Legion: Ein Blogeintrag zu dem Freischalten des Fliegens

Legion: Ein Blogeintrag zu dem Freischalten des Fliegens
Legion: Ein Blogeintrag zu dem Freischalten des Fliegens
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Mit dem kommenden Patch 7.2 „Das Grabmal des Sargeras“ werden die Mitarbeiter von Blizzard Entertainment endlich das Fliegen auf den verheerten Inseln für alle Spieler freischalten, die sowohl den bereits jetzt im Spiel vorhandenen ErfolgPfadfinder der Verheerten Inseln, Teil Eins als auch den leider erst mit diesem Update erscheinenden Erfolg „Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two“ besitzen.

Um die Community von World of Warcraft nun dabei zu unterstützen, den Ersten dieser beiden zum Fliegen benötigten Erfolge noch vor dem Erscheinen von Patch 7.2 zu erhalten, haben Entwickler gestern Abend interessanterweise eine neue Reihe von Blogeinträgen auf ihrer offiziellen Communityseite gestartet. Dieses Projekt besteht der Ankündigung der Entwickler zufolge aus insgesamt vier verschiedenen Artikeln, die jeweils als kurze Guides zu den schwierigsten oder aufwendigsten Voraussetzungen von „Pfadfinder der Verheerten Inseln, Teil Eins“ fungieren sollen. Den Anfang machte gestern Abend dann eine umfangreiche Übersicht zu dem Erfolg „Guter Suramariter„, der auf den einzelnen Questreihen in Suramar basiert und somit einiges an Arbeit und Zeit benötigt. Die restlichen Artikel dieser Reihe werden vermutlich in den kommenden Wochen folgen.


Unlock Flying: Pathfinder Part One

Hold your ground mounts! Flying becomes available in Patch 7.2 – and if you haven’t already started on your journey, now is the time to complete Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. To help you along the way, we’re breaking the achievement down into a series of four handy guides: Good Suramaritan, Legion Explorer, World Quests, and Class Order Hall Campaigns.


Becoming a Good Suramaritan

The Good Suramaritan achievement will take a little time investment if you want to earn your wings and fly in Azeroth. The TL;DR: complete the Suramar quest lines and earning reputation with the Nightfallen along the way. Reputation is key, and unlocks quests within the achievement – one quest, A Change of Seasons, won’t unlock until you’re 20,000 reputation into Revered.


Where to Start

I’m Not 110 Yet

Not to worry – if you haven’t reached maximum level yet, you have plenty of time. Go questing, run dungeons, level up your professions. In the end, you and hit that magic number. You can always take a look at a zone guide if you need additional inspiration or advice. When you hit 110, this guide will be waiting for you.


I’m 110 but Haven’t Started the Suramar Quest Line

If you haven’t already completed Khadgar’s Discovery, you’ll first want to complete this short series of quests which will open the way to both World Quests and Suramar’s questions.

Once in the zone, you’ll start down the path of getting to know the Nightfallen and their plight. The first major sub-achievement for earning Good Suramaritan is  Nightfallen But Not Forgotten, which asks you to make friends with the Nightfallen by completing the following quests chains:

  • Arcanist Kel’danath
  • Chief Telemancer Oculeth
  • The Light Below
  • Masquerade
  • Feeding Shal’Aran
  • Nightfall


I’m 110, Friends with the Right People, and Raring to Go

Getting started is a matter of completing the quests available to you and running around collecting Ancient Mana. You’ll be there in no time.


What You Need to Know:

  • Dungeon/Raid quests are Normal/Raid Finder (not Mythic, don’t worry). Quests that require you to complete dungeons do not need to be on Mythic difficulty and Xavius in the Emerald Nightmare can be completed through Raid Finder.
  • You will unlock extra World Quests. Doing this quest line unlocks extra World Quests in Suramar City. Completing these extra World Quests in Suramar City will definitely help with gaining more reputation with the Nightfallen.
  • Ancient Mana is your friend. Collect as much Ancient Mana as you can and increase your carry limit wherever possible – as you journey through Suramar you’ll need to turn in at least 2000 Ancient Mana as part of the quest line. You can find Ancient Mana all over Suramar and on creatures you kill. You’ll also be able to track Ancient Mana nodes on your minimap. See the „Where Can I Find Ancient Mana?“ section below for more.
  • Increase your mana limit whenever you can. Dotted around Suramar are items that increase your carry limit for Ancient Mana.
  • Reputation. Reputation. Reputation. Part of the Good Suramaritan quest chain unlocks when you reach 20,000 reputation into Revered, so anything you can do to increase reputation will help. Keep an eye out for when Kirin Tor quests pop up in your World Map and then get jumping, barreling, and flying to hand in for extra reputation with your chosen faction.
  • Seriously, reputation. There are three repeatable quests that become available as you progress through the quest chain ! Feed Thalyssra, ! Feed Valtrois and ! Feed Oculeth that reward 50 reputation each, along with a buff. The reputation reward resets every 24 hours, but you can renew the buff at any time. Please note: you can only interct with them if they have been fed, and there’s a red bar on the dialogue box to tell you long you have until they need feeding again.
  • Dungeons will unlock for you! When you complete Friends With Benefits (part of the Statecraft quest chain) you’ll automatically become attuned to both the Arcway and Court of Stars dungeons.
  • Collectibles! Pets! And a toy! Along the way you’ll acquire two pets, a toy, and an item that allows water breathing in Azuregale Bay. One of the pets is very, very cute: the Lurking Owl Kitten. The other pet is also cute, of course…if you like Mana Wyrms.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.



What Quests are Part of Good Suramaritan?

These are the quest lines you will need to complete for the Good Suramaritan achievement. For more information, check out this comprehensive guide posted by Varenne on Wowhead.

  • An Ancient Gift – completed as part of Nightfallen But Not Forgotten
  • The Waning Crescent – rewards a toy: Never Ending Toy Chest
  • Blood and Wine – rewards a pet: Untethered Wyrmling
  • Statecraft – unlocks Arcway and Court of Stars
  • A Growing Crisis – requires you to kill Xavius in The Emerald Nightmare (LFR +)
  • A Change of Seasons – unlocks when you reach 20k into Revered
  • Breaking The Lightbreaker
  • Moon Guard Stronghold
  • Tidying Tel’anor
  • Eminent Grow-main – rewards a pet: Lurking Owl Kitten
  • Jandvik’s Jarl – rewards Draught of Seawalking



Where Can I Find Ancient Mana?

Ancient Mana is easy to come by – with the most obvious and efficient being the Ancient Mana nodes that pop up on your minimap.

  • GATHER! Pick up Ancient Mana nodes in the zone. You’ll need the Mana Divining Stone, which is provided during the Ancient Mana quest so the nodes appear on your minimap.
  • QUEST! The Path to Suramar City
  • KILL! Creatures in Suramar
  • BUFF! Don’t forget to get the Ancient Mana buff from ! Feed Oculeth
  • GATHER! Ancient Mana is also contained in:


If you need further details, including video walkthroughs, you can find more on Wowhead’s Good Suramaritan guide. Good luck!





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