SC2: Balance Update zu der Beta von LotV

SC2: Balance Update zu der Beta von LotV
SC2: Balance Update zu der Beta von LotV
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Im Verlauf der vergangenen Nacht haben die Entwickler von Blizzards Strategiespiel „Starcraft 2“ einen weiteren Blogeintrag veröffentlicht, der eine Reihe von vor Kurzem durchgeführten Änderungen in der derzeit laufenden Beta von Legacy of the Void auflistet. Dabei beinhaltet dieser Artikel von Blizzard allerdings nicht einfach nur die einzelnen Anpassungen, sondern er erklärt zusätzlich dazu auch noch recht ausführlich, warum bestimmte Punkte in Starcraft 2 verändert wurden.



Legacy of the Void Beta: Balance Update Preview – August 20

Hello, everyone!

We have a significant balance update today for Legacy of the Void. Many of you may already know what’s coming from interacting with us and providing feedback via our weekly community feedback updates, but for those who want a breakdown of all the changes and why we’re making them, you can find all the details below! Please remember that none of these changes are final, and we are eager to hear your thoughts before and after you play with these changes.


Macro mechanics changes:

  • Spawn Larva is reduced to 2 per injection, and set to autocast by default
  • M.U.L.E. is removed
  • Chrono Boost is removed


As we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks, we’d like to try out these changes on a larger scale. We are aware that these changes may present the need for balance tuning in other areas, so it would be great if everyone can keep this in mind while testing. For example, this type of feedback: “removing Chrono Boost was bad because Blink now takes unreasonably long” isn’t very useful because changing research and build time is easy if we determine that the Chrono Boost change is good.

Due to the Chrono Boost removal, we’re also adding the following buffs to help Protoss in the early game:

  • Warpgate research time reduced to 140, from 160
  • Disruptor build reduced to 50, from 60
  • Added one additional supply to Nexus




  • Anti-air attack reinstated, but damage is reduced
  • Damage against ground units is reduced
  • Removed current upgrades and replaced with one which greatly increases Lock On damage against both air and ground units


The main goal for the Cyclone is to have them counter air units early on, but not to the point that you can’t go air against Terran like we saw early on in the beta. In late-game scenarios, due to their reasonable speed, range, and damage against all unit types, it has not been uncommon to see armies almost exclusively consisting of Cyclones. We also wanted to hit this a bit hard so that in the late game, Cyclones can be good but not to the point that they’re the only unit needed.



Zealot Charge upgrade

  • Speed bonus is reset to Heart of the Swarm levels
  • Charge deals 30 damage on hit


We want to have a clear difference between Zealots and Adepts. We believe Adepts are more effective than Zealots in large, extended engagements. Therefore, we wanted to look for a change that would make Zealots clearly better in harassment situations. However, because Zealot burst damage will be effective in direct engagements as well, we’ll be monitoring exactly when Zealots outperform Adepts and vice-versa.




  • Warping in at Pylons takes 16 seconds
  • Pylon power is buffed when touching a Nexus or a Warpgate
  • Warping in takes 2 seconds in this case
  • Warping in takes 2 seconds from Warp Prisms


Due to the results we’ve had internally, we’d like to test this rather large change and see if it’s good for the game. We initially believe that the buff to defensive situations is good because Protoss is currently struggling to keep up with expansions as the game enters the mid-to-late game. Also, while 16 seconds on offense may be too big of a nerf, we’d really love to try out this more extreme number just to be able to quickly test the side effects of this change.



Rapid Deployment Medivac upgrade removed

  • New upgrade added: High Capacity Fuel Tanks – Increases the speed boost duration of Ignite Afterburners by 50%


The current upgrade for Medivacs is too big of an upgrade to the in-combat cases. We want to try out a buff that mostly affects the harassment and retreat cases. We’ll see how this new upgrade goes before we make a call on what to do in this area going forward.



Disruptor Redesign:

  • Disruptors now shoot out a ball of energy that can be manually controlled.
  • This energy ball blows up after a few seconds, dealing high damage.
  • Disruptor invulnerability removed. Energy balls are invulnerable.
  • If the Disruptor is killed, the energy ball fizzles dealing no damage.


As we mentioned briefly at gamescom, we’ve completed redesigned the Disruptor into a unit that fires explosive weapons into the enemy lines. This new version has been working out very well for us. It has the core, awesome part of the Disruptor in the beta (its ability to have micro on both sides in engagements where Disruptors are used), and now has a change that opens up more counter opportunities.


Enemy Spawn location display increased from 10 seconds to 25 seconds

We heard your feedback about the potential enemy spawn location display being too short right now, so we’ve tried to strike a balance where it doesn’t stay up too long, but players have enough time to check when they aren’t busy at the start of games. We’d like to try out 25 seconds for now and see how that feels.




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