Mechagon: Rextroy besiegt König Mechagon im Alleingang

Mechagon: Rextroy besiegt König Mechagon im Alleingang
Mechagon: Rextroy besiegt König Mechagon im Alleingang
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Auch wenn der seit Kurzem betretbare Mega-Dungeon Operation: Mechagon eigentlich auf die Zusammenarbeit von fünf Spielern ausgelegt ist und viele Entwickler diese Instanz sogar als einen Mini-Schlachtzug für Gruppen einstufen, so hat der bekannte YouTuber Rextroy am vergangenen Wochenende aber trotzdem ein neues Video veröffentlicht, welches daran interessierten Personen zeigt, wie er zumindest den am Ende des Dungeons positionierten König Mechagon im Alleingang besiegt. Um diese Leistung zu vollbringen, verwendete Rextroy seinen von anderen Videos dieser Art bekannten Schutz-Paladin. Dieser Charakter besitzt derzeit eine durchschnittliche Gegenstandsstufe von 418 Punkten und verwendete die Azerit-Essenzen Vision der Perfektion (Groß) und Nullifikationsdynamo (klein).

Damit seine Zuschauer sich ein möglichst gutes Bild von diesem Solo-Kill machen können, beinhaltete die Beschreibung des Videos netterweise auch dieses Mal wieder die von Rextroy verwendete Taktik und seine Gedanken zu diesem Bosskampf. Dieser Übersicht zufolge konnte dieser Spieler König Mechagon nur im Alleingang besiegen, weil die Säulen im Rand des Raumes gerade so dafür ausreichen, um die Sichtlinie des Bosses zu unterbrechen. Dadurch wurde das mehrfach hintereinander stattfindende Wirken von Gigaschock abgebrochen und Rextroys Paladin starb nicht an den Folgen von mehreren Treffern dieser unter normalen Umständen tödlich gewesenen Mechanik.


Die verwendete Taktik:

Ilvl: 418
Essence: Vision of Perfection (major), Nullification Dynamo (minor)


Funny enough, my initial plan was to use the workshop guards to provide a defensive barrier during the encounter. This would provide me a 75% damage reduction with about 75% uptime. Was really helpful to get past phase 1. However because of knockbacks and the hard hitting dot on phase 2 (with triple beams on me), aswell as the guard themselves putting debuffs and damaging me. I would have issues staying alive during the bubbles downtime… or geting unluckily thrown out.

So I decided to attempt without the guards and had a much better success, aswell as a special trick in phase 2 to survive the stacking giga-zap debuffs.

Phase 1:

For this phase, you want to keep casting Flash of Light quite often to really maximize your healing. Try to time your insta-full HP hand of the protectors so that you are low HP when using them.

When the boss recalibrate the orbs, or flies up. You get precious time to recover your HP.

Thanks to Holy Shield, and protection paladins great magic defense and healing. Phase 1 ain’t too difficult

Phase 2:

The most important thing on this phase is movement and timing. The most important thing to keep track of is Giga-Zap. It is an ability he will use three times on you, stacking up a hard hitting dot and most likely one shotting you at the last cast unless you got a defensive up…
Unless you were to ignore the mechanic altogether

When he uses his Giga-zap ability you should run behind the pillars at the side of the encounter. You are just able to line of sight him, which makes him stop casting the zaps. You should stay there for a duration, so he can finish going through his „giga-zap sequence“.

If you just line of sight one of them, and then go straight out you will most likely be hit by 2 zaps, which is still quite dangerous.

The time you should line of sight depends on if you were able to avoid the first one or if you were hit. I personally waited about 4 seconds before going back out. If you are too slow back into his meele range, he will initial protocol 99, which deals about 200k damage each cast. You need to get the timing down

The other issue is the orbs during the encounter. They will periodically jump towards you. Sometimes you will be unlucky and they might jump to you when you are line of sighting the boss. You should try calculate and get a feel for when the orbs will do their next jump. You would rather take 1 giga zap and be free to LOS, than to avoid it and then get blasted by 4+ orbs onto you.

Use a defensive CD if you feel like the situation might be tough.

When he does his magneto arm, you could use that time to freely heal yourself / recover your CDs.

The encounter itself took a while (30 minutes)… quite a lot of HP to work through!




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