Heroes: Das Mondfest als neues Event

Heroes: Das Mondfest als neues Event
Heroes: Das Mondfest als neues Event
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Heute wurde von den Entwicklern von Heroes of the Storm ein neuer Blogeintrag auf der offiziellen Seite dieses Titels veröffentlicht, der die Spielerschaft darauf aufmerksam machen soll, dass am Dienstag, den 02. Februar 2016 das aus WoW bekannte Mondfest als neues Event in diesem Team Brawler starten wird. Während dieses Ereignisses können interessierte Personen dann eine Reihe von neuen Skins oder Reittieren im Shop kaufen, ein weiteres Porträtbild freischalten und sich durch eine kleine Quest jeden Tag ein wenig zusätzliches Gold verdienen.


Lunar Festival 2016 Arriving Soon

At the start of each year, denizens of Azeroth take time to cherish the wisdom of their elders, and remember a great triumph over an ancient evil. Those who now reside within the Nexus have brought these traditions along, and you can help ring in the new year by joining in our brand-new Lunar Festival event.

Lunar Festival 2016 will include new Special Event quests and rewards, new and returning items in the Shop, and you may even catch a few fireworks at the end of your games! The revelry will last from Tuesday, February 2 through Tuesday, March 1, so be sure to complete your quests and pick up a few items in the Shop before the Lunar Festival concludes!


Lunar Festival 2016 Special Event Quests

Play 25 Games

Complete 25 games in Versus A.I., Quick Match, or Ranked play during the Lunar Festival 2016 event and you’ll earn the brand new Monkey Elder holiday portrait!

Catch the Monkey Elder

Each day during this year’s Lunar Festival event, you’ll receive a Special Event quest to catch the Monkey Elder. This curious creature will have a 50% chance to spawn at the start of your games if any players on your team have not yet finished this quest for the day, but when the Monkey Elder does appear, he’ll lead you on quite a chase! You must work together with your teammates to slow and eventually catch the Monkey Elder, who will drop a Red Envelope that awards 100 gold to each ally with an active Monkey Elder Special Event quest.



New Lunar Festival Items in the Shop

As part of our celebration for the new year, we’ve also added new hero skins, a pair of Lunar Festival bundles, and a brand new mount to the in-game Shop. If you’re eyeing one of the bundles, then be sure to move quickly, because they’ll only be available during our Lunar Festival event!

New Bundle

  • Lunar Festival 2016 Bundle
    • Illidan
    • Jaina
    • Lunar Illidan skin
    • Lunar Jaina skin
    • Lunar Dragon mount


Returning Bundle

  • Lunar Festival 2015 Bundle
    • Chen
    • Li Li
    • Lunar Chen skin
    • Lunar Li Li skin


New Skins

  • Lunar Jaina
  • Lunar Illidan


New Mount

  • Lunar Dragon – Available only by purchasing the Lunar Festival 2016 bundle



We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the Lunar Festival this year, and don’t forget to help your teammates catch those Elder Monkeys, because you just might need their help in the future! Until next time, we’ll see you in the Nexus.




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