Goblins gegen Gnome: Ein neuer Patch und ein Arena Pre-Event

Goblins gegen Gnome: Ein neuer Patch und ein Arena Pre-Event
Goblins gegen Gnome: Ein neuer Patch und ein Arena Pre-Event
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Update: Der weiter unten beschriebene Patch für Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ist nun scheinbar auf den Liveservern aktiv und kann von Spielern heruntergeladen werden. Neben dem Zuschauermodus hat dieses Update auch die neuen Karten aus „Goblins gegen Gnome“ in die Arena implementiert und stellt all den Spielern, die sich zwischen dem 04.Dezember und 08.Dezember in diesen Titel einloggen einen kostenlosen Run in der Arena zur Verfügung.




Passend zu der bald anstehenden Veröffentlichung von „Goblins gegen Gnome“ am 09.Dezember 2014 haben die Entwickler von Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft im Verlauf des heutigen Abends kurzeitig erste Patchnotes zu dieser kommenden Erweiterung im Battle.Net Client veröffentlicht, die mittlerweile aber nicht mehr zu finden sind. Diese Liste führt dabei neben den Neuerungen auch einige Informationen zu einem Arena Pre-Event vor dem Launch dieses Addons auf. Scheinbar soll dieses Event bereits im Vorfeld alle Karten aus diesem Addon in die Arena einbauen und Spielern dann einen kostenlosen Run zur Verfügung stellen. Zusätzlich dazu weist das Fenster mit den Neuigkeiten die Spieler bereits jetzt darauf hin, dass einige Karten verändert wurden.




Hearthstone Patch Notes – – Goblins vs Gnomes Invades the Arena!

Thanks to a bit of meddlesome tinkering—and perhaps a little goblin-induced sabotage—all Goblins vs Gnomes cards are now available to choose from in the Arena!

You heard that right—those pesky pint-sized engineers (being an impatient bunch) have jury-rigged the Arena to give Hearthstone players a sneak peek at what’s in store when Goblins vs Gnomes officially launches next week. In doing so, they’ve calibrated things to throw all Goblins vs Gnomes cards into the Arena deck-building mix ahead of schedule. Speaking of peeking, Spectator Mode will also be online, so you’ll also be able to tune your transmitters in to watch your friends play!

Goblins vs Gnomes packs will be available to purchase via the in-game Shop upon the official release of Goblins vs Gnomes on December 8th!


Goblins vs Gnomes

  • Don’t let Goblins and Gnomes have all the fun building things: All Goblins vs Gnomes cards have been added to the Arena and can be chosen even if you do not have them in your Hearthstone collection.
  • All Goblins vs Gnomes cards can be found easily in My Collection using the search function, and all Goblins vs Gnomes cards have a “gear” watermark in the card text box.
  • Expert card packs have been renamed to “Classic” card packs. Classic card packs are still available to acquire in the in-game Shop as well as through Crafting Mode.
  • New minion type “Mech” has been added. Use Mechs along with other Mechs for surprising (often devastating) results!
  • An all-new interactive Goblins vs Gnomes-themed game board has been added. Turn the gears, wind the springs, and try not to blow anything up in the process. We warned you.




  • Spectator Mode has been added. Watch your friends play through their games of Hearthstone and observe their epic victories all with the click of a button! Spectator Mode is accessed through the Friends list by clicking on the “Spectate Match” button next to your friend’s name.



Card Changes

  • Flare now costs 2 mana, up from 1.
    • Flare allowed the Hunter an advantage versus decks that revolve around Secrets, while also allowing the Hunter to draw a card for little cost. We want to encourage a variety of decks in Hearthstone. With this change, Flare will continue to be useful against Secrets decks, but will be weaker against other decks.
  • Gadgetzan Auctioneer now costs 6 mana, up from 5.
    • Gadgetzan Auctioneer’s ability allows for a player to potentially draw many cards for little cost. Card draw and card advantage are important to the game – overall, games are less interesting when a player draws their entire deck. This change brings Gadgetzan Auctioneer’s cost more in line with its power level.
  • Soulfire now costs 1 mana, up from 0.
    • Soulfire, along with fast and powerful minions, allowed Warlock rush decks to get ahead on the board and stay ahead. We’ve upped Soulfire’s mana cost by 1 to slow down the Warlock rush deck just a bit and allow more players time to react and interact against the Warlock.



Bug Fixes

  • The left-most enemy minion can once again be targeted on a full board if Counterspell counters a Secret.
  • Nozdormu, self proclaimed “Master of Time”, once again gives players 15 seconds a round instead of 30.
  • Blood Imps will no longer target Imp Masters with no life left. It’s dead, Jim.
  • Baron Rivendare in the Naxxramas Adventure has fixed his heater and will no longer cast Frostbolt on himself.
  • Faceless Manipulators will now copy the Echoing Ooze as well as its effect.
  • Faceless Manipulators will now copy the Echoing Ooze as well as its effect.
  • Faceless Manipulator now functions properly when targeting minions with Enrage that refuse to follow the rules. 
  • Druid of the Claw is embracing his wild side and now becomes a Beast minion type upon switching Cat Form or Bear Form.
  • Multiple mechanical minions have been upgraded to Mechs, unlocking additional synergy with other Goblins vs Gnome cards: Harvest Golem, Damaged Golem, Alarm-o-Bot, Demolisher, Mechanical Dragonling, and all of Gelbin Mekkatorque’s AWESOME inventions.
  • Kel’Thuzad’s mastery of undeath has been tempered and it will no longer resurrect itself after perishing at the hands of Ragnaros the Firelord.
  • Gnomes have been hard at work fixing Goblin “upgrades”, forcing our engineers to step in and fix the fixes that the gnomes “fixed”.  Ultimately, a number of display issues and other bugs have been resolved.




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  1. Ich habe meinen Arenarun mit dem besten Ergebnis abgeschlossen, das ich je hatte: 8-3
    Habe davon 155g, 50 Staub, 1x Gold Unbändigkeit (Druide Rar) und 1 Pack -> 1x Murlocanführer (epic), 1x Unbändigkeit (Rar) und 3 Normale Karten…

    Also das muss ein Zeichen sein. ^^

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