Warcraft-Ausstellung in China

Warcraft-Ausstellung in China
Warcraft-Ausstellung in China
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“On December 31st, the upcoming Warcraft film thrillingly comes to life with the biggest free movie-themed exhibition ever mounted in China. The Legendary Warcraft Experience kicks off at Joycity in Chengdu, offering visitors the chance to come face-to-face with incredibly lifelike character statues, and over 150 props, weapons and costumes right out of the movie.´In addition to the handcrafted physical exhibits, visitors will also get to experience an innovative Virtual Reality ride on the back of the mythical Gryphon as it soars through the skies over Azeroth, the fantasy world from the film.”

Da fragt man sich doch, warum es sowas Tolles nicht mal bei uns gibt. Hier einige Bilder von der Ausstellung:






Quelle: Legendary.com

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  1. Einfach nur krass hübsch 🙂
    Will auch zu so ner Ausstellung, aber nicht nach China 🙂

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