their first 6 talents faster.


Battlegrounds and Skirmishes

When we initially launched Alpha, Skirmish queues were disabled so that we could focus people in Battlegrounds. We knew that concurrency would eventually drop off a bit and Skirmishes would become a better option for people to PvP. Skirmish queues tend to pop very quickly because there are less people required to start them and they are not affected by faction population balance. Looking forward, it’s likely that we’ll temporarily disable Skirmishes when we expand the number of people in Alpha to once again focus feedback on Battlegrounds. But for now, Skirmishes may be the best way for you to play the game.


Class Balance

This is a tricky time for PvP class balance in the Alpha. At this time, the Class Designers are primarily focused on implementation and haven’t had the opportunity to do a balance pass on many abilities, talents and artifact traits. We’ve been playing the Alpha right along side you and realize there are a number of classes that feel overtuned. The good news is that this gives us a great opportunity to try many of the new PvP specific tuning knobs we have at our disposal. Going through this process has been super valuable, calling out situations where these systems were falling short. We really appreciate you being patient as we sort them out.



Damage in the Alpha certainly feels high. We like fast paced gameplay, but some specializations feel especially bursty. In some cases, this extreme damage is caused by a bug, like we recently encountered with Assassination Rogues and their artifact trait, Surge of Toxins. But it could just be that a spec hasn’t been tuned down appropriately yet. In cases like this, we may reduce a spec’s overall damage by decreasing the amount of Agility, Intellect or Strength in their PvP stat templates. But It may also be the case that just one or two spells are a problem. If you encounter a spell doing an extreme amount of damage, please let us know and we’ll correct it for PvP.

We’ve also started adjusting some of the healing spells on non-healer specs. We know this is a big point of concern for the community. We’d like to see the rate of damage slow down a bit but self-healing needs to be reigned in as well in order for that to feel good. We’ll be adjusting individual self-healing spells where necessary.



Tanks are certainly overtuned on Alpha right now when it comes to survivability and damage in PvP. We’ve reduced their damage and their health pools but we’ve also started to reduce the effectiveness of their mitigation. We’ll continue to monitor tank performance and adjust them accordingly. We think making tanks a fun option in PvP has potential, but it means killing a tank in a reasonable amount of time must be possible.



Healers do not feel strong enough on Alpha to be fun. In the next build, we’ll be increasing the healing capability of many of the healing specs to ensure their throughput can keep up with damage.


Again, we want to thank you for your patience and commitment when it comes to testing the game. Your feedback has been tremendous and we really appreciate all you’ve done to help make Legion an amazing expansion.




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