WoW: Community Spotlight zu einem Artwork

WoW: Community Spotlight zu einem Artwork
WoW: Community Spotlight zu einem Artwork
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Viele Spieler in der Community von World of Warcraft sind begabte Künstler und erfreuen sowohl die Entwickler als auch die restlichen Fans dieses Titels immer wieder mit tollen Projekten aus der Welt von Azeroth. Dazu gehört unter anderem auch der Spieler „G. Umlandt“ dessen Artwork mit der Bezeichnung „Devlain“ vor Kurzem von den Mitarbeitern bei Blizzard in einem offiziellen Community Spotlight vorgestellt wurde. Dabei beinhaltet dieser Artikel neben dem Bild auch noch ein kurzes Interview mit diesem Künstler und beantwortet somit einige Fragen zu dem vorgestellten Artwork.



Community Spotlight: Devlain by G. Umlandt

This week’s Community Spotlight is on G. Umlandt, who recently created this excellent piece called “Devlain”. We asked the artist to tell us more about it.

Q: What was your impetus for the design of this piece?
A: This work was an art commission for a client of mine (who is also a good friend). He really loves the Draenei lore and culture and their shamanism (which is quite different from Horde shamanism).

Q: How long does it take you to create something like this?
A: That depends on a number of things. A chaotic scenario like this one takes me a little more time to draw. I spent several days working on the details.

Q: What other works inspire you?
A: I admire a lot the works on the Facebook Group „Daily Spitpaint“. There are a lot of artists there who have amazing skills! They draw things very quickly.

Q: How did this one tie back to the game?
A: Many years ago, I played World of Warcraft. I drew on my understanding of the dynamics of the game itself for this illustration.

Q: If you could add one thing to the game, artistically, what would it be?
A: I think I would try to bring even more art that distinguishes the characters by their respective environments. I want to see some of the classes and racial scenarios have a more distinctive look around them. For example, I’d like to add more art to the game that demonstrates the presence of restoration shamans.

Devlain by G. Umlandt





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