Diesen Monat in WoW: April 2015

Diesen Monat in WoW: April 2015
Diesen Monat in WoW: April 2015
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Die Entwickler von Blizzard haben im Verlauf der vergangenen Nacht einen kurzen Blogeintrag zu World of Warcraft veröffentlicht, der einmal alle wichtigen Ereignisse aus dem kommenden Monat April auflistet. Wer also aktuell nur gelegentlich spielt und trotzdem keine Feiertage oder spezielle Events verpassen möchte, sollte sich diese Übersicht kurz ansehen.



This Month in WoW – April 2015

The month of April is a time for fun and growth, and it’s going to be a busy time for players all over Azeroth and Draenor. What follows is a handy breakdown of some of what’s in store for you in April, so you can make the most of your time.


Noblegarden [April 6 – April 13]

The great feast of Noblegarden has long been celebrated by the races of the Alliance and recently adopted by those of the Horde. During this joyous event, it is customary for the nobles and lords from each race to hide coins, candy, and the occasional treasures within special eggs painted to look like wildflowers. These eggs are then scattered around major cities for the citizenry to find.

Though its origins are steeped in druidic festivals from times long past, the current incarnation of Noblegarden is a contrast between ancient traditions and modern interpretations. While some races of Azeroth try to stay true to the original spirit of the holiday, others prefer a more lighthearted approach—in essence, looking everywhere for festively decorated eggs and collecting the goodies found within. Whether you celebrate Noblegarden in the traditional manner or you have a yearning for chocolates and festive garments, we hope you’re able to come together and give yourselves a break from the conflict between Horde and Alliance.

Locations: Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square, Shattrath City.

Rewards include:  the character title [the Noble], eight achievements, Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit, Festival Garments, Blossoming Branch, the Spring Rabbit battle pet, the Swift Springstrider mount.


Darkmoon Faire [April 5 – 12] 

It’s incredible! It’s unbelievable! You’ll be dazzled. You’ll be amazed! You aren’t prepared for the Darkmoon Faire, ‘cause it’s like nothing you’ve seen before! Don’t be shy now, don’t be bashful, step right up for a tantalizing glimpse of what we’ve got in store for you!

Gathering the exotic from around the world, Silas Darkmoon presents a celebration of the wonders and mysteries found in Azeroth. While the Faire spends most of its time in parts unknown, they are available from time to time by accessing portals in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest.

Location: Darkmoon Island, via portals just outside Thunder Bluff and Stormwind.

Rewards include: Seventeen different battle pets such as the Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Zeppelin, and Darkmoon Monkey. Two mounts: Darkmoon Dancing Bear and Swift Forest Strider. Replica armor sets for all classes, such as the famous Lightforge set for Paladins. Many heirloom items and heirloom upgrades.


Children’s Week [April 27 – May 4]

Take an orphan under your wing, perform the tasks you are presented with and you’ll show one of Azeroth’s children that you care!

Many orphans wish they had someone special to show them the wonders of the world. Throughout the year, they often spend their time wandering around their home cities of Stormwind or Orgrimmar, dreaming of the day they’ll be old enough (and big enough) to venture out into the world to see the sights their parents would have shown them.

Locations: Get started by visiting the Orphan Matrons in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Shattrath City, or Dalaran.

Rewards include: Six achievements, the character title [Matron]/[Patron], 10 different battle pets, including Egbert, Peanut, and Sleepy Willy.


The Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza [Every Sunday starting at 2:00 p.m.] 

Competition is fierce at the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza! There can be only three winners each Sunday on each realm, but there are rewards for everyone who participates. Not only that, but there’s also a chance to catch rare fish during the event which Fishbot 5000 in Booty Bay will take in exchange for even more unique loot.

Location: All over Stranglethorn Vale, but hurry to be the first to turn in 40 Speckled Tastyfish to RIggle Bassbait in Booty Bay to win!

Rewards include: High Test Eternium Fishing Line, Arcanite Fishing Pole, Boots of the Bay, Hook of the Master Angler, Dread Pirate Ring.


Arena Tournaments

Many of the best WoW Arena competitors in the world face off in action-packed eSports events, and you can watch along for free.



BlizzCon Tickets go on sale [April 15 at 7:00 p.m. PDT]







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  1. Mir wird gerade klar, ich kann diese ganzen Events bis Stufe 20 ja jetzt auch mitmachen, wenn mein Abo nicht läuft. 😀 Dachte dieses Feature kommt erst in Monaten heraus. X3

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